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Its out there,its comming, and we arent ready

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posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 07:18 PM
I have seen more and more reference to microchip implantation by the governments of the developed world just lately. There have been people actualy REQUESTING this technology be added to thier bodies! I would link to some videos explaining this , but really , such videos are readily available if you have a scoot around the youtubes.
I have to ask, since the centre of the upsurge seems to be in the United States, I would like to know if the US has turned its back on the Christian faith altogether? I mean are people there now freely willing to accept the mark of Satan , or has the wool gone so far over thier eyes , that they cannot see the danger of such devices?
Here in the UK we are watched, almost every hour of the day , save for those hours we spend in our homes (unless theres some REALLY clever spying happening) , but you can bet your last penny , that when they come to chip me, they will find that my arm belongs to God , and no man may sully it .They may wish to implant my forehead, they will be denied untill my death. Am I alone in being extremely worried by such control mechanisms as these?

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 07:26 PM
Millions of people in various countries have already been implanted by such
devices. They use the electrical current of your body to transmit a signal,
which can be picked up by satellites and various types of tracking devices.

In Jamaica for example, they are implanting prisoners, as well as paying
money to other people as reward of allowing an implant in their bodies.
Since this has started in Jamaica, crime rates have been launched sky high,
as the implants can be used to control the mood and adrenaline of the host.

There are various types of implants with various functions, but in general
they seem to be used for three functions: tracking, mind control and sending
devastating pain sensations into the host's nervous system.

It is indeed a very serious threat, never accept such an implant, for which
ever reason. Because they will make removing the implant illegal, and they
will know when you try to. Once you accept the implant, you are theirs for
good.. it's so disgusting.

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 07:33 PM
Ofcourse they are going to attempt to micro chip us all, that would save them the trouble of putting them in plastic ID cards!

But on a serious note this is not to be taken lightly, the people who "openly" accept these things are just part of a program that masks it as a "health" emergency chip where they can get all of your med records on the spot.

Terrifying stuff.

(Note to the OP: Posts structured in paragraphs are much easier to read and will be better received.)



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