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Groceries for Auction

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posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 05:27 PM

It's the latest strategy in the battle to make every paycheck go further: the food auction.

Bargain-hungry families bid on products they'd normally buy at the supermarket. From meat to munchies, salad dressing to soft drinks, bidders can snag prices much lower than they'd pay in stores.

One young mother says she spent $25 and saved at least that, if not double that figure, at the auction!

Another woman agrees, saying, "I probably saved half of what I would have at the grocery store."

Food auctions can now be found in at least nine states.

A ham sold for just $12.50, half the price it would be at the store!

Kirk Williams is auctioneer for Colonel Kirk's Auction Gallery in Pennsylvania, a firm that normally handles antiques and furniture. Since he began auctioning food in this troubled economy, he says, business is booming.

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Grocery Auction

Nine states are trying to save their residents some money by auctioning off dated grocries from their supermarket shelves. Yes this a great idea for now but I believe this may weave its way into our main shopping habits forcing bidders to increase the food prices.

If people start to fight for the basics the price limit has no ceiling, anything could be exchanged for that last taste of beef.


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