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Tea Parties

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posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 07:04 PM
After attending a ‘Tea Party’ today that was attended by 4000+ Americans, I was stunned at the complexion and diversity of the crowds there. More interesting was the divergence of past political affiliations represented; indeed, one of the local leadership of the Young Democrats of America was there carrying a sign that read, “I voted for change, NOT communism”. My talks with him and other Democrats in attendance truly were supportive of my contention that these grassroots parties were about Americans defending America; the contention that attendees are zombies of Fox News and the Republican party are the forlorn wishful hopes stated by blind adherents to the Obama company line.

It appears that Paul Begala understands the truth of what these parties mean, as the palpable fear and desperation in his voice as he railed against participants of the Tea Parties on the Imus show was absolutely amazing. His stock put downs and insults seem to have been passed out as a sheet of canned responses from the Obama political machine (suspiciously repeated by Mr. Mental and Mr. Guardian almost word for word) in total disregard of the growing undercurrent of anger.

What was amazing was the loud haranguing of any Republican that even attempted to ride the populist wave. The ‘your ALL fired’ sentiment was plain in the multitude of signs that were barely civil. Anyone who thinks that this movement was a Republican movement is in the alternate reality that has been fostered by certain media outlets and the Obamainites.

What is even more clear is that people HAD been getting angry during the Bush years, but they had hoped President Obama would do as he promised and get rid of the Patriot Act breeches of the Bill of Rights; that he would really be change from the ‘business as usual’ in the Belt Way, and this current show of outrage is the sense of betrayal from BOTH parties. I was shocked by the liberals who carried ‘I’m a LIBERAL and I won’t take it anymore!’ or other expression of protest over Obama’s continued trashing of our founding documents. Betrayal is a hard cup to drink, and thus the ‘progressives’ and ‘liberals’ at the Tea Party were more vehemently angry and outspoken then members of the conservative right.

Some members of ATS and the government, of course, will continue with their ‘Let them eat cake’ petulant attitudes until they are swept up in the Revolution that is for certain coming. I however have taken heart that the vast silent majority of Americans have awaken, this Republic shall stand.

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posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 07:36 PM
reply to post by Southern Guardian

I meant nothing racist, and wasn't playing the race card. And since a lot of the folks at these tea parties were Democrat, these were not a strictly Republican event.

There were Republicans, Independents, Democrats, and probably a trickle of the smaller parties as well.

I just noticed that there weren't many blacks. There were blacks there which would indicate they've had a bellyful of this administration and Congress, but just not too many.

I was just asking for opinions as to why?

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 07:45 PM
Here this explains it:

Just in case you missed it, today is yet another protest day. This is a protest that will, like all others, go absolutely no where. Protests in America are always a waste of time because they never carry any real meaning. They’re group grope sessions where protesters can get together and look each other in they eye and say, “yes, I’m not alone”. They’re also great ways to get your picture taken and your license plate written down. But they’re not effective in changing anything.

Rather then protest, “demanding” (you’re really not demanding anything, you’re just pretending you are) that “things change”, just do it already.

Don’t like the war? Then don’t go. Don’t spend another nickel in support on any of those companies involved either.

What do our leaders care when we publically protests with signs and placards and letter writing campaigns, but then go right back to compliance or cooperation or funding after our weekend spree of “disobedience”? If you’re going to protest, you have to commit your life to the effort, not just your mouth.

Haven’t you noticed that group participation is allowed, whereas individual protests is not?

People are easier to manipulate when in groups, because the individuals in the group don’t want to break the “cohesion” of the group or jeopardize the group itself with their individual actions.

Here is a simple truth that I hinted at above: we can only be controlled and manipulated when we belong to groups. Isolated as individuals, we are far, far too numerous to deal with. They can only snipe at us, one by one, but this is inefficient, expensive and time consuming for them (which is exactly what we want).

It is also true that you can be far more effective as an individual then in a group. This is one of those little ’secrets’ nobody who belongs to a group (including your own friends and family) want you to know. If you are no longer willing to play by the rules either dictated by or to the group, then you get to play by your own rules, which can make you far more effective.

The real protesters and individuals in our society today are not the groups you see on the television screen waving signs and making speeches, but the unheralded figures who are always working in the background incessantly, living lives of non-compliance and non-cooperation with society

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