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deja vu and iraq.

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posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 12:41 PM
ok, here is the 3rd time typing this as i am not very web literate. I am in my late 30s married have kids, active duty military. I have been a sceptic most of my life, until recently. To note, I am not involved in black ops or secret squirrel units. I hold no secrets that are earth shattering, well except for the great bar brawl of 2001 in thailand..I have always had a firm grip on reality and have been sceptical of most anything exotic or fantastic, ufos, bigfoot etc. Well, this all changed recently and made me remember an incident a few years ago that I wrote off to bad food.. I keep up on affairs in Iraq and overseas, because I have good friends over there. I was watching some videos on YouTube about Iraq, when I clicked on the one about UFOs seen recently. I was curious and followed some of the links from there, till I hit one about Monatuak..It shoud be noted here I have never been there or even to that state..Ok, here is where things start to skew. I started watching the video and all of a sudden this resounding, bone rattling gong goes off in my head, I got vertigo nausea, and worse of all, mad deja vu.. After I recovered I investigated more, and the same thing happened when I watched some info on Dulce NM. The more I read and studied the worse the feeling was that I had seen this somewhere before. I have never had any interest in all this and have done other things to occupy my time. Well i would write this off except for an incident I had in 2004. I was in Iraq during some of the worse fighting in Fallujah. I was in a camp assigned to a unit in Anbar, I lived in trailer, that was 2 per room. In june or July, I cannot remember the day, I got off a 12 hour Ops center watch and went to bed at about 8 in the morning. During this time, dont know when I had a dream that I was paralyzed and being carried out of my trailer by 2..beings. I was terrified and moaned and could not move. I remember trying to struggle and I woke screaming and sweating..I was shaking so bad I could not stand and I felt like I ran a marathon...Ok you can write it off to bad MRes, except for this. My operations officer called for a meeting at 10 am and a runner was sent to get me. I was no where around. they looked for me for 6 hours and could not find me. Another thing, when I woke up screaming, I was in my roomates bed..Historical fact, I do not sleepwalk and never have. my roomate insists I was not there, yet I know i was. It all got brushed aside to to the chaos going on and how busy we were..I know all of this sounds crazy, yet I dont know what to think. Maybe too many IED blasts raddled my nugget. I have this feeling I was snatched..i cant shake it..Weird I know, but if anyone has had an incident similar or can help, including advice on how to deal with this..I would appreciate it.

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posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 12:53 PM
First off, thank you for your sevice to our beautiful country. It is people like you that allow people like me to live with the amazing amount of freedom that I enjoy today!

Secondly, Do you still get the nausious feelings today when you view anything reguarding Mantauk, or Dulce? Also is it only those two topics, or is it the UFO/Alien phenomenon in general?

Also, how hard would it be for something to have flown into the airspace in which you were stationed when this happened? I ask this to find out if there were any reports of strange lights, or craft in the sky that night??

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 03:27 PM
I will offer you my humble opinion on the matter. I do not believe aliens go around taking people. I think that sort of explanation is a rationalization of a more complex phenomenon that defies locality as we understand it.

Perhaps you have suffered of some kind of PTSD, after having exposed to stress, exhaustion and trauma. Such exposure can create brain changes in ways that makes conscious understanding of the events confusing.

I believe this is the negative solution to actualization (i also believe there is a positive solution) like it is described by psychologists like Maslow. In other words your brain has been updated. You have created a new network of neurons to create a solution to the environmental situation you are/were facing.

Every decision we make comes back to use through a feedback loop with our environment. We change our environment and in turn it changes us. I think this usually happens unconsciously except in some cases.

Again this is just my personal opinion and it might be really stupid who knows. Some people will tell you its alien, other gov agents and some will tell you some evil spirit attacked you. You believe in what you want to believe. Welcome on ATS.

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 03:38 PM
Mostly the reaction comes from montauk stuff or Dulce to some extent. Any UFO related videos, stories, pics etc, does not bother me...Its when i get into anything remotely associated with those 2 areas that I get jittery. As far as I know I have never been within a hundred miles of the place, yet it gives me this nasty reaction. The first time was the worse. I cant even explain what it did. Like I was standing next to this chinese gong when it went off, yet it reverberated through my body. i still get a faint hint of it when i read or research anything with the areas. I have been to the southwest, training took me to NV,NM, and AZ. Cant recall anything out of the ordinary though, other than sunburns..As to the issue of aircraft in the area at Fallujah, dont see it possible as this was the middle of the day, and that is what startled me when this happened. Me thinking, how the hell are they doing this in broad daylight. 2 persons, small and wiry, wearing black skin tight garments and some form of SCUBA looking mask??? Makes me want to seek therapy just writing this, or drink some Sauza,,,,I hope this thread does not get buried here. Once again, I would appreciate any help or advice on this..Thanks

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by townio

Dont think so. I saw some nasty stuff. Shot some got shot at. Did not bother me, part of the job. I thought about the PTSD stuff, but I dont have any of the general symptoms, and it makes no sense why the site of Montauk would trigger something like that. Normally subconcious triggers stem from a related incident. I got checked out by Divisoin shrinks and I am fine.

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