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Something i've experienced.

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posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 10:54 PM
Hey, Please bare with me in this post as i am dredging up memories from my teen years and truthfully i've had a very troubled life. No sympathy is required but i have not told many people this. It's one of the experiences i've had that greatly changed my opinion of the way the universe is, for better or for worse i can not say at present. This is not a story nor a hoax only what i remember. Here goes...

Really, i don't know how old i as exactly because my memory at times can be very clear but at other times seems pretty shoddy. I do know that i was living in a place called killingsworth in Massachusetts. It's the boonies. Wayyyyyy out there... The library is a ten by ten one floor building.
Houses are miles apart and often large. There is a lot of forest and farms between the houses too. Anyways, The house i lived in had a huge backyard bleeding into a vast forest area. There are legends in that area of a phantom farm house that you can see twinkling in the trees in the distance with lighted windows. No matter how close to it you got it was said to always remain far away. Now even then i thought that that was probably an optical illusion caused by something normal but now... i'm pretty sure it is not. Or by the time i found what i found... WAS NOT.

I had very few friends in those days. Being kind of nerdy and a loner. I often times walked out into the back woods behind my house alone. There were packs of wild dogs occasionally but for some reason i was never really afraid of that. One day i found a small tree that looked like it had been knocked over. Maybe wind i thought of a storm? But on closer examination i found that that small tree was only the beginning of a vast row of trees of ever increasing size that apparently had been knocked over like dominoes in a row. This row of trees had been knocked over so violently that they did not break. The roots themselves were uprooted and great holes were in the soil underneath huge overhead roots that had dried up.

The last tree was absolutely huge. You could climb up in the upturned roots over fifteen feet off the ground which i often did after finding it. Now, about a week after finding this wild spot i was up in the roots looking at the great depression they came from and in the distance i spotted a furrow leading in the same direction as the uprooted trees had. I followed it. It was deep and muddy and lead to a large, what i thought was, a pond.

There were some peculiarities to this area i remember even now. The area was VERY quiet. no birds, no bugs, and the air was still but had a kind of tingle to it like standing close to an electrical device. And even though i didn't think of it at the time i heard a low base thrumming sound, coming up from the ground. You could FEEL it in your feet and bones. O-o

Also, near the edge of the pond was as i remember a very old truck like a milk truck from the 1950s all rusted and corroded sitting in the middle of some trees. How it even got in that clump of trees and where it came from i'll never know because i didn't have the guts to go look inside it.

Over the top of the "pond" someone had thrown big rocks in it and placed a board bridge over it so they could cross i assume. I of course went to cross it. In the middle of the pond was a poorly positioned board. I fell in.

But... The pond was only four feet deep?! >> And even scarier when i fell in when my feet hit the bottom it wasn't ground or mud. I hit METAL. It rang like a silver bell. And that thrumming i felt earlier fairly rocketed up into my body. It felt like my nerves were about to vibrate out of my skin and i felt funny and lightheaded at the time for awhile afterwards. Also had strange dreams for weeks.

Going on here... I was curious. Wouldn't you be? So i dunked my head under the water and started fishing around. I was lucky it was still sunlit out as i could see a little through the murk. CONTINUED IN NEXT POST.

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 11:01 PM
The whole bottom of the "pond" was a mirror finished silver type metal. I was dumbfounded. What the hell was this? So i walked in the pond up and down it and became frightened. The pond was higher in the middle and slopped down at the edges. The whole pond was circular and roughly 50 feet across. I was frankly terrified.

I mean what do you think i thought?! Trees knocked down? Old rotten truck where it shouldn't be? Circular mirror finished domed object under the ponds water? Thrumming? I ran very very fast to my house and was freaked for weeks.

But i will admit going back and sitting there looking at it and debating who to tell. In the end i told no one. And ever since then i have had strange experiences, more so than usual. This is not my first strange encounter but certainly memorable. And i swear by all the gods and goddesses that exit that i am telling the truth. This is what i remember. Look up killingsworth it exists just as i told you.

I guess i'm just saying this to get it off my chest as i do not have the chance to often and sometimes it gets to me. Hope you all understand. Anyone else have any experiences like this?

PS : And yes i think it was a UFO.

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 11:42 PM
Thanks for sharing. Interesting read.

Could you give us a rough idea how old you are now? Roughly what year did this take place? I know that you said you don't have exact dates, but some timeline might help.

Also, do you have a more precise location of where in Killingsworth this took place? Perhaps with a Google Maps/Earth search, you, or others, might be able to find what you're describing?

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 11:49 PM
I am 38 years old tezzajw and unfortuneately as i said my memory is not that great concerning certain portions of that time in my life. That is the memory though that stands out the most and i can remember it very clearly. I think at the time i was around 19 to 21 years old...maybe younger. I have told very few people about this or anything like it for fear of ridicule or harrasement. But sometimes it gets to me. I figure on this site i am one of a thousand others with similiar experiences.
But i can say we lived off the main road near a horse farm. Near an underground school for the gifted i used to attend.
I hated every minute of that BTW.
All i know is that it DID happen. The memories are very clear. Oh! now come to think of ot i do remember one thing... The back yard had a huge trash pit right in front of where i entered the woods behind the houose. The Previous owners must have done that.

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posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 11:51 PM
Very intriguing story. I would be interested in the things tezzajw mentioned and also what other anomalous experiences have you had and how have they affected your life.

Paranormal? Mystical? etc.....


posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 11:57 PM
reply to post by whaaa

Well... Iv'e had lots. So many in fact at one time i started to question my own sanity. For instance when i was a young child and i lived with my grandparents i was terrified of dark windows. O-o One day i noticed upon going to bed that my grandmother was automatically cloding the blind in my room before i went to bed everynight and i asked her how she new i was scared of the window. She said that when i was small i told her the little people would come in at night and take me away. Serious.

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 12:24 AM
reply to post by Mari4199

Good on you for having the courage to post that experience with all of us here at ATS. It sounds very interesting but also quite strange. I cannot remember having seen the same scene in real life, but I do remember old dreams I used to have which sound a bit like what you describe. In my dream, these big craters would fall onto open parts of land far away from my home. No1 else believed me when I came back and told.

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 01:09 AM
sounds like this thing under the pond is a typical saucer that "crashed" and basically wedgep itself into the ground (hence the arch beneath your feet). The trees are a side effect from such blunt force I guess

granted this story is true lol

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posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 02:33 AM
Why dont you go back there and take a picture of it? Find a way to drain the pond or something! There is no way I could just sit around and KNOW that is out there just waiting to be found!
Also, what did the milk truck have to do with it?

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 02:55 AM
Thanks for your replies, Mari.

It's certainly a unique story.

Maybe someone here with some local knowledge of your area might be able to chime in with a few Lat-Lon coordinates of the area that you're describing.

If you can pinpoint the location any further, then please do so.

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 03:36 AM
reply to post by Mari4199


Thank you for such an interesting story. Have looked on Google and found Middlefield in MA - is Killingsworth close by? If so - north, south...? The country is certainly as you described it....


posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 08:20 AM
reply to post by Yummy Freelunch

For One i don't remember anything about where it is. Street names, areas they are all a blur in my mind. And for second i am disabled and hardly have enough money to support myself and my cats. Also, I am disabled for physical reasons, before someone starts getting the idea its a mental disability. Thought i might at least clear that part up. If i had the money and time i would certainly. As for the truth of it, well, i believe its true, because it's what i experienced and remember. If you don't you are entitled to the opinion.
The purpose of this thread was to mainly see what people here on ATS thought about it and see if they had any similiar experiences.
I gave all the information i know of. I wish i remembered more, but that memory of that time in my life is very dim. Sometimes i wonder why it is that way. Oh and as for the milk truck... It was LIKE a milk truck and the reason i mentioned it was that there was literally no road or anyway it could have got there.

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