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Hall Of Fame Phillies Broadcaster Harry Kalas Dead At 73.

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posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 10:44 PM

Known for his signature "Outta here!" home run calls, Kalas died after collapsing in the broadcast booth before the Phillies' 9-8 victory over the Washington Nationals. He was 73.

Kalas Dead at 73.

Harry Kalas was one of those announcers that would just get you intrigued into the game. Harry exuted a love for the game of baseball and the Phillies. Harry had a a sort of comfort in his voice that just made you feel good to hear his voice. It was like the sports fan in most of us actually calling the games the way that we would see it. Many of us also knew of Harry Kalas being the voice of NFL Films, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Phillies. If Harry Kalas wasn't the voice of the Phillies, it just did not feel like it was the real thing. Being without him now is going to leave fans of Philadelphia sports teams with a big pair of shoes.

This man was a gift to baseball fans all over the United States.

Rest In Peace Harry.


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