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More Unexplained UFO Sightings and Encounters

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posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 04:19 PM
Here are some more interesting stories of ufo sightings and encounters that are seemingly unexplained in the mainstream:

There is an interesting story out of Russia regarding Iranian ufos. Russia and Iran have agreed to cooperate in satellite construction and space research. What has brought this about are ufos. It seems that the Iranian Uranium enrichment plant at Natanz is being plagued by ufos. To make matters even worse one of the ufos is reported to have exploded. More and more ufos are appearing in Iranian skys. Iran is expressing concern for its nuclear plants. You have to remember all the incidents in the last 50 years concerning ufo and nuclear sites where missiles were taken off line or set to launch mode by ufos.

There is a place in Scotland were hundreds of ufo sightings have taken place. The name of the town is Bonnybridge. They want to "twin" up with Roswell, New Mexico. I guess those dollar signs, or pound signs in this case, are hard to resist.

A ufo investigator is making a claim that the US Air Force actually lost over a dozen jet fighters to ufo engagements in one day in 1952. He goes on to state that we actually shot some ufos down and they crashed in West Virginia. A book has come out on the subject, the title is "The Braxton County Monster. The Cover-Up of the Flatwoods Monster Revealed" by Frank Feschino and printed by Quarrier Press. It is said to explain a mystery that has bothered the people of of West Virginia for over 50 years. It seems that a robot appeared on a hill after a supposed crash of a meteor on September 12, 1952. A fourteen year investigation followed by the Air Force. The Air Force denies it ever had any aircraft shot down by ufos. Some people say that many of the planes that were supposedly lost during cold war missions were actually downed by ufos and the reason some surviving pilots would write home and say it was some malfunction was because they were told not to tell what really happened and had to tell their family something. It is said that we may have lost sixteen planes between 1950 and 1969. To cap this all off, the army sent troops to investigate the West Virginia site that they say was a meteor, why?

Down under, in Darwin, Australia, strange lights have been hovering over that city. Flashing green, blue and red lights were visible to all viewers but the air force couldn't identify what was causing them, or wouldn't say. Witnesses said the ufo was actually three spheres that were ball shaped and connected and flashed the colors that all saw. The defense department said it wasn't a secret aircraft, but would they ever admit it, if it was? The nearby airport said it wasn't a plane waiting to land.

In China there was interesting ufo activity as a ufo passed over that country and exploded. Several witnesses were present during the event. No evidence that the ufo was really a meteor was found. A taxi driver saw the explosion and said that everything became as bright as day. The ufo was first seen streaking through the sky above China's Gansu province and was seen by hundreds of people.

A ufo was seen above Jakarta, Indonesia, by many people. Witnesses claim that the ufo left a fiery trail and they could hear what sounded like several loud explosions. It makes you wonder where you hear about something like this happening so near to where the Tsunami struck.

An interesting film was released this year by the Mexican Air Force. It showed 11 ufos. But more interesting was the fact that they were only visible in infrared. They were circling a military surveillance plane.

PravdaRu is a Russian newspaper, the biggest one in Russia. They also have an online edition in English at and the headline on September 16, 2002 was "UFO Prevents Blast at Chernobyl Nuclear Plant". This is a main line newspaper not a weekly tabloid. Here is a little more of the article:

Here is what Mikhail Varitsky had to say? I and other people from my team went to the site of the blast at night. We saw a ball of fire, and it was slowly flying in the sky. I think the ball was six or eight meters in diameter. Then, we saw two rays of crimson light stretching towards the fourth unit. The object was some 300 meters from the reactor. The event lasted for about three minutes. The lights of the object went out and it flew away in the northwestern direction.

The UFO brought the radiation level down. The level was decreased almost four times. This probably prevented a nuclear blast.

Three years later (on September 16, 1989), the fourth power-generating unit emitted radiation into the atmosphere. Several hours later, a doctor saw an object in the sky above the Chernobyl plant. Doctor Gospina described it as amber-like. She said she could see the top and the bottom of it as well.

In October of 1990, a reporter from the newspaper the Echo of Chernobyl , V. Navran, was photographing the machine shop of the Chernobyl plant. I photographed the top of it, including a part of the hole above. I remember everything very well; I did not see any UFO. However, when I developed the film, I clearly saw an object that was hovering above the hole in the roof The object looked like the one doctor Gospina saw.

It seems that aliens are not worried with the fate of humanity. They are basically worried about the planets environment.

(The above excerpt was taken entirely from PravdaRu)

Continued on next post

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 04:28 PM
reply to post by esteay812

Continued from previous post:

There are many stories about ufos interfering with military operations. One interesting one was supposed to have taken place in the early 1950s, on a tropical island. Walter Cronkite, the famous news reporter was said to have told this story to a ufo investigator. While the US Air Force was testing a new missile and a pool of reporters were observing, a ufo flew down and destroyed the missile, then the disc shaped ufo flew away. You can view the full story at This is only one of many such stories. Then there is the famous Maimstrom AFB incident where a UFO landed in the woods near a nuclear base. It was witnessed by many US Army personnel. That was in 1967. In 1979 the USS JFK a super carrier had all its electronics go out. According to a former National Security Agency Agent, an orange glowing ufo was hovering above the deck. It was witnessed by several of the personnel. The carrier had nuclear weapons aboard.

It was 1964 and a new missile was about to be tested at Vandenberg Air Force Base. The Air Force decided to film the test. As the missile was in flight a ufo showed up in the film It followed the missile for some time. When the missile reached about 11,000 mph the ufo fired a ball of light at it and it tumbled out into space. The ufo left the scene after the missile test failed.

When J. Edgar Hoover was asked if the FBI had ever investigated ufos he stated that it never happened because it was out of their jurisdiction. This sounds very possible and would have been believable except for the fact that under the Freedom of Information Act a memo was released in 1976 that contained Hoover's own handwriting. He stated that he thought it would be a good idea to investigate ufos.

"I would do it but before agreeing to do it we must insist upon full access to disks recovered. For instance in the L.A. case the army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination."

This memo reveals two important things:

1. The FBI did have jurisdiction to investigate ufos and indeed may have.
2. A ufo was recovered by the army and kept secret.

Here is the memo in Hoover's own hand writing that I obtained from the FBI website under the Freedom of Information Act indexed under ufos:

Here is another memo also from the FBI that shows we might have been responsible for the crash of a disk at Roswell, New Mexico. This could be a sad fact indeed.

So far we see that Hoover knew more than he ever stated to the public and that somehow our radar might have interfered with the propulsion of saucers.

When the saucer crashed in Roswell a newswoman decided to send a teletype of a story about the crashed disk and right in the middle of the transmission a warning come by teletype that stated, "Do not continue this transmission", it was from the FBI. The army stated publicly that it was only a weather balloon that crashed, but if this was true, why did they fly it out on a bomber and why did an armed guard meet the plane to transfer the cargo? Are weather balloons so valuable, I think not. Barney Barnett, who had been outside working near Magdalena, New Mexico on July 3, 1947 said he found a disk shaped object that had crashed and inside were dead bodies that were not human. It looks like there was a second crash site and it contained the larger portion of wreckage. Barnett was an engineer. Gerald Anderson was rock hunting and he also came upon the wreck with his family. There was also an archaeologist named Dr. Buskird that was there with five of his students. So many witnesses were present yet one rarely hears about this crash site.

Well why didn't project Blue Book ever verify any ufo sightings? They didn't because their job was not to. Contrary to what most people believe they never kept a record of any ufo sightings that they thought effected national security. All those sightings by the military that would have been credible never appeared in their reports.

The CIA has been secretly gathering info from all over the world on ufos. Why is the government so interested in something that they say is swamp gas?

A man named Travis Walton was with five friends who all saw a ufo. Travis went toward it and a beam of light picked him up in front of the others and knocked him down. The rest got scared and drove away to return later but he was gone. The local police on hearing their story thought that they murdered Walton and send out a search party for his body, but nothing was found. The five friends took a lie detector test and all passed. Many days later Walton was returned and was also given a lie detector test and passed. He stated he saw two different types of aliens aboard the ufo. One type were short and had grayish skin and the other type looked like us. These lie detector tests are 94% accurate and the odds of six people fooling them is too great to calculate.

It is believed that ufos have electro magnetic propulsion and this is the reason that they effect anything with an electrical system, from radios to airplanes. In 1966 an experimental submarine used an electro magnetic propulsion system and it worked. The sub had NO moving parts.

continued on next post

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by esteay812

Continued from previous post:

So why are there ufos here? I guess only the aliens could answer that question but they certainly are studying us and our planet. Betty Hill was abducted in 1961 along with her husband Barney. This is perhaps the most famous abduction case in ufology. But she also claimed she was allowed to ask her abductor questions and he answered most of them. He also showed her a map that she remembered and drew under hypnosis. For years an astronomer named Fish worked on the map trying to figure out what stars it represented, then came a break through when more accurate star distances were released. The map showed Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 Reticuli and it showed a path along stars that were most suitable for live. It just happens that Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 are very close by stellar standards and one could imagine space flight developing there, especially since the system is about one billion years older than our own. A powder was also found on some cows that only showed up in ultra violet light. It seemed to mark cows that were to be mutilated. There is a record of this powder falling out of a ufo and being gathered for examination.

So there you have it, are you still a disbeliever?

Are there only lines at Nazca? Recently the Sun ran a story stating otherwise. The paper claims that last May a monument was discovered in Nazca. The article goes on to state further that what looked like a mountain turned out to be a huge carved monument and this monument had stairs that led down the side to a large stone room. In the room were many devices made of a fragile crystal. There was a large table in the room and it had a map etched into it. One wall contained a star map of stars over the area from 1200 years ago. It is claimed that the devices, who's purpose is unknown, have tolerances that were impossible to create at the time. The article indicated that some experts feel that only extraterrestrials could have created all this.

You would think that an advanced race of space travelers would have carved something that would have indicated how advanced they were, at that they were from another planet. Are the room and devices the most important discovery? Indeed they ARE a very important discovery but the monument itself might be even more important in its implications.

On Mars there is a famous monument that has its existence routinely denied by the US government in the form of NASA. It is the face of what seems to be an ancient Egyptian wearing the traditional head dress. The face is orientated in such a way that the back of the head is on the ground and the face is staring up into the sky or space. This is a very unusual orientation. Remember this point, it is important. NASA has tried to discredit their own original photos that clearly show the face by taking new, so called, better photos. These photos show only eroded rock. The problem with these new photos is that they were taken using 256 shades of gray but the ones released to the public only contain 16 shades of gray. We are only getting 1/16 of the photo information. This fact has infuriated many scientists. Its like being asked to look at a picture of an elephant's foot and try to imagine what the rest of the animal looks like. NASA asserts that light and shadows made us think that the photo was of a face, but there are problems with this. The original photo, some scientists claim, when enlarged correctly, clearly shows the eyeballs and teeth. But there are more faces are Mars, too many to discount.

The Martian landscape many consider to be a monument of a face:

What appears to be a face on Mars Landscape taken by the Mars Global Surveyor:

Getting back to the monument at Nazca in Peru, its orientation seems to be the same as the monument on Mars. It is a face with the back of the head on the ground. The face is staring up into the sky or space. Is this a more important message than even the devices and maps in the room underneath? Could this have been some sort of sign to space travelers of what the inhabitants of Earth looked like and if so, is the monument on Mars also a sign showing what ancient Martians might have looked like? Maybe all this is wrong and these statues represent some sort of universal message by aliens to show us we are not alone. What ever they mean, they are hard to ignore.

Continued on later posts as more is found.

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