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Obama and the 'Five Pillars' of the Economy (Islam?)

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posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 04:01 PM
Okay here is something meaty for all you who are worried about Obama's possible secret Islamic Faith. Today while tlaking about hte economy and how to fix it he presneted what he pesonally dubbed: ~ 'the five pillars' ~

including modernized rules to regulate Wall Street, investments in education, clean energy and health care and "new savings" to reduce the budget deficit over the long term

But why use the term '5 Pillars'?

As in the Five Pillars of Islam

Is is a secret message to the the Cult of Obamamessiah?

Time to activate and 'go Islamic'?

Is it just coincidence?

His administration and himself must all know of all the angst associated with his 'potential' Islamic roots and faith so why include the words 'Five Pillars' in a speech?

Have at it.

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posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by Animal

Just chimed in when it was on CNN before dinner. And had made it to three pillars of the foundation metaphor. Sounded like he was talking with a campaign rhetoric whilst in between hinting to carbon tax and how Americans will be required to swallow the next bailout.

Not sure what BHO meant with creating products in America meant for export. While talking about growth, energy saving windows and fuel efficient cars of course around 2020 when everyone moved on.

How one is going to create growth when the goal is to consume less and create this green utopia in respect to the rest of the world and especially emerging countries with the same aspirations is beyond me. Looks like we're going down the same road again.

Although I understand why the BHO administration is forced to create money out of thin air by the criminals that is part of the problem, while keep taxing infinite debt on future generations. This is a joke. Nothing changes. To fix this its up to the people. And by giving money to the banks which in turn lends it value 8 times to others is the same mistake. A cigar out your own box or what is the American expression?

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