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Michael St Clair Has been removed!

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posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 03:21 PM
Michael St Clair, has been removed from Project Camelots website for mysterious reasons of integrity.

"For reasons of integrity, we find ourselves unable to continue to support the work of Michael St.Clair"

What ever it is, he has done, maybe we can find out?


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posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 03:34 PM
reply to post by Kukulcangod

Well there is a little more info on the site which follows on from what you quoted:

"...who over a period of several months has been speaking increasingly disparagingly about us both in public and in private. All we will say is that the remarks he has made about us are defamatory and untrue, and we are extremely disappointed. He does not understand our mission, and has ceased to support it."

The only thing I have heard - and it is hearsay - is that St. Clair apparently referred to Bill as Kerry's "handler", the implications of which I'll leave up to others to decode.

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 03:39 PM
reply to post by Kukulcangod

I noticed that too. I'm not sure what transpired between the three, and it's not really my place to speculate.

I thought he seemed like a pretty knowlegable guy, although he did side a little harder on the fear mongering than I normally like.

Time will tell...

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 03:40 PM
Michael St Clair VS Project Camelot???

I just happened to stop by Project Camelot today, and lo and behold, there is a statement today by Camelot (Bill & Kerry) in response to Cliff High's interview with Michael St Clair wherein St Clair casually mentions that Bill is Kerry's handler...

Google is your friend.

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 04:18 AM
Ok thx guy`s ! but don`t you think they have found out something else about him, it doesn't seem like Bill and Kerry to remove a guy just for that statement?
Could he be a mole or something?

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 10:59 PM
i did my research being another astrologer and ufo and et viewer etc. I had watched all of Proj Camelots videos and find most of them valid .I went to MSC website and noticed he charges a large sum for astrology charts and gems. I think he's higher priced then the top astrologers in the USA. Also, his predictions are not panning out : Mcain wasn't elected , and in '03 Calif didn't have major problems other then buget probs. I havn't read his books so its unfair for me to go far with this. I do agree with him about gold /silver and the problems with the economy. If its true that what he said that kerry is the boss and that would mean she funds camelot videos, flight costs, productions , then its no big deal ,yet why he had to talk about that ?? i do not know why. It makes more sense to me that Kerry found out that he's just an okay astrologer thats over charging. Perhaps he's a con man i do not know. Yet ,they would be informed first by whom ever was conned, imo. Thus the fall out. I do recall that in the 2nd video PC did with him ,at the very end he looked at kerry and said he saw a reptilian et ,as if it was in her aura. I don't know if he did see it or wanted to end the interview with a finale. Perhaps ,that reptilian didnt like being seen? hehehehe or perhaps it was total rubbish. Now if PC can also weed out another con ---Mcdeagle ,imo ,who's also over charging for cures and is putting his own spin on pre existing conspiracies as a marketing angle. Yes, i informed PC about him .... but as ive said eslewhere on the internet , no one is pefect ,yet many are squerm for money ,especailly nowadays. Myself included, yet i believe in karma and telling the truth and prefering hitting the bottom only to rise ,other then pulling a fast one. Yet, over all PC is one of the best at what they do. In my books they lag behind the disclosure project ,both are struggling to set the record straight . Yet, they are human and imperfect, sometimes mistakes are made and sometimes they get corrected.

posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 11:10 PM

Originally posted by Ferris.Bueller.II
Michael St Clair VS Project Camelot???

I just happened to stop by Project Camelot today, and lo and behold, there is a statement today by Camelot (Bill & Kerry) in response to Cliff High's interview with Michael St Clair wherein St Clair casually mentions that Bill is Kerry's handler...

Google is your friend.

So, why this discussion forum? google is your friend, right? No reason to post meaningful info on here.....

posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 12:02 AM
Handler normally refers to the person in charge of the mind control victim. In this case it would be Kerry as the victim. Reptillians are use in charge ofl the etheral part of the mind control victim according in the . Sounds like he is referring to a classic case of mk ultra, but he could be a disinfo agent. Hmmm... interesting, lets see how this pan out.

posted on Apr, 18 2009 @ 12:49 PM
nice work amfirst ! I believe you've cracked the code ,well interpreted the correct meaning of "handler". The last thing i would want to do would be spread misinfo. Thus, MSC (mike st clair) "if" on target has found a undercover agent at work :billy ryan. Yet, if this is a mind control job then so far Kerry's been taking her vitamins and hasn't pulled any manchurian moves. Instead she's doing a great job at what she does ,(although before mentioned post i do disagree with a few points ,not a big concern tho). So, now what comes to mind did MSC use the wrong term for Bill , perhaps "mole" would be fitting? I only bring this up due to the fact that when i first came across him,durring my looking into proj serpo, i did alot of research ,having been tipped off it was disinfo. I even emailed Bill showing him what i dug up (no reply). Bill went on standing behind it, yet admitted that its only a possibility of being true. Yet, on the internet i found that the head man of p-serpo was being paid by the "you know whos" for i guess spreading disinfo and also collecting @'s. Anyhow, i do know that the Y-N-Whos do need their moles placed in high places ,since controlling the news media is a full time job. Yet, for me to run with what i've said here as solid evidence that he is on their payroll would be completely unfair ,to you readers and especially Bill. Bill is a intelligent guy ,well read on these subjects. So, not to be a loose cannon here , but moreless just a interested party, as in finding the truth. Nothing but the facts i say,no matter how muddy the water gets! So, at this point if kerry is having her mind controlled she has cleaned the slate at PC 's website. They edited the info that they took down MSC videos and that he's been wrong or misconstuing info. Of course only time will tell, and as i've said in my first post MSC seem to be over charging for his readings which is usually a red flag. Now if he was endorsed by the national astrologers commitee or something. See, he has hearsay validity ,thus far. If he's legit i suggest to him (since i predict he will read these posts) that he clarify what he meant or applogize and come forward with the truth so he can feel good about things. You know , clean the slate. Otherwise , im going to worry that Kerry has reptilians hanging around her ,waiting for her to finally lead them to the crown jewel of info ,some day. And Bill will text message the YKW's to put a lid on things. While we the lemmings trying to learn something get led down another dead end street , on that street with no name .

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 12:09 PM
looks like we have a communication problem.

Kerry is controlling Bills mind.

She is the reptillian, thus Msc was able to see this.

So, perhaps i better take a few steps back here and see if MSC could be right.

I have gotten a negative reaction from Kerry yet felt it was just her head strong journalist like mannor . But look at her , shes gained weight etc.
She doesnt really look happy. She could be getting paid by the nsa ,say for gathering info. If true she will be exposed.

not sure if this is Msc but he's replied. I sense it is.
Re: Michael St Clair VS Project Camelot??? Quote


I have read each comment and am sadly upset at all the negative feedback i am receiving. This is a personal thing that has effected my life and i will not be commended to this ....blasphemy

Project Camelot are nothing but Dis-info. Yes , Kerry is the one in charge dont get me wrong. She is reptilian. When i said Handler i meant she has Bill under her mind control.

That is all i can say.

posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 05:20 PM
Thx m8s, that certainly clear things up a bit. But i`m on another course, and ill get back as i know anything.
Or maybe this one? how about if they are real and genuine?

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 11:49 AM
1. why i smell a fish , its funny i recall warning kerry about deagle and she went ahead and put up 2 videos on him . i now have found on a pdf by cliff high thats on MSC site that deagle is tied to the you-know-whos. some sort of disinfo perhaps. then i emailed david wilcocks about deagle and he agreed and also said kerry wanted him to be part of the interview and david told her he didnt want any part.
2. then theres bills ties to serpo and the dirt i found on serpo ,ask me if you need detials.
3. then this is on msc site, and ive listened to other interview with msc and i find him more valid ,what he says about the economy and astro cycles is right on. I appologize for what ive said about him ,at this point. Plus bill never replied back .... to me ,so im guessing they will bury this story. do not forget Mr X was murdered most likley and pc brought him to light. Wolf in sheeps clothing? well maybe someone at pc likes getting a good salary from the you-know-whos? (dont get mad at me im just digging up clues here and piecing it togther)
We Are Being Used ...
"We are being used in some fashion, and UFO intelligences don't want us to discover how they are using us... Perhaps if we could find out what they are doing to us, we could stop them." - John A Keel

Bill Ryan has removed St.Clair's video interviews from the Project Camelot website and online video accounts with the statement below...
13 April 2009 - For reasons of integrity, we find ourselves unable to continue to support the work of Michael St.Clair, who over a period of several months has been speaking increasingly disparagingly about us both in public and in private. All we will say is that the remarks he has made about us are defamatory and untrue, and we are extremely disappointed. He does not understand our mission, and has ceased to support it. We have removed his work from our site, and we sincerely apologize to all our friends for whom this may be a disappointment.

Kerry Cassidy later added her remarks. Michael wishes to say that he has no division with Kerry Cassidy, he was in contact with Kerry before Project SERPO and before Bill Ryan appeared. Since his two interviews with Project Camelot, St.Clair has been given information by highly respected researchers and disclosure parties interviewed by Camelot over the years. Like a gentleman he did not make any of this public, and he will continue to avoid pulling this information into the public arena.

St.Clair was writing and warning Kerry Cassidy about the direction Camelot has taken over the years. He was increasingly concerned that this would negatively impact his work. St.Clair is an independent researcher who was asked to help support Camelot financially as well as via his advice and was the cause of substantial client donations to Camelot's work.

St.Clair did not approach Camelot, he did not particularly like the work that they were doing. Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan approached St.Clair for interviews and for help, pulling him into the basket of projects they were collecting. At no time was he aware that being interviewed by Camelot meant that he could not longer freely express what he feels and sees. Now that he has been made aware of the danger of speaking out, he has chosen to openly say what he feels.

No outside party has SUPPORTED or does support the work of St.Clair. It has been a struggle from the beginning, and we work hard for every nano-second of success. That is the powerful dynamic synergy behind the books and websites.
I [Zen Su] have worked with Michael since 2003. He is not - as suggested by Kerry - "under the heel of the illuminati (so-called) or worse". The substantial travel and hotel costs St.Clair paid to allow the now deleted Future Talk 2 interview to go ahead was money he could little afford at that time. No one controls Michael St.Clair, no one pays for him and the work we do online is our own work etc etc

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 12:17 PM
Of their many interviews, I was actually really drawn to Michael St. Clair and enjoyed his interviews and his writing on their new forum as well when he had his own section. He understood the concept of the moneyless resource society, being akin to linux, or open source, where each that can contributes and all can draw from this knowledge. Even though his fees are high, there were other sides to his experiences and work that was and is incredibly enlightened. I'm still meaning to get his books on his contacts with the nordics, as he is an experiencer as well.

Project Camelot could have quite a bit of disinfo, considering that many of those interviewed worked for TPTB, and are mostly official capacity. I prefer grass roots accounts myself, yet, its still eye opening and does force oneself out of the box and to examine ones own personal paradigm and the very limited world we've been forced to accept as reality.

Edit to add: As to the fees he charges, I've thought about this a lot, and his prices for books and material is normal, covers cost and may or may not return him much of a profit. His other works that are higher priced probably is needed, and probably benefits more than just himself, as he has been working with setting and establishing safety eco villages, and this is not something he's doing for profit. Whether or not a disaster does come, he truly believes that we are meant to live differently. And ets live in a moneyless resource society where everyone is provided for, not one person falls through the cracks. They also look after their planets very well indeed.
We need to follow ourselves to end our slavery and the suffering that makes us a failed experiment here on earth, and enter the cosmos.

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posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 02:56 PM
nice post, thanks, i almost feel like a traitor since i get alot out of pc.

so, kerry might also have a side to her like you and i that is interested in these mysteries and truths and want disclosure ,yet her money side could of chose to cash in and tap the karmic tax payers cash flow that the youknowwho are happy to pay.pc is under deep cover and gets the low down first , this is what the youknowwhos want a well positioned "ear" and snitch ,they also get tons of email addresses and if your on pc's website they can in a sense hack or tresspass onto your computer. Mr X should of went elsewhere if i/we are correct about this. I doubt they'll go after me ,but if its true what MSC and now "we" are saying they might want to shut us up or throw some disinfo our way to make us look foolish. If this was in the court of law i do believe we'd need more evidence : )

funny how kerry does a short video of seeing a big ufo right after the part 2 MSC interview , was this a distraction? or was the reptillian that MSC saw in kerry's aura one of the passengers from that ufo. If kerry felt that MSC was on to her its no wonder she wanted to change the subject with the ufo sighting.

again, a yr plus ago ,kerry told me to stop emailing her when i was digging up info on planet X and all that jazz. long story ,but i ended up finding out that X aint comming anytime soon , well 2060 perhaps ,was what marrs found when he cornered stitchen. and even then it might only trigger off a super volcano , impossible to know how close it will get,at this point , yet i learned that lots of solar systems are binary yet the 2nd star being a burned out cinder or brown dwarf could be common. Anyhow, i felt kerry was rude and not even interested in what i was digging up.

then came deagle , before mentioned. yep, i explained how i knew he was a charlatan . i didnt know that he could be disinfo on top of that and on youknowwhos payroll.

anyhow, may the laws of karma do there thing ,and may the good stay in the light.


posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 04:11 PM
I really hope its not the way you're saying it is at project camelot. Of course I've considered that they may be working for the cartel in some capacity. Thats always the problem for me with anything other than grass roots experiences.

But the thing is if they are co-conspiring to put stuff on your computer when you go on their site, and I've been there lots, then I need to fire off some nasty letters to the cabal and leave them on my desktop and hope they get them! And then I'll ask them to come on over and pay me a visit, I only want to perform a citizens arrest!
They don't scare me one wit!

As for seeing a reptilian in her aura. One thing I do want to note is that when people shine their lights they can attract negatives who try to put out their lights.
I believe in that kind of thing. I also am an experiencer, and after a black triangle siting and cloudships in May had a strange postcard type contact with a reptilian. I believe connected to the militia. This is aside from memories of childhood abductions and other things. And then over a month ago, my 17 year old told me that a black triangle (which I now associate with negatives and reptilians at least these ones) was hovering behind the evergreens and monitoring our house for while until it flew over our roof. It was silent and made a vibrational resonance rather than noise.

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posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 05:11 PM
I agree, i hope im wrong. I just got finished watching the PC interview thats with Jim Marrs which isnt on their site but is on kerry's youtube site.

i have a site there too

anyhow, i hope im wrong. At first i only questioned Bill since he was tied to Serpo and when i first emailed PC it was about the dirt i found on Serpo and warned him. He went on to say its a possibility (think its mentioned earlier in this thread)

then the MSC info hit and i've done his astrology chart and usually stick up for astrologers since i consider myself one ,too. He's met them face to face and is psychic and then comes up with seeing the reptillian etc. I presumed it was around kerry since she was the main speaker , yet it may have been around Bill.

Anyhow, kerry durring the recent Marrs interview is coming across as a trusted lovely and intelligent and happy person , no way could she be that dirty as i was alluding to.

So either MSC was over reacting durring the venus rx , or maybe its just bill who might be the one to text langly when no one is looking.

All i know is i that i hope they dont shoot the messenger or blogger who's simply speculating . If they do , its been a great life : )

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 05:25 PM

i had thought i read that theres been a flurry of b triangle sightings in canada

i think if you telepathically sense there a certain races of aliens ,that you could be right. Of course especailly if you are decent or experienced in that sort of thing. All i know was that i tried empathing, or connecting to who ever was on this shape changing craft i saw and they were so advanced, a sense of supra intellegence ,light being types i think. the other one was the tall whites.... who seemed more mental.

but its interesting what you've shared. I would ask around your area ,as best you can with out making it a panic or something, to see if other s have any b traingle sightings or stories. All i know is that abductions ,across the board, are down. They seemed to come to a stop ,yet sightings have increased. As i did my research the only abductions that seemed plausable recently were from down in central or south america. although ,im just a one man show here with limited research tenticals .

now if they are reptillians , then you'd think bad things would be going on , children being aten , like collier claims.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 05:45 PM
Stop with the reptilian nonsense already!

Are you people really this dense that you don't understand in what context is 'handler' being used here?

In intelligence a handler is a controller. What Michael St Clair is insinuating is pretty clear to me.

If you don't understand don't worry and keep reading those fairy tales about reptilians, or better yet... keep watching Project Camelot's videos

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 06:07 PM

the detail you dont want to look at for whatever reason is that at the end of the interview part 2 (which has been removed) MSC seeing a reptillian around either bill or kerry.

so , yes we can limit the talk to "handler" but if one really looks into things one might want to touch on other clues.

don't tell me you dont believe in ets? Or do we have to do exactly what you say? or...

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 06:08 PM
The abductions themselves havn't stopped. I had hoped they had. But the last physical sign for me was last spring shortly after we began quite a few sitings of crafts, including witnessed by my children. I had a scoop mark. Then in September my 17 year old also reported siting a grey, (I had in childhood), missing time, and dreams aboard a craft before a viewing screen. My leaks of memory involved greys and nordics. And have strong positive feelings about these people.

As the earlier memories involve a group of children, and I've always been somewhat psi, the idea that there was that kind of work being done has come to me. Two of my sons are quite psi as well, different types of sensitivity though. My gift is more, I think, being communication, because I can ping, or vibe strongly on them, on crafts, on when my friends are online, when someone will show up minutes before they're near the house. I can feel them.
And, sort of a remote sensing or spacially placing things (which doesn't work for my own lost keys). I used this to discover where a woman who had been murdered was placed, and I would have reported it to the police except I knew they had received many such reports and I never trust these things, and I had no idea that the creek ran up where it did. In any case, a year later roughly the body was discovered where I saw it, and I was furious at the fact that this was within walking distance of the main suspect. But with crafts/ufos, these kind of things, theres absolutely no feedback possible. I do get some feedback. For example, I can feel the greys are out, and I'm pinging on them. My son and I are skywatching and shortly thereafter a craft that is not a plane, not a helicopter, not a weather balloon, flies over near us. That is to me a kind of feedback, though probably not to the skeptics. But if I feel a postcard or pinging and I sense its out further, perhaps behind the moon, how to prove it? Thats what I mean by remote sensing.

I can't force it. I've been reading books on remote viewing and ordered 2, one came by Joseph McMoneagle. The thing is, a new language jumped out at me, and I'm so grateful for it because I know what he means exactly, and was missing these words. Its in the zen, or mindlessness of the moment. This is why testing it doesnt work usually. You can't be focussed on it without taking a huge accuracy hit, and thats why only some people have the discipline to train in remote viewing as they must really learn mindlessness. Its in a different area where the conscious overlays and analytical reasoning takes place. Instantly I understood. So, without much accuracy I'm sure, I wanted to attempt to remote view my own abductions, as I hadn't had regression therapy.

Well, several nights ago, I pinged on the greys out and about again, and this time I knew we were on the list. I went to sleep arguing with them in my mind saying there was no need to take me, they didn't have to. My son reported missing time that night in the middle of the night. And one of my friends who seems to be known to these greys reported time loss as well. He had new scars too.

One thing I have to say about the area I'm living in, no one looks up. But my sons native friend close to us, they've looked up. They've seen what we've seen, and had the craft hover over their property. Plus, I wait now a while before mentioning it. When I mentioned to my friend with the missing time too, on skype that I had felt such a strong sense of monitoring by the nordics that had flown over and pinged both my son and me to go out and watch their soundless craft fly over our roof (nordics because they gave me a clear postcard of them in September, October and November with contact).
This time I felt they were the same, but no craft. I felt they were so close, and was told they were monitoring me in my living room, by them. One of my friends shared he had a visit that day by his contacts, also monitoring type. Then I shared this with my friend on skype and we had 2 days of planes flying out back in the evening, like scout planes, the second day, with a black triangle. And then shortly after it hovered in the night.

So, I don't give out info when it happens because I really sense a connection between these guys and the military. Someone else who I believe in had written to me that not all lizzies were bad, but the good crafts were equilateral triangles, with rounded corners. This one wasn't. I just link the postcard and the first siting in May of last year of the triangle to this more recent stuff.

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