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Racism in the 80s has been replaced by Religionism in the 00s

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posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 02:54 PM
Like may ATsers I have seen a steady growth of abusive texts particularly where religion has been involved and I asked myself why?

Looking into the 80s (UK), racism was a huge blight, encouraged through TV (Love Thy neighbour was a classic). When black Africans and Carribeans came over here, people fed off the media ("they are getting our jobs") and as long as these people were inanimate objects - it was easy to make scurrilous remarks.
What changed was that as time went on, these guys integrated and everyone soon knew a black guy. It then became hard to make a scurrilous remark as this soon became personal about someone you knew and racism dried up.

I see similarities with religion, and the way to stop this again is integration. This means respecting other peoples religions (even if they don't have any), integration in streets, schools and clubs - it is difficult to demonise another group when you know members of the group as decent individuals. So what is stoping us?

UK Goverment policy is for diversity not integration, they could make all schools secular. Instead they encourage religious groups to stick together. Why woudl they want to do this? For one purpose only - divide and conquer. If ever the Moslem disheartened teenager spoke to the christian disheartened teenager, they would find the same dispair/problems and may join together to realise the inadequacy of the government. Instead the UK Government can blame "terrorism" and suddenly they are let off scot free

We must all take some of the blame for not talking to our neighbours any more. Much easier to wrap yourself in the car, or watch TV or type aimlessly (like me) to faceless people on the internet - where are the human connections?

Please think about this when you get into religious abuse.

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 03:23 PM
If religion wasn't shoved in my face, being repeatedly told that I was going to burn in a lake of sulfur for all of eternity. I might be a little nicer.

Not saying i'm not nice now. If people would stop blowing innocent people up along with themselves in the streets, I might have more respect for it.

If they paid taxes along with the rest of us, I might have more respect for it.

If they had evidence other then a dorito chip, and just a gut feeling, or someone was in a car accident and didn't die, ergo god was looking out for him. I might have more respect for it.


Also, racism is just silly, nonsense, the only reason it is around now, is because everyone wants to keep bringing it up, it's over with, we are all moving on.

I think for the first time, the masses of people are starting to ask, "why exactly do I believe in religion?" and yes there will be individuals scarcely, who want to pressure there ideas into others in a harmful manner, Ignore them, whichever side they should be on, the less you give them , the less they can do.

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