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Curing AIDS and Cancer with Multi-Vitamins!!

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posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 12:11 PM
I rarely, if ever, venture into the world of conspiracies, but I couldn't think of any other way to bring this article to your attention.

Matthias Rath is an educated man, qualified physician and entrepreneur. He has made several significant claims as they relate to the cure for cancer and AIDS. He insists that chemotherapy actually contributes, if not causes death in cancer patients. He claims retro-viral drugs do not alleviate AIDS and indeed are largely responsible for death by AIDS. He further reinforces his claims by insisting that the pharmacorps know that their anti retro-virals are fatal and bury the evidence to reap the rewards.

He believes that high dose multi-vitamin tablets will cure cancer, AIDS, heart disease and many other serious conditions and diseases. Cattle do not suffer heart attacks and they don't take retro-viral drugs. Cattle don't have heart attacks and they consume vitamin C as part of their diet...ergo vitamins stop heart attacks

Taking advantage of Thabo Mbekis view that retro viral drugs couldn't alleviate a disease that doesn't exist. Matthias took himself over to S Africa to begin studies that would indicate medicine was a lie propagated by pharmacorps and doesn't really work.

A qualified doctor who is thought to have made millions selling nutritional supplements around the globe through his website empire, Rath claimed his pills could reverse the course of Aids and distributed them free in South Africa, where campaigners, who have won a hard-fought battle to persuade the government to roll out free Aids drugs to keep millions alive, believe Rath's activities led to deaths.

The Dr Rath Foundation focuses its promotional activities on eight countries - the US, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, France and Russia - claiming that his micronutrient products will cure not just Aids, but cancer, heart disease, strokes and other illnesses
Guardian newspaper September 2008

Once in South Africa he began the 'studies' and was swiftly challenged by worldwide media whom he then attempted to sue...namely The Guardian and Ben Goldacre of Bad Science. Several hundred thousand deaths (1999- 2007) have resulted from S Africa's refusal to acknowledge the efficacy of anti retro-viral drugs.

In the midst of this Rath employed an Anthony Brink. This guy styled himself as an AIDS Dissident and disputes the existence of AIDS as well as any conventional medical studies available.

So far we have a man who sells vitamins as a cure for most things including AIDS. A man that doesn't believe AIDS is what the wider medical community thinks it is. A President and Ministers that don't believe anti retro-virals work to alleviate AIDS.

So this was the situation into which the vitamin-pill entrepreneur Matthias Rath inserted himself, prominently and expensively, with the wealth he had amassed from Europe and America, exploiting anti-colonial anxieties with no sense of irony, although he was a white man offering pills made in a factory abroad. His adverts and clinics were a tremendous success. He began to tout individual patients as evidence of the benefits that could come from vitamin pills – although in reality some of his most famous success stories have died of AIDS. When asked about the deaths of Rath’s star patients, Health Minister Tshabalala-Msimang replied: “It doesn’t necessarily mean that if I am taking antibiotics and I die, that I died of antibiotics.”
Steal This Chapter: Bad Science

In 2005, Rath began to offer his nutritional supplement VitaCell to people with Aids in Khayelitsha, a township outside Cape Town. He claims he was running a trial, that participants were suffering from advanced Aids and that none were on or had been on anti-retroviral drugs. Some died, however, and relatives have given statements claiming that some of them had been on ARVs (anti retro-virals) but were told to stop using them.

The Rath Foundation advertised widely. He even claimed that his activities were endorsed by huge lists of sponsors and affiliates including the World Health Organization, UNICEF and UNAIDS. All have issued statements flatly denouncing his claims and activities.

The United Nations has condemned Rath’s adverts as “wrong and misleading”. “This guy is killing people by luring them with unrecognised treatment without any scientific evidence,” said Eric Goemaere, head of Médecins sans Frontières SA, a man who pioneered anti-retroviral therapy in South Africa. Rath sued him.

A man called Zackie Achmat grew increasingly concerned about the growing AIDS problem in his native S Africa. As a call to action he set up a group called Treatment Action Campaign who have successfully sued the Govt for it's failure to provide anti-HIV drugs for pregnant mothers to prevent their child being infected. The growing movement for health care since 2002 has resulted in the firing of the Health Minister last year. As Mbeki has left power an anti retro-viral policy has been enacted and the 100 000s of HIV+ and AIDS sufferers will have increasing access to the drugs.

In the meantime, Mr Brink has filed an indictment against Zachie Achmat (HIV+) that is startling when you read the final page...

The Dr Rath Foundation focuses its promotional activities on eight countries - the US, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, France and Russia. The Rath Foundation recently expanded its reach into Russia, where Aids has been on the increase. In an advertisement in Izvestia in February, Rath attacked the pharmaceutical industry and suggested that heart attacks, strokes and cancers could be cut to a fraction of the present level through "natural health approaches".

Please read this article for the full account...Matthias Rath - steal this chapter It's written by a man that was sued by Rath and won

I'm no fan of the Pharmacorps extorting money from Third World countries or even my own country, but Mr Rath seems a wholly different matter. His education makes it difficult to believe that he honestly believes vitamins and diet will cure AIDS, cancer and heart disease...that he's prepared to bet people's lives on it makes me very uneasy. It's compounded by his mission to cure the world by vitamins being tied to his business of selling those very same vitamins

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 01:09 PM
Yes, yes, yes.
This, for me, is becoming more and more interesting. Eating very healthy, being happy and helping others really is a genuine cure. It can't be sold or bought though so people think it is a crazy wacko idea.
There are countless people out there who have 'come out the other end' just by eating and exercising. S+F.

Doctor: We're going to treat your cancer with these rays.
Patient: Hmm, the same rays that cause cancer?
Doctor: Indeed. Fight fire with fire.
Patient: But they'll kill me or make my cancer spread won't they?
Doctor: Probably... well, if they don't kill you they'll make you feel really bad.
Patient: I've heard that a raw food diet and doing things that release happy brain chemicals help too.
Doctor: No. That's not supported by medical officials. Not only that but we need to keep giving you rays so the money keeps flowing into the big boy's hands.
Patient: Well, if you say so, TV says so AND the papers say so who am I to argue?... Beam me up raymond.

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 01:34 PM
Yes, it's true. Some cancers can be cured by very high dose vitamin-c alone. I just got done reading, "Orthomolecular Therapy for Everyone". They talk about curing several different kinds of cancer with nutrients.

I personally take high dose vitamins & minerals for a condition I've got called Pyroluria (Mauve Factor). Without this my stress would have remained nearly unbearable, and I might not be here right now...

I personally take 5-6 grams of vitamin c daily, unless I feel like I'm getting sick. Then I double the dose. Haven't been sick since I started the nutrients over 8 months ago!


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