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Personal Question wouldn't mind help with

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posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 04:17 AM
This isn't one of those "help, I'm afraid to fall asleep" or "I think I've been probed" threads.
I was just looking for advice on a thing I was chatting about last night.

I was telling a story to my good bud at the saloon about a time when I was about 13 and was being rebellious by getting cigarettes from another kid at school and would bring them home and smoke after school to enjoy that heavy buzz you get when you are new to smoking. Anyways, one day I had broken a cig at the filter and decided to use plain scotch tape to repair it with the intention of putting it out before the tape. Needless to say, I forgot to stop before the tape and inhaled a nice puff of tape smoke. It was so gross I puked and had to lay down for 30min. Several times since then and usually when I've partied too hard and get nauseous, I'll being laying down with my eyes closed and I'll get a very basic image in my head (like maybe a basic flower shape a little like this:
Basically, it'll just be a symmetrical 2D image and so it'll just flash rapidly between being gigantic and microscopic. And sometimes just lying there I'll (or my senses will) likewise "flash" rapidly between feeling unusually small for my surroundings and then gigantic. Essentially, you are feel like you're flickering between being huge and microscopic and you're real size would be like the exact middle. Usually it's only happened when I'm under the influence of whatever and I'm laying down w/eyes closed but sometimes when I'm sober.
To make this detailed- when you're laying down say, and feel you're body flashing between large and small you can still feel what you're laying on but it's irrelevant- it's like if you were the size of a fly operating a human body for one second then you feel like your body is bug-size the next and it flashes between these sensory states.

Again I was trying to describe this assuming he'd know what I was talking about but he had no clue. I don't know how to search that kind of thing and thought I'd came across an official name for it a while back. Just looking to see if its an actual spasm that's common or if I'm crazy or what. Sorry about the length of this post and thanks for any pointers.

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 06:14 AM
(Long time lurker of ATS, first time poster!)

I get similar visions where an object or image seems to be alternating between being very large and very small. It seems to only happen when i'm lying down trying to fall asleep. Its also not something I have any control over, as i've tried many times to just block it out, or think about something else, but I end up staying focused on this constant shift between large/small until I fall asleep or get back up. This only seems to affect my vision though. I dont get any reaction from my other senses.

Being a pack and a half a day smoker, i've also had the experience of attempting to fix cigarettes with scotch tape, and not paying enough attention to where the tape was, so I have many times inhaled whatever byproducts the tape gave off when burned.

However, the visions have always been a part of my life, well before I ever became a smoker, so it seems unlikely that inhaling the tape byproducts was the cause of these visions, at least in my case.

Seems to me as if this is a natural occurrence, but I would definitely be interested in hearing an explanation for it!

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 06:35 AM
I had the same feeling on the Nicoderm CQ patch, along with the oddest dreams, with what i can only describe as "open-eye" hallucinations while sleeping. Most are just "replays" of things that have have happened or have yet to happen. Mine are a bit different than that picture, but most of my dreams have sacred geometry in them. Patterns bigger than smaller, over and over, maybe morphing sometimes, like watching a really elaborate screen saver of fractals and image shapes. I will only use Nicoderm patches if i want to dream vividly and remember it later. The one thing i can remember about one dream in particular is just the word "police", the next day on the way to work as i come around the bend in the road a police pulls out and pulls over the car in front of me. I am guessing not more than 1 hour after having the dream, It comes true! too much of a coincidence for me.


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