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Questions and Infinity

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posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 12:34 AM
ok so here goes... for the people who dont understand my grammer or crappy spelling feel free to slap me about!..

Why am i making this topic? Wellllll i have afew things i think others need to know.. i have made a post like this befor! but it was lost in the blackhole of ats so ill try to give it rebirth!

What is a question? what is the need for asking? what does infinity mean? how does it fit in to our everyday life!

lets take a look at some aspects of this

A question is infact the hardest thing to describe as its function is to perpetuate an answer regardless of the answer you infact get "yes, no, maybe," all the same.. does not require much logic in that repsect..

Now how does this fit in with life? and pattens symmerty ect "chaos".. lets look at more.

If a question in itself is a "something" not just a word to describe a yes or a no ..many people dont think about the question they tend to focus on the answer yes? "yes"

the universe itself is a question > how can that make sens? well its not ment to because we dont understand questions we never have infact we aint ment to .. its kinda like ur just ment to ask for the hell of it kinda thing... its simple but complex.. and what has a question got to do with infinity or p.i?

Infinity and P.I are both what? ENDLESS we can use shapes "symmerty" or we can use mathmatics to show the very same thing .. "sacred geom" nothing that sacred about it ; )

Life itself is a shape it has a form .. and it comes in many forms cats dogs whatever "oh yes and you" .. your body is infact made to fit this little paradox

every shape we see or make is infact life.. not "a being" but made in our own image "we make shapes that make sens" because thats the question

Im guessing you are totaly lost by now with my grammer.. so ill try again!

A question is infact not a question its the very answer we look for. its the meaning of life itself... its not a word infact its a something.. its a description of our entire being and how the universe works.

a question = symmerty / pattens / shapes / infinity / p.i /

they are all logical why? well lets see what happens if we dont ask questions shall we


now are you understanding? now do you understand our paradox is infact NOT a paradox.

Its a very logical system and in order for it to function the question is its key and its the answer!

so i bring to you this.. do not ask the question understand it! think befor you speak as you problerbly know the answer infact you do.. you are just not aware of it...

The question IS the answer and infinity is only US trying to figure out the answer "when infact its a riddle"

what is the meaning of life?

the question ; )

have a nice day..

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 01:33 AM

Originally posted by symmetricAvenger
ok so here goes... for the people who dont understand my grammer or crappy spelling feel free to slap me about!..

Your grammar isn't all that bad, it's just that your sentences are quite jumpy. I think your thoughts sometimes go faster than you can type

the universe itself is a question > how can that make sens? well its not ment to because we dont understand questions we never have infact we aint ment to .. its kinda like ur just ment to ask for the hell of it kinda thing... its simple but complex.. and what has a question got to do with infinity or p.i?

I hate to sound like a noob, lol, but what is P.I.?

A question is infact not a question its the very answer we look for. its the meaning of life itself... its not a word infact its a something.. its a description of our entire being and how the universe works.

Can I take this as "if we do not seek, we do not exist"? That would be very interesting assumption...

Do you think "things" are created by our questions? Or do the "things" exist to make us question? (things in these sentences can be anything...lifeforms, cats, dogs... non life forms rocks, water etc)

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 01:54 AM
i have a hyper brain i cant help it lol

ok ill try my best here!

Can I take this as "if we do not seek, we do not exist"? That would be very interesting assumption...

its not about seeking its about the nature of the game we find ourselfs..

we ask WHY this in itself is a pardox of epicness ..

life is kinda like a yin yang in that it has to be for the other to make any logical sens

we need questions we infact are based on this very word the universe was infact or is

a physical question .. we dont understand that part.. well i dont yet.. lets look at this in regards to aliens and god..

If god made humans and the universe.. he indeed asked or made something that is waht?

self replicating.. alive in many ways growing i dunno but its wacked out

if aliens "i belive in aliens" made us.. they still ask questions!!

we me u and aliens are not smart but we all have one thing in common "the question" of why

think about it.. why do aliens ask why?

how dumb are we? xD

aliesn do not know what god is just the way we dont... the question IS god..

thats the point we dont have a clue WHY we are here!! this is the answer to our question

it may seem odd to use a question as the answer when infact its the very thing that put allllll life here "in our universe"...

WHY is not a question its the answer ! it gives us all we need and it keeps our universe going..

think for a minute what our life would be like with no WHY?

we would be god? we would ask and the "others" would be what? asking?

the concstruct of the universe is a phyiscal question.. we could infact be a moment in time that makes one think

a thought?

a yes a no stuck in a paradox of ones own head sefl replicating into infinty via the question..

what happens when you someone askes you a question?

The univers happens

its allll about the question NOT the answer

we have and have had the answer all along "the question"

for if we dont ask what why then there is infact no need for an answer and the universe does not mean anything

it made the rules... im here to show you the rules.. i dont know why i am i dont infact care.. i just know we "life" ask for a reason

to keep what we are inside going..

does a wheel in a clock ask the clock why its a wheel?

nope it does its job.. thats our job to keep asking to keep the clock ticking

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 02:14 AM
one of the reasons i appreciate what you have to say, OP, is that it seems on the surface to not be terribly practical. i, myself, have been accused on many occasions of being impractical. so in that way, i feel a kinship.

a couple of years ago, i came across a book: A New Kind of Science, by stephen wolfram. it contains one of the most amazing concepts ever published: that using a set of only a few simple mathematical rules, a structure of incredible complexity can be accomplished. (known as "cellular automata")

i feel certain that the universe is organized in a similar fashion.

this is what i think of when i read your OP. the "question" you refer to are similar to the simple rules of the cellular automata in that they break up and inform the otherwise endless stream of random noise.


posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 02:18 AM
Infinity starts with your body laying face down on top of a massive sand dune, nose in the sand, eyes crossed focusing on a single tiny grain of sand. Then you try to count ten grains, and appreciate the meaning of it. Then you begin to imagine a hundred grains around that little tiny grain. You see that it is a very small area, but you understand the number 100 and what that means. Okay, then...

Then you lift your head and raise your eyes which sweep up to the massive sea of sand rolling in hills of dunes as far as the eye can see, beyond the horizon. And for a brief fraction of a second you see them all interconnected down to that 1 single grain of sand you started with, and for a fraction of a second, you get a glimpse of infinity.

It has something to do with every number being small, no matter how "large", when compared to infinity. Infinity is one. Infinity is all. Infinity is nothing.

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 02:30 AM
reply to post by tgidkp

we are on the same level here in how we think

you see for us to ask why is very important..its not the answer its about what is a question???

it can and does infact give us the answers we want as we understand it. we had a great talk about (qp) what is that??
its just another question

we are infact in life "as life" asking WHO or WHAT is asking us to ask..

its so complex i admit and im not god or some kinda nutter lol but i do understand what you mean in this regard

if we use the question itself as the answer to out pardox .. we infact use the very thing we dont understand to get the answers

now i know this may lead to more questions in and on its own kinda thing but logicaly there is no reason or othterwsie..

the question MUST have paramaters it has to for it can not be a "nothing"

i know u understand this

so for me the question means something i don know what i can admit that but i want to show ohters in some way "even with my crappy way how i type"

that the question

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 03:00 AM
I start to like this place more every day...

At first when I jump into theories you guys are posting I feel lost...uneducated, uninformed... Like listening to a strange language and trying to decipher what's being said...

And than I start to understand a bit, and than more, and than it hits me that those theories are brilliant.

I understand a lot of what we do is speculation, because we can not measure every theory... but the level of speculation is great... It's not the plain, simple stuff... It's quality! So thumbs up once again

Cheers to all from a dutch girl having a great morning reading your posts!

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 03:16 AM
im just here like everyone...

some call me nuts some call me god not god but special and i hate that.. i ask the sam questions u know?

Im not some brainy guy ... im just me.. i just want others to understand things i knw i understand its my life kidna thing

i dont know why i ask what i do i dont know why or who put me here infact i dont care...

But what i do care about is my fellow humans fellow people my brothers and sisters..

the question was never looked at u know?? NEVER looked at .. i got the same thing when i said the observer made mathamitics incopmpleate

i speak to leading brains on this .. i get fobbed off as crazy "yes the world is flat"

ats is my only way to show people the real reasso why we are here

its not about god for me or about aliens its always been about me .. why the fick am i here???

and i know why .. i know why im here its to ask questions

its to keep the universe going .. we have so much at stake all of us i dont know why i was chosen i really dont

i want to help others see what i have seen no money no bull# just me being me with my #y grammer my crappy spelling

our life as we know it IS and HAS a reason its to KEEP the universe going

i may be nuts to some i dont care but the question we ask is the #ing answer we are looking for

its A THING not a word!!! IT IS WHAT MADE EVERYTHING!! the bloody QUESTION is the answer

/me cries

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 03:29 AM

Originally posted by symmetricAvenger
its A THING not a word!!! IT IS WHAT MADE EVERYTHING!! the bloody QUESTION is the answer

/me cries

Don't cry. The same thing that makes you cry now can make you laugh later... Emotion is a very real yet temporary state of being... step back and trace the origin of your emotion... take control from there.

It is the same as the question which is the answer, both exist simultaniously, both are essential to us and to their own existense. Your emotions are no different from that!

*hugs symmetricAvenger*

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 03:44 AM
i try my best

i dunno you know some people look at my grammer or dont understand what im saying and it important for us all..

:/ the question is the answer... i dont know how els to say that people dont know what a question is so how do they know its the answer

i feel useless :/

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 05:09 AM

the concstruct of the universe is a phyiscal question.. we could infact be a moment in time that makes one think

Here I go thinking about this. A few things that crop up as this idea is digesting in my primordial stew of a mind...

This universe IS. It exisits. The nature of this universe is the physical manifestation of the question. The personification of questioning - or questing.

A question thought is rooted in language. What drives a question? Curiosity? Is it the nature of this reality to be the question, or is it the physical nature of the universe?

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 01:55 PM
symmetricAvenger, you made more sense to me in your personal rant than you ever have. I understand what you are trying to say now and I sort of disagree.

Questioning does drive us, it motivates us to create and progress as a species. I think it is something we have that isn't shared with all creatures.

I think what brought us here and somewhat part of the reason we are here is to have the experience. Just before the big bang you had a thought, it could have been a question, but it happened and when it did the Dam broke and thought came flooding in so fast, inconceivable by us, and existence was created.

Breaking down the moment before the bang, you were the only 1.. wondering what to do, what to think.. sometime you thought of emotion, love and how great it feels, but it takes 2, so you thought of another individual, but you can't make someone truly love you, so you had to create more and the rest is history.

I hope you understand my take on why I'm here. To experience.

[edit on 14-4-2009 by SeeingBlue]

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 03:01 PM
i agree i dont try to make this about me, but i guess it is in a way about my true nature.. its come from alot and its ok to dissagree with how i think "it" works ie the universe..

im just i dunno trying to put something massive into a word one can understant "or maybe not"

its not just humans who ask questions "every living thing" asks question..

if you dont ask your not alive - it kinda comes part in part with the "alive" bit

a question is a choice.. its both its a never ending path..

Look up at the stars

what do you see? a never ending path a choice. why? who knows? but i know how it works

its based on the same function as a question. or we would not be here to even ask what the answer is

Thats why its a double sided paradox a question asking a question = infinity

this is universal in its nature ! aliens dogs cats plants me you whatever.. if your alive.. you will make a choice..

who is asked the question?

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 05:13 PM
OP , you might be interested in Nassim Haramein and his theory on the fractal universe , I can search the video links if you want , if not go around youtube or google video and you should find them (youtube is a 45 part video and google video is a 2 part video if I recall correctly).

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 12:36 AM
reply to post by Roufas

I agree with you, I believe this is of interest to the OP
The fractal universe is a great theory to explore and with nice visuals along the way... so even if you don't like the theory... the graphics will be great!

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 12:51 AM
ah hey thanks "reply aint working" odd.. neways!

This is part one of nassims work..

He is very correct in alot of ways but we differ on our ideas
he shows the scale law is very right..

I give another meaning to the WHY it infact works
the link to the scale is the question!

me and him both think alike.. but im more based on the chaos than the order .. kinda thing

2 parts 8 hours enjoy!

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 08:19 AM
I love this guys theory mainly because I've already came to this conclusion myself. I think I said something about it in a similar thread. Also this is another reason fractal theory seems pretty reasonable.

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 04:27 PM
reply to post by symmetricAvenger

When I first started reading Philosophy, I imagined there to be a wealth of answers contained within...what I found was groups of individuals(consciously or not) connected by a struggle to clarify the questions they were compelled to ask, regarding the human condition...metaphysics, ethics etc. definative answers regarding existence or purpose, beyond anthropic commentaries...are questions applicable beyond our empirical, reductionist confines.? I have no idea, but I do enjoy looking at the questions we humans feel compelled to ask about the universe and time, especially the things we are willing to invoke to complete a structured understanding.

This is interesting but I have a few question, have I got this right...I could imagine structure to ultimately exist and be questionable because of my connection with the thing I feel to have a structure, my very act of `questioning` could be the reason for my existence being configured as it is...the ultimate source of all questions,`The Question` has given life forms(one of its own limbs) the ability to question the question maker, which is essentially a `question`...thus showing existence/structure to be a product of our ability to question.
So rationality and forms of logic will never know that the answer is a finite question and will continue searching ad infinitum.

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 04:44 PM
well this is how see the contsruct.

We all have a question to ask its not about god or aliens its infact how life works and what its job is.

we have a infinite universe , how does one understand how this is even possible? well look at a question what is it??

its a choice a choice that was made way befor humans even was here.. infact its apart of the logical side of the universe and thats why we get life..

Yin Yang.. life is the counterpart to the question or what els would ask the question? the rock? the water? do they ask question? no that is not the job.. but a tree asks in what direction its better to get the sun onto its leaf . a human asks why we are here "this is a bad question" but we can ask good questions! why is the ky blue! ect they are simple things as your only understanding the universe you are not questioning IT as a whole...

So what does a question do? well it makes life for a start its the basis of life.

how does it work? well we can get 2 things from a question a negitive and a postivite..

but we still get a result even if the answer is worng.. lets look

why is black black : well to someone it does not matter what the answer infact is.. it could be sheep! makes no sens? but what part have we over looked in this nonsenical argument?

the WHY the very thing that propigated the argument the agreement the very thing that defines you "the choice" the yes or no!

the OR is the important part as its niether YES or NO its smack bang in the middle just like WHY and just like the question!

the question and the reason go hand in hand!

if we dont ask questions if we dont make the choice the universe has no infact place in our reality...

you need chaos as that is the UNIVERSE is question .. WE are here to answer all the questions ITS asking.. not us IT .. the question IS god.. "and i dont mean a bloke in a toga" i just mean Function

we get order from chaos.. on another level the choas does have order and gives rise to more order /infinity"

what keeps it going is the very same thing that makes you ask questions.. its what made life and is what made our universe..

they said the universe happend in a spilt second.. yea it did someone got asked a question! and we arer the ones who make the answers possible

We are the answer the question is what made us.. we just have a hard time understanding the universe is asking NOT US.. ; )

or / why / question / = infinity thats why we have it!! the outcome of infinity = YOU and then more questions!

it keeps on going "its ment to" or it would all stop.. think about it

If we KNEW EVERTHING what would be the point? ; )

would that not make us god? well good news is "we are" just little tiny ones

[edit on 15-4-2009 by symmetricAvenger]

posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 05:34 PM
Infinity and zero are both abstract mathematical concepts to try to mathematically rationalize ideas that are not numbers.

A number that means NO numbers...

And a number that means a number that never ends.

They are two abstract concepts shoved into the framework of mathematics very rudely I would say...

I don't think either exists.


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