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Transitioning religions, UFOs, new world order and scientology

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posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 11:06 PM
Everyone knows Christianity is corrupt and the Vatican spews out plenty of hatred and backwards ideas. It's also big business.

Scientology is the same way except it's a more pseudo-scientific, technological, modern creation.

Scientology is very well-funded, and may well be a model for the new world order belief-system our 'leaders' will try to implement.

Christianity has been twisted and perverted to benefit those in power. It is aging, and there is so much science and modern knowledge to refute so much of their traditional doctrine. It was based on crap like 'the earth is the center of the universe' etc etc.

Scientology (just look at the name) is the same basic premise but it allures to more of the modern science and knowledge that is common knowledge to us today. It caters to society's desire to explore the cosmos and have some connection with extra terrestrials. Look at the Scientology custom of 'brain wave' machines or whatever they like to call them... It is just taking the concept of religion and incorporating modern psychology beliefs to make it more controlling and lucrative.

Big-business religion is just that... big business. And business is psychological marketing techniques to convince the consumers for the prosperity of the corporation.

Sure, religion holds some good ideas about 'love thy neighbor' and the golden rule type stuff, but that should be common innate morality for every human being. Religion just takes these common sense morals and corrupts and twists them to the benefit of the elites.

Beware of the upcoming 'anti-hate' laws.... if I had posted this thread a few years in the future I would probably go to prison.


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