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Ron Paul On Somali Pirates, Foreign Policy & Marque And Reprisal 4/12/09

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posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 04:52 PM

I think RP brings up some good points about foreign policy and marque and reprisal ... i think the transport ships should be authorized to arm & blow the ships out of the waters ... it would sure save the taxpayers dollars by not sending our armed forces out there ...

here's some background link's on Marque & Reprisal

Link 1
Link 2
An Act Actually Introduced Regarding It In 2007

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posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 06:26 PM
I agree with bombing the bastards. I don’t care how poor they are, they can clearly afford boats and guns, and besides armed robbery needs an armed response.

Unfortunately Appeasement is the name of our current pirate policy; (Just give pirates exactly what they want, and well err…. there will be more! And more!!!)

Logic dictates this spinelessness is worse than doing, as doing nothing would conceivably have led to the pirates giving up without the extra bother caused by committing mass murder.

When the international community does eventually has tackle this growing problem with violence it will actually be the “bleeding hearts” fault that so many hearts bleed.

What a shame then that more of the lib-left don’t do history at university? (As opposed to debate the rights and wrongs of Pot with spliffs in their mouth)
Then again (on the balance of things) that could be more of a dangerous thing!!!

The peaceful way of resolving the crisis Is to have a binding international treaty severely forbidding the payments of ransoms to pirates (in international waters).
This would (on average) be the best message to send out, and would therefore present the best solution for all nations (providing they didn’t act unilaterally whenever it’s their own citizens who are in trouble).
Unfortunately because of our spinelessness precedent (already set) we will need to use some violence in order to bring home the risks to pirates of holding hostages. Otherwise they will ignore such treaties on the off chance their actions will work (and to be fair sometimes they will; because a nation like e.g. France is not one to let treaties get in the way of saving desperate voters-citizens).


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