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rod on video tape

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posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 03:59 PM
in this video i think i have is in a house in the uk.i am a paranormal investigator( the people in the house wasn't thinking they had rods.)they set up the video one night to see if they recorded anything strange(as strange things were going on at the time).ive tried to get the best of the vidoe i can and put it into clips for you.i hope you like and can shed some light onto the you can see it flys in front then seems to fly around then across to the left of the screen futher back in the room.

posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 04:21 PM
Hmm. I dont know. The object doesnt appear to move through the frame. It just sort of appears and them dissapears. as if the object was edited in for a few frames.

I don't want to say fake, because I dont know much of anything about video analysis.

Hopefully some expert opinion will come along soon. I, by all means am not an expert in this matter.

You indicate that you have more clips of rods. Could you upload and include those?

Also, could you reupload your video here? Youtube compresses video which takes away from the quality of the image. ATS's media page does not compress the video. So the quality will be improved and we can get a more accurate look at this anomoly.

Thanks for sharing.

posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 04:30 PM
ill try and slow the clip down.the how vidoe is 1hr long so if you want a copy i can get you one sent out

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 08:08 PM
reply to post by rikgrimsby

Weird.. not seen anything like that, and i see what you mean, it flashes up to begin with and disappears (looks kinda like a backbone
) and then at 0.07 you can see it very feintly in the background diagonally across the screen, again briefly and then vanishes. I don't know enough about the subject to comment or how it has been filmed but strange non the less. I hope someone knows a little more and is able to help you with this.

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