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Closed Zone

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posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 12:39 PM
Amazing how well this award-nominated mini-video illustrates what is sometimes hard to explain. Everyone, good and bad are imprisoned in a cage like little birds.

Despite declarations that it has "disengaged" from the Gaza Strip, Israel maintains control of the Strip's overland border crossings, territorial waters, and air space. This includes substantial, albeit indirect, control of the Rafah Crossing.

During the past 18 months, Israel tightened its closure of Gaza, almost completely restricting the passage of goods and people both to and from the Strip.

These policies punish innocent civilians with the goal of exerting pressure on the Hamas government, violating the rights of 1.5 million people who seek only to live ordinary lives -- to be reunited with family, to pursue higher education, to receive quality medical treatment, and to earn a living.

The effects of the closure were particularly harsh during the military operation of Dec. 2008 -- Jan. 2009. For three weeks, Gaza residents had nowhere to flee to escape the bombing.

Gisha - Legal Center for Freedom of Movement calls on the State of Israel to fully open Gaza's crossings and to allow the real victims of the closure -- 1.5 million human beings -- the freedom of movement necessary to realize their dreams and aspirations.

The Making of "Closed Zone"

Yoni Goodman, director of animation for the Academy Award-nominated film Waltz with Bashir talks about the process of making his new animated film on the closure of Gaza together with the human rights group Gisha.


posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 01:41 PM
Unfortunately, the "WHOLE" truth was not told.

Why was Gaza cut off from Israel?
It was because they sent in suicide bombers to specifically target civilians (many pics on request)

As soon as they were prevented from entering, the suicide bombings stopped-because they could not get in, "NOT" because they stopped on their own.

Given this full understanding, it makes sense.

Now, as far as watching what goes into Gaza, it is to prevent bombs/guns and such from coming from their Syrian/Iranian masters.

Road blocks and crossing are used to stop the bombers from trying to sneak in-clearly, this has be successful.

Now with the understanding of why they are isolated, people can make an informed decision on if it is good or bad and wether it is deserved or necessary.

BTW, the terrorists still fire rockets and mortar's into Israel, the reason they usually don't kill to many is they are kept back from the border so they can't reach most population centers.

As I have said so very often, if the terrorists waged peace and not war, then things could be different, until then, sadly, it can't be.

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