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Understanding Somalia (inc Video)

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posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 12:03 AM
I thought, due to the recent happenings with Somalian Pirates, Somalia itself will probably be put under the spotlight soon.

So I though we should probably get a better understanding of the area, and I found a great video I thought everyone should see, watch it to the end, I found it quite informative, plus I think its unlikely to be shown again:

Google Video Link

There is also the Somalia Wikipedia page you can check out.

US already seems to have a presence in Somalia:
Somalia Standoff Generates US Policy Debate
U.S. Losing 'Secret' War in Somalia

Could this recent pirate news be related to the ops going on in Somalia?
Possibly a small scale 'war on terror' in Somalia?
Would it be justified?

Just some food for thought? Something I've been thinking about, I may be way of the mark here (with the war, and the pirate stuff) but I feel its worth discussing.

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