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posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 01:23 PM
I had to speak my mind. After all, don't we elect officials to both listen to us and represent us?

I sent the following off to my NH Senators and Representative via thier respective contact forms on their websites.

Greetings [Senator/Representative] LastName,

Unfortunately, I fear that the representation of the people, the true 'everyday' man/woman, is non-existent in this country.

When so-called representatives abstain from voting on issues, when other representatives are freely allowed to cast ballots for yet other representatives in absentia, when representatives are not present to cast their constituents' vote at all, when there is no means to constantly and continuously poll constituents on the issues at hand, when said issues are not at all handled in accordance with the true desires of the constituents, then representation, by definition, is not present.

I therefore urge you and all of your colleagues in Congress to make a priority of utilizing all currently available avenues of expedient two-way communication (phone, web, etc.) in order to effectively and efficiently poll your constituents on any and all issues that you are to represent them on. Additionally I urge you to be present in Congress for our representation, since you have been placed there to do so.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired,

One of Your Many Constituents,

Hope that others follow-suit...

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