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Muslim world against Christians and Jews

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posted on Feb, 14 2003 @ 08:04 PM

The Prophet Muhammad himself was a member of the Quraysh tribe


Mohammad had no affliation with that foul tribe... the quraysh were the reason why made his emigration to Medina because he was being persecuted there for preaching Islam

posted on Feb, 14 2003 @ 08:22 PM
Illimatic I think you should learn more about Islam, it doesn't seem to be the religion for you (granted religions are what you make of them).

But! Islam is the most INTOLLERANT religion on the planet, they preach (to some success) that as long as you believe in God you are fine, and their "as long as you are not forgetful of the rituals it is not bad if you don't do them" thing is ok...but you are talking about a people who are violent, destructive, and whom only spread their religion through warfare and genocide.

At least christianity HAS converted people, Islam basically said to many peoples (even hindu's in India) if you don't become a muslim YOU DIE!

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posted on Feb, 14 2003 @ 09:34 PM
Freemason, you say I need to learn more about Islam but from what you just said you no NOTHING about Islam..

Your like every other fool in America, you get all your information on Islam from CNN, your pathetic.

Islam has never told people to convert to Islam or die, people say that, people who dont represent Islam.

I dont know how many times I have to say what I got to say for you people to understand it... the truth will hit you harder than a tyson attack and you still wont recognize it.

Islam= strict laws... forbid conversion...

Saladin= retook Jerusalem from Crusades, signed treaty with Richard the Lionheart which granted christians safe passages to Jerusalem.

Saladin= killed Muslims who mistreated Christians

Islamic Empire= jews, christians , and muslims lived in peace. muslims allowed other religions to practice their religion freely.

christendom europe= persecuted muslims and jews.

you think the qur'an says that muslim must kill the infidel.. kill every jew and christian you see.. how do you know this? because your a fan of the abrams report.

posted on Feb, 14 2003 @ 09:45 PM
Bah, look at history bafoon, I guess all that conquering and killing for the Islamic Empire was because they wanted to tell people that they are "peace loving" and that they could "believe in whatever they wanted to".

Hah...the whole reason Muslims have "mosques" or those tower things, whatever their names are, is because they wanted to tell the christians there, "THIS IS A MUSLIM CITY, GET THE HELL OUT"

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posted on Feb, 14 2003 @ 09:54 PM
really, what is wrong with you?

is that all you can say?

look at history bafoon?

i'm am looking at history, and history is teling me that Muslims werent the only fighters in the world... what history book do you read out of?

want a history lessson.. these are the people who have gone to war...

Arabians, Pakistinians, Richmond and Indians
Germans, Muslims, Vikings, Patriots
Trojans, Conquistodors, Romans
Projects, Aztecs, Confederates, Yankees, Nazis, Persians
Crusaders, Mongolians, Chinese, americans, french, etc

muslims have mosques the reason why catholics got churches fool... so muslims cant have a place to worship now? smart, make sure you send that request in to your state representative.

muslims have a symbol on top of their mosque the same reason christians have a cross on top of their houses... not to tell the christians to get the hell out as you put it.

posted on Feb, 14 2003 @ 10:04 PM
Duh, I'm not saying they are the ONLY ones, I'm saying your arguments or the people's arguments here that "Christianity is forceful, convertive, enslaving" and all that crap, is bull$hit.

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posted on Feb, 14 2003 @ 10:12 PM
freemason, what the hell are you talking about????

christianity is exactly oppressive and enslaving.. look what they did to the africans!!!!!!

they kidnapped them, stripped them of their heritage, their tongue and their religion (which most of them were muslim) and they raped them... they called the 'n-word's and said that if they convert christians they might be human... might be human!!

they forced them to convert and look wat they did to the native indian.. the same exact thing.. they WHITEWASHED THEM.

posted on Feb, 14 2003 @ 10:14 PM

It would be best if you could discuss the issues without the childish name-calling.

[Edited on 15-2-2003 by William]

posted on Feb, 14 2003 @ 10:19 PM
Well it's funny because Africans were selling their brothers and enemy tribes members into slavery, can't hold it against us, we were the helpless smokers, blame Big Tobacco.

Islam is NO better than Christianity, and is equally as much a cult to christianity, as christianity is to Judaism...

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posted on Feb, 15 2003 @ 08:28 AM
I must agree with William, the whole point of the TBATS concept is to avoid childish bickering, arguments, name calling and labeling.

Discuss the issues like adults and offer respect for other's right to have their own opinion and beliefs.

May I suggest that we support our arguments with relevent documentaion and links, rather than labeling?

Food for Thought,

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