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Realizing our Destiny................

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posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 10:02 AM
Being fairly new to tis site, I find it very easy to become lost in it's depths.
I turn the computer on, and next thing I know, hours have passed.

I enjoy immersing myself here, the knowledge is priceless. It is another step towards my ever-changing destiny.....

Without sounding presumptuous I have always felt I have a more "meaningful purpose" here on earth. Merely existing and conforming to the daily rat race and hoping for someone or something else to come along that will better us is a shallow way of thinking.

I really appreciate all the time and effort you spend researching and making available all the endless untolds..................

What do you guy's do after you log off for the day??
Surely you don't limit yourselves to cyberspace..................

What I am asking for are some ideas from you all about where I can channel some of my pent up energy in the "real world".
I have a bit of free time to donate to a worthy cause and would like to do something "constructive" that will make a difference here....
(For the record, I have no interest in any government run shenanigans)!!!!!
I am in the U.K. so any sort of global awareness/environmental/self-sustaining community type projects would really interest me.

I write this with the best of intentions, not knowing what the response may be, if any.............

Thanks for reading as I anxiously await your guidance............

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 07:06 PM
Well, since I posted a few hours ago, I have decided to begin compiling a survival kit...............
I think that this will keep me occupied for a while.
I found a great post by allknowing in the survival forum that lead me to solar cooking devices.
I am going to start building them and comparing their efficiancy, so if anyone out there have any related tips or recomendations, they would be greatly

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