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Raising Consciousness v's NWO Alex Jones Zeitgeist etc

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posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 03:28 AM
Hello again,

After reading lots of material on the coming years especially the lead up to 2012 and whats really going to happen, I have come to my own conclusion. (after months of jumping back and forward on both sides of the fence , several times!!)

Everyone has their own take on this but I would like to share a few ideas that I believe are important if you believe a similar thing to myself.

I believe there are 2 sides of the fence. you cant be on both. in fact, you cant even be on one, looking over. you have to be on one side of this fence and completely blank out whats on the other.

So basically I believe that what we believe in is really what the outcome will be. Every wise piece of video footage I have seen states the importance of Believing positively for the future of our kind. If we think things are bad, people are bad, the futures bad, then thats exactly the way its going to be.

I believe in global consciousness. We are one. what we think and belive influences everything. I also believe the government knows this fully well. I believe with the Galactic Alignment that is happening in 2012 and the weakening of the earths magnetic field, our strength to make this global consciousness really be powerfull is huge. Our governments know this. why do you think they are trying everything possible to supress our consciousness?

Fluoride in water, Chemtrails, Dependancy on material things such as TV, Internet, Gaming, GM Foods, chemicals in shampoos etc, Prescription Drugs, Fast food, Hollywood movies,, MEDIA, mobile phones, I Pods,controlling prices of oil, food etc to make us depend on government etc etc. its all material things that are killing our collective consciousness!!!!

A convenient distraction in the lead up to a very important time for humans to change things with our power of thought.

its all a total joke. the media is constantly bombarding our consciousness with horrific scenes of war, crime, and negative stuff such as NWO, banking collapse etc etc.

All this negativity is then given to the people in the form of Alex Jones, Zeitgeist etc etc . I believe Alex Jones is Genuine and Zeitgeist but this opens up our minds to what the government want!!!! it makes us filled with anger, hate, depression and feeling hopeless, useless........... and this in turn dumbs down our consciousness even more.

i think if alex jones and the maker of zeitgeist believed in Collective consciousness they would maybe talk differently. its just doom gloom and more doom gloom. This is not the way forward in my thinking . Unconditional love is the only way.

NEGATIVITY is not the way into a raised consciousness future. 2 sides of the fence, choose positively and dont look the other way. i really believe if we all think in this way and dont be a part of the negative government plan, things will turn out amazing for all of us.

make the choice -

Raised Consciousness or Government Planned future (which unfortunatly many people are part of without realising it)


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posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 05:43 AM
I agree with you OP. I have noticed alot of people who do not really look at finding out such things as a stepping stone in a spiritual process usually look at it negatively and think the world is going to end. Maybe because all the doom and gloom blah blah is just a catalyst for something bigger here?

I have never thought that the world is going to end. I still do not think this. I believe in global consciousness as well and no matter what I try to always be positive and full of love even toward those who do not show it back.

Sometimes I wonder if everything that is going on is really all just a huge sham, a test just to see who will step up and do the right thing. (Not that I really believe it is a sham, more of a hypothetical possibility.) I think if humanity would decide to do the right thing before anything could go wrong, it would change and nothing bad would happen. Especially if we truly are always being surveilled, if the world was full of do-gooders who would do nothing but love and help each other, Then they would freak out.

People seem to forget that the future changes every second.

Sometimes I think it is a good thing people pay attention to conspiracies and the like, yet sometimes I think all the hooplah of constant fear mongering doom and gloom is just working against all of us who succumb to it.

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 03:41 PM
i agree, i think its very difficult though to make the choice of not taking notice of the doom and gloom. its like a virus itself that is everywhere.

its almost impossible these days to not see it. you have to basically turn off your Tv and not go on the internet and dont read a newspaper. I personally think this is all orchestrated and has been for a long time.

whoever is at the top of the tree down here is nervous about our collective consciousness power heading towards 2012 and beyond.

they are trying their utmost hardest to hold us back. i hope a majorityy of people really waken up so we can all work together in positive thinking!!

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 04:02 PM
Positive thinking requires positive action.

Higher Consciousness requires facing fear and abolishing it in your own mind and heart.

Knowing the future is not possible. It will always turn out differently than anyone imagined. This is what is discovered in the study of history.

Nothing 'cycles'... everything 'spirals'... which means anything about what happens that is similar to the past is superficial, not substantial.

At the same time, it is possible to see and speak about the results of human actions on broad scales. Seeing negative results, like the decline of the environment in the human created Mass Extinction Event now occurring, is not fear mongering. The environmental crisis is not something to fear, but it does require action to reverse it. Life is not a fixed phenomena. It could end, or at least our species could end. Don't fear it, do something about it.

A good means CAN create a good end. But first, get rid of your fear, for why torment yourself with such a distorting process? Then see what might actually work, and talk it up, for nothing that works will come from outside Human effort on mass scales. The problem is caused by mass human scales, so the solution must also come on mass human scales. Global consciousness will come from people individually becoming conscious and acting together to make a difference.
...Without fear.

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posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 11:09 PM
Advice for all us boys and girls, You gotta be the kinda change you wanna see in the world...

Alex Jones and to a fuller degree Zeitgeist have important roles to play for those not yet aware of their surroundings, and not yet conscious.


There's plenty of agitation, there's some education, and very little organization.

The whole structure we call reality is totally contradictory to the change that needs to happen to make the world a better place, and is self perpetuating in that it grew out of ignorance and is perpetuated by those who wish to keep us ignorant. Who's culpable for the inhumanities, injustices and ignorance all to prevalent today?

I'd say that 40% of the blame is on individuals, 20% is our evolutionary past and environment, and 40% is on the monetary system and those is positions of power and culture creation.

The problem is we're all debt slaves, if not you personally then the network of association you have to live within in order to survive. Unless of course you choose to buck the system and remove yourself from it and become self-sufficient, which is difficult to do, but ultimately necessary for change to occur.

Working from your higher consciousness is necessary - but what does that mean?

As Worldmind said, positive thinking requires positive action.

Well one of the biggest changes that can affect the world and is easy to do is controlling where you keep your money, what products you boycott, what products you buy, and how you spend your free time, and who you spend your free time with.

And when you get deep on this, who is really doing this to their fullest extent (if you wanna change the world for the better that is), if we were;

We'd be paying for everything in full from cash that we kept under the bed instead of a bank, everything we bought would be locally and organically made and grown from environmentally sound practices, that we transported on public transport, bicycle or eco car, while wearing locally grown hemp and second-hand clothes, we'd all spend our time discussing philosophy and ideas with our neighbours while we worked on our jointly owned and operated veggie gardens with our adopted children, or learning to and installing an off the grid solar-system before doing some Tai Chi and going to bed in our house made from recycled tires and mud bricks. And on the weekends we'd be writing and sending letters printed on recycled paper to government and business leaders demanding action, staging protests and taking Direct Action, everywhere we go we'd be picking up litter and cigarette butts, etc etc etc etc.

I mean really, how many of us even use recycled toilet paper?

Guilt is not a product of fear.

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