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All Purpose Pagan Thread

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posted on Apr, 23 2009 @ 02:29 PM
Happy belated Earth Day to my fellow Pagans and Wiccans! I hope that Mother Earth Gaea and the Green Man will one day be back in the shape they were before our industrial age started to ruin them!

Goddess Bless everyone!

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 12:24 PM
Beltane is almost here! Break out the incense and love a bunny!
What are yoall doing for the sabbat?


posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by KyoZero

I plan on going outside and looking at the flowers and plants. I also will thank the Goddess for allowing me to still enjoy such things. Pretty boring, eh?

posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 03:53 PM
reply to post by kidflash2008

Actually, I have a whole thing planned, but I can't tell you about it until after the date has passed. I'm really picky about releasing stuff before people know, but it's a fertility and abundance sabbat anyway, so it's loosely connected to that. A good time for new starts and setting intentions. Preparation includes cleansing the house, and garden, planting seeds, recycling as much stuff as possible and clearing out to make way for new stuff to come in, creating the space in life for the things we want, and then using Beltane energy to start the creative process. On a personal level, it also includes art, so I will be drawing, painting, collaging more likely.

Any other plans or ideas? Anyone going to a May Day celebration, maypoles and all that?

Cait xx

posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by caitlinfae

I found this...though you might like...

A Beltane prayer to the May Queen...

The leaves are budding across the land
on the ash and oak and hawthorn trees.
Magic rises around us in the forest
and the hedges are filled with laughter and love.
Dear lady, we offer you a gift,
a gathering of flowers picked by our hands,
woven into the circle of endless life.
The bright colors of nature herself
blend together to honor you,
Queen of spring,
as we give you honor this day.
Spring is here and the land is fertile,
ready to offer up gifts in your name.
we pay you tribute, our lady,
daughter of the Fae,
and ask your blessing this Beltane.

For any outdoor celebration or blessing, a gift to the Fae of milk and honey is one of the best. Just pour it on the ground and leave a gift of flowers or a crystal.

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 03:52 PM
reply to post by caitlinfae

I could take a trip to a park and enjoy what the Mother Goddess has given us. I have been thinking about that anyway, and will check the weather tomorrow.

Goddess Bless everyone, and have a safe Beltane day and or ritual.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 07:43 AM
Just an observation but here we have 3 pages of posts and not one of them are mocking your beliefs.
As a christian i wish we could converse with each other like this. this is how it should be, people of the same faith being able to have a good chat without any interuptions.

It must be that christianity draws people out of the woodwork to give us grief.

Ah well, hope it stays like this.


posted on May, 1 2009 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by jon1

It is kinda cool, isn't it? Thank you for saying hello and I'm sure you will always be welcome here. I was raised Protestant, and in my experience, Christians are a pretty argumentative bunch! :bash:

But's it's so refreshing to be able to talk spiritual talk without the constant tension...just an interest in how other people experience it, and what their practises are.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 02:04 PM
reply to post by jon1

That is one reason why I do not go to the Religious Conspiracy forum anymore. Some of the people were just there to make fun of any religious belief or idea. They like to flame to get a response.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 05:06 PM
reply to post by caitlinfae

Christians are a pretty argumentative bunch

That, i have to agree with.
I used to visit a christian forum for a while but that was even worse than here.
We all have our own spiritual experiences, it's only when we try to tell each other that ours is the only real one that the problems start.


posted on May, 3 2009 @ 05:50 PM
jon1...welcome to the thread. I agree. I've started leaving myself out of most Christian chats these days as I have said my piece.

Pleased to meet you


posted on May, 10 2009 @ 01:34 PM
The Mother Goddess Isis and other Earth Goddesses want to remind all of our Mother Goddesses (moms) out there to have a happy Mothers' Day. Take Mom out to dinner as she did give you life and tell her you love her. Life is precious and short, and Mom will not be around forever.

Happy Mothers' Day to all our ATS and BTS moms out there!

posted on May, 10 2009 @ 06:27 PM
Took mine to breakfast with my wife :-p

Hi Mom!!!


posted on May, 30 2009 @ 02:00 AM
reply to post by ravenshadow13

guess i'm a bit late to the party so to speak, but i don't get to bts much. i'm a norse heathen. my patrons i guess would be odin , thor and freya.

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 03:41 PM
reply to post by optimus primal

Welcome to our humble thread, optimus primal. I do know that all of the other gods from other beliefs have the same counterparts in ancient Greece and Egypt.

The Summer Solstice is approaching. It is fascinating to see how many of the ancient monuments were made for this and other astronomical events.

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