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What Can We Do To Prepare for Bird Flu?

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posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 12:01 PM

One thing that concerns me about MMS is that it could be put out on the Internet by the government so people like us will use it.

It's possible that they would stoop that low, but this seems to be baseless paranoia to me. Do you have any proof whatsoever that the gov is pushing this on us as a distraction? Anything at all?

It smells exactly like bleach. In fact it is bleach. Can it be good to drink bleach?

It isn't exactly bleach. But yes, it doesn't smell too good. It releases very small amounts- 1-5 ppm of Chlorine Dioxide that your body can assimilate. Instead of listening to me I suggest people check out some of the testimonials on ATS and beyond.

It causes diarrhea real quick. Can that be good?

If used in high doses diarrhea is one of the detox symtoms, yes. I experienced it for a day then felt a lot better than before. If you don't get rid of them the toxins will stay in your gut.

Am I the only one who has doubts about MMS?

It's normal to have doubts about any medication. I suggest people read the FACTS and have a look at the growing grass-roots movement surrounding the stuff... You've opened a good thread, but as regards MMS I'm afraid you haven't come up with anything except for unfounded fears, half-truths and facts taken out of context.

My experiences

I have used MMS with good results. In general I feel healthier, cleaner and it has helped my teeth and gums a lot (I'm British)
. We can go back and forth all day long about the theory but the fact is it's dirt cheap, available anywhere, and there's a big grassroots movement surrounding it. Typical testimonial sites will have ten positive stories, one or two users with indifferent results, one viscious attack, and so on.

Anyone is welcome to check my posting record to see what I'm like.

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posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 07:30 PM
reply to post by spinkyboo

Yes, those are exactly the ones I am talking about
Shop around though for the best prices. I also forgot to mention gloves as well. They key is to have this stuff ahead of time because once there is an outbreak the panic buying will suck up all avalible stocks and the prices will be astronomical.

One thing to remember is that after they get moist they loose effectiveness so you need mroe than one. My survival kit is set up around using 5 per day for 5 people for 10 days. I keep them in a hard platstic, vaccume sealed waterproof case.

posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 09:49 PM
This MMS stuff...
First of all, chlorine dioxide is a gas that is known to be very bad to come in contact with, causes congestion in your lungs (sounds like something the bird flu does too...), is highly irritating to skin, eyes, etc. I was always told it was toxic....
On the other hand, that says nothing for whether or not small parts of it in certain forms can have a positive effect in the body. But it just freaks me out to start with is all.

Now, for some interesting stuff....the gas has been used to disinfect environments from Anthrax, Norovirus and other things, by the US government itself...
I don't know how exactly MMS itself compares to what was used here. But this was not taken internally, rather used to disinfect areas...
It has also been the replacement of chlorine in drinking water (at least in many locations)because it is more effective against pathogens, certain bacteria, whatever....
That means that many of us consume it daily as it is. As far as conspiracies to kill or sicken people go, if it is of significant value for helping us stay un-infected by taking it internally, I doubt it would be used in drinking water.
I found one site saying to mix it with acids before consuming. Last time I heard, mixing chlorine substances with any kind of acid will produce harmful gasses.
I am nothing close to a chemist, so maybe this MMS stuff is different somehow, but I'm feeling very cautious about it so far...
I would probably stick to using it to clean foods, then rinsing them thoroughly after, and cleaning surfaces/living environments, dishes, etc.

I also know would encourage everyone to seek out the best possible physical health in all the natural ways first and foremost, because then you will have the best possible results with medicinal/therapeutic substances/chemicals if they are indeed good.....and be more likely to survive if they turned out to be a poison lol.....

By the way - I am also on the fence with colloidal silver. I keep getting this frustrating impression of it being a money-making, new-agey, or otherwise hoaxy thing. But I also have a friend that has dealt with cancer, strange bone growths, Crone's/Colitis and ulcers ALL since early childhood and she swears it has changed her life.
Confused, still lol

EDIT! Omg.....not to go ridiculously off topic, but this guy ....
turned blue from colloidal silver haha....
But he has an interesting testimonial about it, regardless.

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posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 12:31 AM

Originally posted by HiAliens

It's possible that they would stoop that low, but this seems to be baseless paranoia to me. Do you have any proof whatsoever that the gov is pushing this on us as a distraction? Anything at all?

I don't. I ordered it myself. My sister ordered about 20 bottles. Maybe it's the smell of it that puts me off. And my suspicion of the government that they would do something like this. The corporates are out busting people selling milk and eggs, and there is nothing they won't do when it comes to money.

If people are turning away from Big Pharma's murderous medicines and looking to herbs and vitamins and diet to be healthy, you can rest assured that Big Pharma will do anything and everything to keep its foothold, including putting out stuff on the Internet that will make people sick.

My sister says she's counting on MSM in case of bird flu. I have not heard any good reports of using MSM myself. The fact that it smells exactly like bleach makes me not trust it.

It's just a feeling, a thought. I have not done any research on MSM. I'm just sharing a fleeting intuition and not making a federal case about this at all. I also think the people who use it and advocate it are sincere.

And I'd much rather take MSM than go to an allopathic doctor and take whatever they would prescribe.

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posted on Apr, 17 2009 @ 07:55 PM

Originally posted by Salt of the Earth

antiseptic hand gel is bad stuff. It makes you end up with bad, highly resistant and tough bacteria. Use Ivory soap.

Actually, you're mistaken. Most antiseptic hand gels kill bacteria and viruses with alcohol. Alcohol-based cleansers don't encourage resistant bacteria.

MSN Health


Infection Control Today
"There is no mechanism for resistance to alcohol that has been described in bacteria."

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posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 04:24 AM

Originally posted by solarstorm
I would like to interject a question using collodial silver. Has anyone used the stuff during an illness and noticed any difference? If so can you provide details of illness, dosage regimen and brand.

Please DO NOT respond if you have NOT used it or are researching it. Lets hear some feedback from real users.

I successfully used it on a whole family that had HEPATITIS. That´s a virus right there. Everybody is fine and they only used Colloidal Silver provided by me to get cured.

I call it AMAZING! If things get nasty, I will give Colloidal Silver to whomever wishes to try in my city.

posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 04:30 AM
For all of you interested in knowing more of and trying Colloidal Silver, here is part 1 of many more. I attest to the efficacy of Colloidal Silver.


posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 07:17 AM
Vitamin C, Garlic in your food ( not too much otherwise that's all you'll smell of) , raw Onions are good for the blood so dont cook them with the food you prepare, but have them added at the end of cooking..

As for clothing , seeing as you can't wear a bio suit or a gas mask all week, as someone stated earlier , minimal exposure outdoors, buy a good stock of food non-perishable rice, pasta etc, incase it hits really bad and the autorities advise not to leave your homes etc.

But if you have to go out I suggest not a gas mask, but a few of these, either the disposable paper masks, use one a day then burn. or failing that you can get 'motorcycle' masks, which have the carbon filter built in. such as below:

or the more expensive

cheap ( or expensive) and reusable, boil it after ever wash though to ensure any caught bacteria are killed off. plus some have a velcro fitting to make sure they don't fall off your face.

Should you be in a town where the bug is , try not to leave the town incase you spread contaminents to another area, but wait it out with plenty of water , food, and a few bottles of bleach, ( like the foot and mouth crisis here in the UK a while back ) leave a bowl of bleach by your front door and dip your shoe soles in , that way any bacteria picked up from people sneezing onto the floor/pavement/sidewalk will be killed off and not transferred into your home.

Have good supply of flu remedies , but in no account take the offer of 'vaccinations' I've heard that it will not help as past history has shown that those that take the 'vaccinations' succumb to the bug easier.

posted on Apr, 25 2009 @ 01:30 PM
I have some N95 respiratory masks and plan to order more.
The N95's filter out TB, Bird Flu, and other nasty bugs so when the epidemic/pandemic really kick in and you need to go out to the store, you strap on one of those suckers and, with a little prayer, it will prevent contamination.

posted on Apr, 25 2009 @ 01:49 PM
I have to ask a quick question to those out there who are more experienced in natural cures than I am:

I know the swine flu is supposed to hit those in the 20s to 40s range the most...but I can't help but be most concerned about my daughter who is still a baby....

Anyone know anything I can give my seven month old to protect her? Any ideas whatsoever for children?

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