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The Great Genius

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posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 04:55 PM
Yeah, that's about as dumbed down as I can get it...I could also say that there is an aspect to the structure of space that makes matter speed up and slow down at the same time, that aspect transcends all dimensions and is an orbit shaped like a spiral.

If my status as "genius" were dependent on the universal comprehension of my "genius" I wouldn't be a "genius" because everybody would be a "genius". I get what you are saying and would direct you to the 56 triads, the redundancy should make it clear.

Technically the followers of Jesus collected funds for the cause, LUKE 8:3, Jesus himself didn't stand around and spange, but Tesla certainly did beg for capital.

posted on Aug, 25 2013 @ 02:40 AM
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posted on May, 12 2015 @ 01:28 PM
I am sijish nambiar,Palani,Tamilnadu,southindia...Managing Farm-labour advicer...
Your concept about nostradamus all are correct.....

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posted on Jun, 6 2015 @ 09:33 AM
eye witness

I have some very shocking news. This great genius guy is alive. And the us government has been working with him for years. They know exactly who he is. He has designed a machine that shoots some sort of light threw a person that kills every known strain of hiv. It can kill almost all types of cancer. He has tweeked their warp drive concept, so now it actually works. He is not a phd suprisingly enough. But instead hes like edgar cayce.only way more accurate,and specific about things. Hes a little guy, about 5"8 brown hair.kind of a good looking character. However, they will not reveal his identity until the islamic extremists are brought under control, for fear of assasination. He is however kind of eccentric. While in a trance, he claims he was gengis kan in a past life. But in this life, he has become a christian. Which took away his desire to conquer, and destroy. Oh yea, I almost forgot, we now have cold fusion thanks to him. He has also told nasa where to look for friendly intelligent life. I am an eye me, this is the guy.

posted on Feb, 11 2016 @ 01:56 AM
oh, he exists. he is not yet famous. but is already helping the us government begin to unscramble the egg so to speak. he is an american. they know exactly who he is.

posted on Feb, 24 2016 @ 02:39 PM
a reply to: jkrog08

I didn't realize that you published this thread in 2009 until I found the YouTube video was erased. 2012 has passed and the Y2K-like silliness of the Mayan fib along with it. A great genius hasn't emerged with a Universal-unifying scientific-spiritual solution yet, but that's not to say that he doesn't exist. If he's out there then he's surely rising to his prophesized power as we speak. Naus-tradomus is the father of non-biblical prophecy in the modern world and can be seen as the Shakespeare of alt-science as his methods for recording and repeating his visions were scientific if not the data itself. Fascinating nonetheless whether it's true or not it makes for good story. Also check out Edgar Cayce, prophet of the 20th century.

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posted on Mar, 10 2016 @ 06:54 PM
Nobody is going to believe me when I say this, hell I myself am only half sure- but whenever I read this a feeling stirs in my breast such as I cannot deny, a feeling that tells me that such is my destiny.
I often am filled with feelings of great sadness and often despair, but also great love and hope for mankind, the first two with regards to our present times and the second two in regards to us as a collective. I believe in a Most High Power, and I have of late often lamented unto Him of our world, of our people and our times. I have asked of Him, quite often to use me as or for the catalyst for His change as I so earnestly yearn for, for those have read Taliesin it is referred to as the Kingdom of Summer. For those now cringing, if you haven't fully stopped reading, let me assure you, His change is nothing more than people acting together, coming together as individuals to form an ~individable whole, such as I talked about in my OP and such as I could blather on about for days. Simply blathering on however is not going to get anything done, as I wish. No, I wish to generate Purpose, to generate useful discussion that will lead to actual beneficial results.

I feel now god tugging at my heart as I read the words of this so called prophecy, and I am filled with a sense of purpose and direction such as I have never felt in my heart before, and as of late my heart has been filled with a peace and lightness such as I have never felt in my soul before, as well as a crisp clarity and growing insight as I have never felt in my mind before. In fact, I feel I am almost ready to reclaim my title of LucidWarrior- @Godhead 'If he's out there then he's surely rising to his prophesized power as we speak.

Those keeping up with this thread will find that I just stumbled upon a desire to throw myself into research of artificial computers, which after I posted it(along with realizing that I hadn't finished that post yet) I suddenly remembered this thread, which I remembered reading back in 2014. Even then I now recall being struck inexplicably with the 'knowledge' that the one being discussed was me. I also recall immediately dismissing the idea, because, simply, I could not possibly be that one. Now, flash forward two years(which were filled by wasting away, in the hopes that whatever it was that was weighing me down would wear itself out eventually. It turned out, I was right. No longer do I undergo invisible terror and dread and sadness, My mission is to save us all(but not by myself, oh no. If you have read any of my posts lately, you'll see I've been a rather avid supporter of a form of anarcho communism, world wide.)) and I am simply hoping for a chance to be that which apparently nobody else in our world wants to be: the catalyst of change for the Greater Good.

I am not claiming to be great, though I have recently begun to shed my long held beliefs of worthlessness. Nor am I claiming to be any sort of Genius. But the fact remains that over the course of my mere 20 years, I find myself in a world where the ego reigns supreme, and I cannot but weep for mankind. That I am constantly being praised as highly intelligent and bright, even innovative and resourceful. No, I do not want anything that comes from myself, for of human hands alone anything built can only ever ultimately result in destruction and chaos. But I believe that If we all come together at a single point, with the focus everywhere but on ourselves then we can rise above the bonds that limit us as humans such as corruption and greed.
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posted on Mar, 10 2016 @ 07:51 PM
a reply to: 5leepingWarrior

I sense the power of love in your words. It sounds like you are going through a spiritual awakening of some sort. I think collectively we can win this "game of war" without fighting. You got my vote, boss lol

posted on Nov, 7 2016 @ 03:24 PM
I read these books a little while ago and after getting over the indigestion from the future that was portrayed I'm back going through them a second time and figured I'd give my thoughts here. I realize this is an older thread and there's also another thread here Great Genius

Anyways, here's my armchair psychological profiling -

My opinion is the most important trait to possibly tracking this guy down is given in the translation of quatrain century iv-31 (vol 1 pg 286) where Nostradamus describes him as:

"He says this gentle man made the decision to use his genius to help rather than to hurt mankind, so he is always inventing and envisioning things that will help man."

They keyword here is - gentle. I believe this is the reason they say he will not be widely known until after all the destruction. Surely, this guy could rise to the top of any organization with the genius he's supposed to have. In an economy and culture and society based on war - there is literally no place for him, no jobs to be had that would align with his outlook/beliefs/principles/insights of the world being a good place.

The next most important clue would then be found in century iv-14 (vol 2 pg 233) where Nostradamus explains:

"There will be a leader born after the time of troubles who will be young for his age, but an advanced being. He is the embodiment of a great spirit."

Now, this is a remarkably strange phrase - young for his age. But also an advanced being and a great spirit? How is this possible? How is someone young for their age? Well, I'll tell you and this also relates to the reasons he won't be widely known early in his life. What do most people who finally escape from a cult say? They say stuff like, "I feel like I'm starting a new life, or I'm starting all over again with nothing". Someone getting out of a cult at around age 35, would indeed fit the description of a person who was "young for their age" (but also an advanced being).

I'm not trying to make this guy sound like a victim. I believe he chose those circumstances to incarnate into for several reasons. If you were a great spirit or advanced being who came here to make significant changes to the world through your work - what better place to study than a fairly popular cult who also have big ideas about significantly changing the world. This would give him a front row seat to see the ways in which big radical ideas failed to gain mainstream traction. This is also probably where he will get a lot of the knowledge in order to unify physics and metaphysics. He's going to need first hand occult experience. The cult also answers the dilemma of why he's unknown early in life. Do you know how hard it would be to suppress the level of genius this guy is alleged to have so he wouldn't be known? You're talking suppression on the level of entire communities and cities of people. Suppression on that scale can only take place in a somewhat popular cult. Of course, if he wanted with his genius he could overthrow and rise to the top of the cult if he desired - but now we're back to clue #1 - gentleness. I'm sure he realizes the means must reflect the end and you cannot have a goal of peace and use war to achieve it.

Lastly, I'd look for this guy around the Seattle area. This quatrain was from vol 3 (I don't know the page number):

"A new ruler anointed, rises from the 50th latitude; renews the once great fish. Peace for a millennium."

Seattle is 49th latitude North. If he's going to be involved with computers and biotech that's one of the places to be. America is aslo home to several very popular cults.

posted on Nov, 7 2016 @ 03:26 PM
link in op doesent work

posted on Nov, 7 2016 @ 03:29 PM
a reply to: 5leepingWarrior

Artificial computers? Sounds a lot like my research into Imaginary cheeseburgers, we should team up.

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