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What is the connections between NWO AGENDA AND THE ALIEN AGENDA ?

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posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 08:19 PM
I wont argue if you believe in the Alien agenda or the NWO agenda.
This thread is for you that understand the subject's.
This is no place for any skeptics and non believers regarding the subject's.

If the NWO or Alien agenda is fighting for a GOD or BAD cause tell me.

Personally i wont tell you if i think the NWO is a god or bad.

Ignorant or not the NWO exists, god or bad you decide.
We have a HUGE subject under the NWO agenda. The occult's have a division or a branch on the NWO tree. We have royalties, secret societies and politicians as branches also.
As i said the NWO is huge with a lot of branches around it.
But i can not find any connection to the Alien agenda, or should i put it on the Black Ops section.

But the problem with this Alien agenda is that it is SOOOOOOOOO SECRET.
What ties or connections do we have to the NWO.
We got 100000000000 Story's around the world about the Alien's and the UFO's.

I believe in the Alien agenda and the NWO agenda, but as i said i don't find any connections.

Could the NWO agenda operating without knowing that the Alien agenda existing.
We know that the Alien agenda/Black ops is so secret that even the guys under the secret project doesn't know what the other guy is doing. A secret within a secret. Like the Russian doll effect.

Or could the NWO be under the influence of the Alien agenda ?

If the Aliens want to help us why dont they do it now ?
Could it be that they think it is GOD that the NWO exits ?

There is more than 10000 WHAT IF questions. Give me yours.

And do not start with saying that my English is bad, try to be perfect if you know 4 languages.


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