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The Logic of it All

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posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 05:39 PM
Now, in all fairness I am not here to rain on people's parade. Simply this is my way of reaching out to people with my two cents cause it seems everyone relies on belief instead of logically what is possible. I do not mean that God does not exist or ghosts aren't real or even that demons can't hurt you. As well, do not bash me for my user name. I do not have a God Complex (Psychological disorder in which you believe you are above God). This is simply a creative user name I picked up that stuck with me and fit my personality.

The whole concept of demons and evil entities and the devil. Everyone needs to chill out on the concept. First and foremost if you learn something of angels you will learn that fallen angels actually just choose to live life as a man rather than a holy spirit and this does not make them demonic. As well demons and the Devil aren't "evil" people take the bible so serious but do not take the time to understand it. The Devil is simply someone who tries our soul and looks inside our heart. Now with that aside this whole idea of guides and demons. I don't personally think anyone has spoke with anyone, if you believe that your guide is with you and he begins talking in your head but you do not see him, you most likely are just insane. I saw angels when I was a very young child, it is not a part of my conscious memory but my mother always tells me I would tell her their names and what they looked like. I just remember being able to see something. Angels exist in our living world, people just do not look beyond to see them. Trust me, the human mind is very capable of tricking itself into believing that you are talking to someone, but unless your mind is affected by something you do not have a fault in vision. The only demons are the ones who followed Satan in the beginning. More so, people believe more likely that demons are the spirits who have yet to ascend from this Earth that mess with our minds and attempt to instill fear into us. As well, the whole idea of meditating and having a heightened awareness, this does happen. Actually science has admitted it's a real thing and they do not know it's extent. It's called ESP ladies and gentleman. Everyone is born with it but not everyone develops it. That's where our spirit mediums come in. You can bring about a way to strengthen your ESP but it does not make you talk to people, these spirit mediums "see" the spirits and contact them, they do not simply hear a voice in their head.

On a last note, Religion is not a thing of God. Christianity was not brought about by Christ. It is because God said worship me and Christ was on this Earth that we invented the religion Christianity. It does not make it more concrete than any other religion that existed before it. Well, that's about it. If you can see and speak to angels as you would another human, then good for you, you're no more special than I was. Maybe you should think about the fact that as you grow you become unpure and the ability to touch their presence fades with that. Just read the Bible and don't take it word for word rather interpret the meaning of everything behind it instead of taking it for granted and learn a thing or two about angels and demons before talking about stuff you really don't understand. The Ouija board is ridiculous, nothing is trying to contact you. That is another trick of your own mind. As well demons do not try to harm you, they simply attempt to coerce you into sinning, try your heart. This is where the battle over your soul between God and the Devil come in.

Don't stretch things farther than they need to be stretched just because you want to believe, it's a slight to God. Just live and show your belief rather than attempt to live in the after life now. God doesn't have a hand in our world, God lets man grow as he will and choose the path he will follow. Man is not without sin and man has the choice to believe. Learn something before trying to preach.

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 06:02 AM
With your obvious lack of knowledge of Creation and all that exists within it, you make a number of statements which are worthy of discussion.

When you speak of God, to which entity are you referring; the Creator God of our Universe; the Creator God of the Super Universe in which our universe is contained; the Prime Creator who established Creation in the first place; or some fictitious entity?

You mention ‘The Devil’, but this is a purely fictitious character and there is no such being. There are people of the dark energy forces, both discarnate and incarnate, who in their great negativity could be described as being evil or similar, but they are greatly outweighed by the forces of the light.

It certainly is quite normal to converse with what could be described as discarnate entities, even though the Ouija board is a bit like communications with an inferior Morse code transmission key.

Communications are between the higher levels of mind of the incarnate and discarnate beings, with the word processor, pen and paper, or worse case, the Ouija board as the transcription device. These communications are quite unremarkable, very normal, and go on every day in countries right around our planet.

Does your comment that God does not have a hand in our world, refer to a fictitious entity, I wonder? Mankind has hardly got his butt off planet Earth, and 3rd dimensional humanity, isn’t yet able to teleport to other places in our own universe. All we have done so far is to interfere with the normal operation of our planet, so we are not in a position to manage it, and never were.

The Creator God of this Universe, who is of no religion, has a vast team who manage the entire universe, not just our planet, and when finally our full 12 strands of DNA are activated, not just the 2 out of the 12 as at present in our state of Duality, we will be multi-dimensional beings who will at last be able to see and understand the full truth surrounding our existence.

We have been prevented from knowing these truths by the forces of darkness who govern our lives on a daily basis, and whose motives are enslavement of our populations.

Something as complex as a universe is not created by accident; it can’t maintain itself, nor can it be managed and maintained by 3rd dimensional humanity; so its’ Creator and a large team of evolved beings do so.

I would say to anyone reading this; that the time is approaching when the darkness will finally lose control over us, and then our mainstream media will have the opportunity to reveal the truth for a change, as they have been prevented from doing so for a very long time.

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posted on May, 27 2009 @ 05:55 PM
i really hope i dont offend anyone here because it is not my intention. however, if i am totally honest, i find it scary that tere are people who actually believe in shapeshifting, ghosts, phychics, reincarnation, etc in this day in age

i'm not too surprised that people still believe in ghosts and god as i know that a great deal of the population have clung onto those concepts. however, upon reading what people say on this site i confess myself to be sad and shocked.

the reason is because i can't understand how any reasonable person can believe in shapeshifting, aliens living amongst us and past lives. it really disturbs me that people believe this.

again, i am nto trying to cause offence. i really do not wish for my comments to upset anyor but i really do have to express my shock.

personally, i think 90 percent of people who cliam to have had supernatura experiences are liars and attention seekers. i believe all of the non-liars to be sincerly mistaken.

i hope i have not offended anyone. i just had to get this off my chest as i am totally shocked by peoples beliefs.

thanks for reading


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