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posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 03:04 AM
Twilight began to set in the small town of Marysville. The autumn leaves that had fallen could be heard rustling about the streets. Steven was seven blocks from home and sleep though as tired as he was he couldn’t help but to relive the day’s work in his mind. The stars were bright and seemed to be within arm’s reach in the crisp air or just out of he couldn’t decide, he loved to look at them and wonder what was out there in that vast expanse of darkness and reeling silence, more peace possibly then what was in his mind he thought as he concentrated on the sound of his own footsteps. In his 21 years he’d never once left this town he loved this place the shops, the people, the lake, everything but he grew restless and wanted to see the world wanted to see the ocean, the wonders it beheld things greater then that of this little town.

10 years later, Steven Greming sat at his desk on the 30th floor of a newly redesigned New York City skyscraper skimming over articles to be run in tomorrow’s issue of the times. Kicked back in the executive leather hi back chair he stared out the window unto the city below not a thought running through his mind that was except for the one he always kept close, the one of her. They had married shortly before his promotion and lived in the cotton shrouded, picket fenced, Monday through Friday 9 to 5 American dream. She loved him like a queen loves her king, dotting on him and every detail of his life and career, placing freshly ironed shirts and slacks at the ready, along with breakfast and coffee every morning. She was amazing down to her very core, and he missed her, maybe if he had been home that day… NO! He thought I wouldn’t think it, go away go away! And it did right back to the place where he’d put it and there it would stay, gone just like her.

The sun was beginning to set as he drove out of the parking garage only a brief ride to the building in witch he now lived, alone but content, probably delivery again tonight maybe Italian he thought, Gnocchi and sausage sounded good maybe some wine. “Honey I’m home” he sarcastically said as he opened the door, the smell of eucalyptus and hardwood filling his nostrils, a good smell but not at all like the smell he had once been accustomed to the one hidden behind locks of soft brunette hair on skin as soft brought by arms surrounding him, excited to see him no it was not the same. Flipping on the television to a news station that seldom-changed Steven couldn’t help but to become immersed in the coverage of the war, new developments and the threat of nuclear arms usage seemed a captivating distraction from the thoughts that plagued his mind.

The phone rang; Steven didn’t feel like getting up to answer but did anyways. It was a solicitation; he hung up wishing that perhaps he didn’t even own a phone. Again the phone rang “not interested”! He screamed,
“Steven” the voice said, it was his assistant “are you watching the news”? “Yes I am” he replied as the conversation degraded into “oh my gods” and “holy #’s” his eyes rolled back as if to say “ couldn’t you have just talked to me about this tomorrow “? He let the over exaggerated assistant exhaust herself verbally before laying the receiver back down on it’s base, he almost missed the mushroom shaped explosion now displayed on his television, he became flush as the headline below read “blast kills hundreds of thousands” The familiar “oh my god” now came out of his mouth as the broadcast continued coverage.

The Blast had gone off in Israel, Tel Aviv proper extinguishing an estimated 200.000 lives in an instant, the correspondent noted Israel’s launch of several retaliatory ICBM’s in response, their heading along with several from the United states, targets in Russia and Iran, “The president has declared a state of war due to the actions of Russia and Iran, emergency shelters are quickly filling up as Israeli military forces already amassed on the Iranian Turkey border begin to move into Northern Iran”

Rostov Russia, Sasha Dostoyevsky was struggling to comprehend what was about to take place in his country, why had his government been so stupid as to sell the Iranians a nuclear weapon? Why? Didn't they think the Americans? Knew or the Israeli’s for that matter? Even the public had started to hear rumors of the sale, now the Americans were sending missiles to destroy his people, Moscow, ST.Petersburg, and Chelyabinsk? Who knows where the American bombs were going to fall. Russian emergency forces were already in action herding people into shelters and blocking off the streets, Sirens could be heard as sasha closed the door to his sublevel home and engaged the locks, a closet offered little protection but climb in he did hoping this night mare would end soon.

The first LGM-30 Minuteman missile found it’s target 30 miles outside of Moscow, silo’s that had just minutes before become active and were preparing for launch received the weapon’s 200 kiloton blast, turning the area into a wasteland overshadowed by a plume of radioactive material that was reaching skyward, and eventually down possibly killing many thousands of innocent citizens. Seconds later the sky over Moscow erupted into nuclear fire as a second LGM-30 delivered it’s payload turning once mighty building into useless rubble among sand that had once been glass, cars were vaporized taking their passengers with them. The proceeding shock wave cleared a radial scene of death and destruction for miles and miles, the small fires where people once stood burned among the ashes that had once been animated lives. The subsequent UGM-133A Trident missiles that followed found their targets in Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk, industrial sectors and weapon manufacturing plants, the “first strike” weapons were astounding in their accuracy.

Fakhri and her family were already heading into the shelter located in the southeast of the town of Kashan along with hundreds of others desperately trying to avoid the retaliation, they would face this because of their leader’s actions, selfishly he had doomed them to fire and poison, she thought as the steps downward came quicker to the soles of her feet. The Second to last of the first volley of LGM-30 Minuteman 3 missiles met the center of Tehran about 300 feet in the air causing all to familiar destruction, captured this time by an American U-2 orbiting above at 52,000 feet.

I'll continue latter.

[edit on 11-4-2009 by alyosha1981]

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