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Did you see or hear from your child before its birth?

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posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 12:55 AM
Four years before the birth of my fifth sibling my mother dreamed about her almost everytime she went to sleep. We would sit on her porch and discuss this kid but since my mom was obviously not pregnant we didn't think much of it. I did ask my mom to describe how this kid looked and the reply was always a little girl with gold hair and green eyes.

Now in 2003 my mom is pregnant with my sister and she starts to see her little image running around her house. Then the kid is giggling in the bedroom when my mom is trying to sleep. Once I was in her room watching the news when I heard a girls voice call for me. I asked my oldest sister if she called for me and she said no so I thought it must be that kid again. That night I had a dream about a baby arm waving at me from the inside of a pregnant belly.

In the summer of 2004 my little sister was born and she has gold hair and green eyes now she can talk and she says that she can see and talk to my deceased grandfather who died 2 months after she was born!!

Has anyone here experienced a childs presence before they were born?

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posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 02:59 AM
Not to the extent that you have stated above but during my pregnancies, I had very strong contact with my children. I knew them well before they were born: names, preferences, appearances. With my son (firstborn), there was a 2ft-thick fog of tiny, flashing, blue and green lights on the ceiling of whatever room he was in for about three weeks after his birth. During that pregnancy, I was told what it was he needed to learn in this lifetime.

My first daughter (second-born) was clear to me as well. During my fourth month of pregnancy, I drew a picture of her as a teenager. It looks just like her. There are a lot of things about her that I won't go into here but confirm that connection.

With my youngest (daughter), I had morning sickness before the pregnancy test was positive. At eight weeks, they tried to tell me that there was no baby and that I was sick because of something else. I told them that I could feel her moving and that they weren't checking in the right place. I showed them were she was moving and they told me unequivocally that it's not possible to feel a baby move at eight weeks and that I was imagining it. They then set out to prove this with a Doppler fetal heart monitor, which they had in the wrong area. I pulled the nurse's hand to the right place and said "She's right there". "Oh, yes..." said the nurse. End of discussion. As with the second-born, this one too has special qualities that I won't go into here but let it suffice to say that there are lots of things that I heard and felt before her birth to indicate a connection deeper than the medical and social community recognize in their policies.

Don't doubt the connection between mother and child.

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 05:43 AM
With two of my pregnancies I had strange experiences.
When pregnant with my now 10 year old son, my ex husband and I could not decide on a name for him. It was becoming a daily frustration for me as I was in my 8th month.
I distinctly remember, it was mid afternoon, and I had just come down the stairs, through the living room and was in the doorway about to walk through the kitchen, and I just stopped dead in my tracks.
I felt the weirdest feeling all over my body not quite unlike electricity, but it was pleasing, not painful. And at that very moment a voice in my head told me my son's name. And so it is. I count that moment as either him speaking to me before birth and choosing his own name, or the very moment in which his spirit entered his, and my body.
The other was with the birth of my now 8 year old son.
I had dreams of a white female wolf, that would visit me in the woods.
One night in the dream, she led me to a pup that she had hidden, and motioned for me to take him and leave.
Just after I picked him up, she was attacked and killed by a cougar.
The next day my son was born. And I believe his spirit is that of a wolf, and I must protect him from cougars.
Odd, or not, since one has been prowling around the area in which I live.

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 09:21 AM
Believe me, I think this is one subject that is underrated and I don't understand why the 'Bringing home baby' shows leave out this important experience. There must be millions of child to mom paranormal contacts around the world. Is there some sort of Conspiracy to block out these contacts?

My sister named herself too and refuses to be called anything other than that name. She also has a very good memory.

You would probably have to be a mom to appreciate this subject but I encourage everyone to question their moms about the time frame before they were born. Knowing that there is a pre life should ease a persons fear of death or increase any awareness of reincarnation.

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