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terra papers, bible, sumerian tablets all the same story?

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posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 05:48 PM
I've recently come across a researcher/author called Wayne Herschel. I recommend checking him out. Loads of ancient sites, monuments, codexes, coded religious texts and even city layouts all seem to be star maps pointing to a star within the Pleideas system which sits in the constellation of Taurus. As if to say, "that's where those that created us come from". He has 3 websites, google him.

Couple of titbits though before I go...

Alot of legends connecting to the creator gods talk of one faction rebelling against the high command. These were known as the fallen angels in the bible and the Igigi in the Sumerian texts. The watchers is another name.

The bad angels/ETs were often mentioned as being cast into HADES. Tartarus is another name for hell/hades and Taurus is another version of Tartarus perhaps.

Note the connection - Taurus being the constellation the Pleideas sits in- then consider how the planet MARS in Astrology is associated with the sign of TAURUS which in turn has the symbol of the horned BULL. What sign do the global elite always use...the symbol of the horns, the bull.

If any of you have read my thread about the global elite's plan for a one world religion being carried out by Share International (see my profile for thread link) which is a movement closely affiliating itself with preparing man for the arrival of the "space brothers"...well these space brothers they want us to know come from MARS and VENUS. So we have a connection now between the fallen ones, their bloodline, the NWO and the preparation for the "return" headed by MAITREYA.

Of course Mars is physically uninhabitable, so too Venus, but these beings as the legends have sometimes alluded too can TAKE physical form but typically exist more as energy forces that can materialize at will.

In legend the planet MARS was associated with war like beings.
Pan, typically associated with the dark forces is depicted with horns, so too the goat. These symbols are often used in monuments etc connected to the controllers.

The elite appear to be descended from the "fallen angels" , their main religion focuses on reincarnation - a prison matrix for the soul- and in the past they have also used the idea of heaven V hell and the fall of man to control souls.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 06:03 PM
reply to post by All Seeing Eye

Hear Hear

That is why no one will be coming to "save " us. Anything purporting to be "helping" us that arrives on earth is simply another control system . The moment we look outside of ourselves for "rescue" is the moment we separate ourself from the oneness and perfection of our own natures.

Have you come across the various depictions of the "tree of life" in your travels ? Wayne Herschel explores the subject in depth over at his website, the page, "cosmic tree of life".

Possibly a clue from our helpers who cannot and will not intervene in any way but who have endeavoured to remind us of our one-ness with creation and remind us of the true "Eden" ? it's certainly curious how people from radically different locations around the world have drawn pretty much the same picture and description of the tree of life/garden of eden/source of the light and creation of the universe of which we are, and "are of" simultaneously.

I don't agree with all his conclusions but I can see why he would think humans have been given signposts which modern science is beginning to "get". True "ascension" then would be a recognition of our oneness with creation and a true return to source instead.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 06:53 PM

Originally posted by Techsnow

Its funny that no one outside of the controlled matrix attempts to speak for the divine. Oh sure, you have tons of prophets, for a profit, that will tell (sell) you the word of god. Its a nice little religious racket that is actually pay per view. But I come from a time where TV was free, and so too, is the messages of the divine. Open your hearts and you shall receive the message yourself, if you choose.

Great point. Why were the masses that were/are controlled by this 'matrix' of belief being charged "pay per view" for enlightenment.

ASE I was wonder what you consider these angels you speak of? Do you consider them ET beings are you consider them more divine than that?

[edit on 20-4-2009 by Techsnow]
The "Pay per View" mindset, is a mindset of slavery. It really doesn't matter what field or endeavor, science or religion your involved in. Paying for something is a form of handing your personal power over to someone else to enrich the other. There is nothing "Divine" about this system.

Angels in my opinion, separate from biblical accounts, are not alien in nature, and as far as I'm concerned, are actually "Us", in a different form. I think the only thing alien about them is that the truth has been kept "Alien" from our matrix reality. But that is the problem with reality, it seems to be controlled by the institutions, the matrix. It is the Matrix that tells you what is real and what isn't. Its the matrix that tells you what to think and when to think it. The ultimate truth is the only "Alien" thing within the matrix. As is said "The truth is stranger than fiction".

There has always been a very strong effort to control the spirit that is within all human beings. It is discussed in Enoch and Ezechiel and even in the Protocols of the Learned elders of Zion. Do not allow the spirit to flourish or grow or the mind control program known as the matrix will collapse. If that were to happen that which is "Alien", will become Natural, and the chock hold on humanity will be lifted.

In my opinion, there is very little difference between true divine angels, and the spirit that resides within humanity. I do not care to go any deeper into the reality of them because it is not within my view, my constitution. Again, its up to each person to decide to go there

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 07:52 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie
Roadsigns, yes. Many, many, roadsigns. Some people read them, and others simply ignore them because they are accustom to them, and assume that is what is stated, but if they were to look closer and deeper, they would find far more than meets the eye.

Tree of life. To me the tree depicts the natural events that took place to get us here. The trunk is common to all the parts of the tree, from the very tip of a twig, to the root system that is just as large as the dispersion of branches, all, set firmly, in the firmament
No life could exist, on this side of the ethereal, without the firmament. But just as the tree is seen above the firmament, its roots also go into the ethereal, so it is a dual symbol. Oh, and yes, the roots also depict the "Adamic" race as well. What is above, is true for below.

When one finally gets down to a final decision, one must weigh all the facts and information one can get hold of. No matter what subject one is discussing there is one truth at the core, something is either true, or false. Can something be true and false at the same time? No, only the way it is presented can be manipulated. Does everyone put their right shoe on first? No, unless it is a law in some country. You can teach everyone in that country the right way to put their shoes on is the right shoe first, but it doesn't make it right. In this fictitious country, it would be true, but for the rest of the world it would be false.

I tend to stay away from "Other" entities from other galaxy's and star systems because no matter where you go, there you are. You will always be asking well, where did they come from. Then you are forced to try and explain how they came to be. There is a far simpler explanation.

If anyone has noticed, virtually all the galaxy's rotate in differing angles and at different rates of speed. What this signifies is that each one of them was formed, or created individually at different times, and are most certainly unique. The "Big Bang" is fiction.

I will offer a different view of the creation. One that may explain creation right up to the legendary "Black hole". But my version of the black hole is the point at which the ethereal enters the material. I am so tired of the matrix teaching us that everything "Just" came together in some unrealistic manner as space dust coming together and deciding to dance around together for no apparent reason, with no external inspiration. To me, its just ludicrous, so I will offer another scenario. To hell with the matrix, you the reader, be the judge!

What follows is the ramblings of the insane. Skilled together using information and the insight of a dream by a human being who is prone to error, but wise enough to accept it.

I saw darkness all around me, and then there were pinpricks of light forming in the distance. It was wondrous to behold. They were of a number that could not be counted and they appeared all around me. Little sparks of light coming upon them selves from the darkness.

Then a brighter light that became larger, and larger, then others in the distance. Nearer to me I saw a light appear from nowhere. It appeared as thought it came from a pinprick of space that had no form. It was as though some one had injected something from the ethereal realm threw an ethereal opening. As the mass came threw this portal it became hot, white-hot. I could see that it pushed its way into the material. It was forming around itself as it was being injected from the very center; it grew in size and was molten. I was able to see inside this molten mass as it grew. Continually the material came from the center.

After a time I saw it was vibrating and separating from itself. Like materials were vibrating to, and unlike were vibrating away. It was equalizing itself. Then it vibrated and started to bubble, from within and out. And it started to separate inside. Those bubbles started to come together inside its mass and started to exert a pressure from within and started to expand the mass from within. The bubble grew larger and larger but did not completely fill the void just yet. It filled with pressure to such a point from the middle yet there was a middle place that remained in the center. It was separating from it. It was giving birth.

The outside vibrated as a glowing rubber ball or a large bubble, moving as one, but still attached to the center smaller ball, in one small area. It continued to vibrate until the outer bubble broke free of the center ball. There was a raised area where the ball had touched the bubble for the last time. It was a raised area that remained raised, and could be considered a birthmark. It was the final kiss. The larger ball vibrated away from the center and centered itself from the smaller ball and began to spin, slowly. The central ball, being more liquefied or molten, absorbed the mark back into itself.

The central ball stayed a molten red color, the outer ball started to become scaled on its surface, but still in a plastic state. As it rotated two opening began to form, and it was at this time it began to act as a magnet. As time passed the expansion and contraction of the differing materials put stresses on the ball and it pulled and pushed itself in different places as the materials were not uniform but retained their own unique properties. Some of the pushing, pushed up mountains, in other places the pulling formed valleys and low places.

As time passed the finer materials began to seep out of the hot mass and gasses were formed. The ball separated in its middle so that there was an inner firmament and a outer firmament. The outer firmament was free to move around the axis while the inner firmament was anchored. This allowed the ball to balance itself and correct for minor differences like a motor mount allows an engine to vibrate freely. The outer shell is like armor to the inner. Both firmaments are riddled with voids of internal gas pressure, as molten slag, some places more, some places less.

As it cooled the materials started to come together on the surfaces and both were equal in this respect. Chemical compounds began to take shape and pooled on the surfaces.

There is intervention from here, and must wait.


The Evolution Video: shatters evolutionary theory

[edit on 20-4-2009 by All Seeing Eye]

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 12:39 AM
reply to post by All Seeing Eye

First off let me say awesome post.

It doesn't suprise me that you could hear the humming of the tv tubes. Yes I remember those tv's myself. I don't doubt when people say they hear things that others can't hear or see things that others can't see. I do try to find the connection that might explain it for me why some people seem to and majority of people don't seem to.

These beings that I consider angels for lack of knowing what they are or are not communicate in other ways also. Sometimes you can hear them with your ears and sometimes in your mind also as a thought that is not yours and yes they also communicate in your heart. I believe they are allowed to give us guidance to a certain extent, they can fill us with peace, comfort and love by being close around.

I had been wondering about how the soul/spirit came into all of this. If we were genetically created did they think we would have a soul or did they know how to create on or insert one. Then I ran across a post by Undo in a thread about stargates I believe and she had come up with a theory that our souls were trapped here going thru a stargate. I was thinking about that the other day and the song Hotel California popped into my mind. I thought yes you check out of this life on earth but you never leave.

I believe I understand what you are saying how you view life. I describe it as being at a movie where it surrounds you where you watch it and every aspect and detail so you see whats really happening. You see all sides of humanity and the world. Yet at the same time I have option of stepping into that movie when I need to, want to or have to.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 12:55 AM
reply to post by All Seeing Eye

I went to the link you posted for the book of Ezekiel. Every time I read that book I always get the feeling there is more to his telling of what the exact date was in 10 of those chapters then just being a very organized detailed person.

If he wasn't at his house when the Lord spoke to him he always made sure he told you where he was. I've often wondered if he was wanting us to know the position of the stars when these events happened.

The dates he gives are in chapters 1,8,20,24,26,29,31,32, & 40. I don't think it would be an easy task to figure out where the stars were since we use a different calendar than he would of.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 02:57 AM
reply to post by napayshni57
No doubt many other avenues of communication are available between the "Angels" and humanity, I didn't mean to narrow it down to one path

In my opinion, before even the firmament, there was the spirit, the soul, the universal conciseness, the Divine Dream. Many here at ATS support the opinion that all matter has the same genesis and are made of the same material, from one source. I begrudging agree that we are all connected on the ethereal plane from this "Ether". But, we are not prisoners here. To explain this I would have to reveal something that goes beyond the ether and back into the existence of the original spirit, and I am not comfortable doing that.

The fly's eye, is what I believe we are. We are microscopic bits of the original consciousness, except that we are not duplicates of the whole, but rather splinters of it, little sparks of light called a soul, or spirit. The souls you refer to that are enslaved here, are the adamic race. It is their souls that are held captive here, in a prison of their own design.

If you have read my posting on the genesis of the firmament you will have noticed it ended with intervention. "Lord God" of Enoch had nothing to do with the creation of the universe, and in my humble opinion, claimed he did out of childish arrogance, because he was made aware of the limitations of the spirit, once it inhabited the body of flesh, and "they" betrayed the promise.

I had been wondering about how the soul/spirit came into all of this. If we were genetically created did they think we would have a soul or did they know how to create on or insert one.

Everything in the universe was created in my view, with baby steps. One very small step leading to the next, and the next, and the next. All life on this planet and any others that will support life started in the same manner, by spiritual inspiration, and that is the hardest concept for people who live in the matrix to comprehend. This Divine inspiration comes in the form of little ball of white light. Little packages just like zip files on a computer that have specialized instructions. When the planet was ready, it was seeded with these zip files with preloaded instructions to apply to the raw materials that were forming. One small baby step after the other until semi intelligent life was ready for advanced instructions. These advanced instructions were given by a more advanced spirit and may be known as "Lucifer" or in the Terra papers "QQQ" Three Queens. All the DNA instructions were provided to the "Creator Race" Along with the real laws of physics. The creation of human beings was a joint venture between these forces. There were many pre models of humans as can be seen in the hominid linage. Test models that were abandon and discarded because they did not suit the ultimate goal of the plan. But eventually modern man was constructed and things were thought to be what was required, until......... the downfall.

You have to understand the nature of the Creator Race, they are quite primitive in their thinking, as a child is who is given a toy but never taught to share. They became quite possessive of this new toy called humanity. They were the parents who demanded loyalty and respect, and no other before them. Once the spirit was attached to the flesh they found a creation that could think for itself and be inspired more so than even they themselves. They knew about the spirit and even where it came from, but since they knew the weaknesses of it as well, decided they didn't like the idea of a creation that could do its own thinking, and creating. They had created a monster they couldn't control completely, and decided the spirit had to go. They started to mock us, rape us, degrade us into where we are today. But continually the spirit fought back, desperately trying to awaken our true origins and reasons for being. They can not physically control us because that would bring divine retribution and implementation of the divine defense protocol. Instead they decided to control us threw the mind control program generally known as the Matrix. There are actually two Matrix's, one for the inner firmament (Adamic Race, peace and love) , and one for the outer (Children of Earth, war and hate), but both designed to keep the two human populations divided, and at odds, and psychologically controlled.

There are deeper reasons why it was done this way in allowing a "snake" to be a snake, and it has to do with DEFYING IGNORANCE
, for you cant appreciate a sunny day, until you have experienced a cloudy one. You could never appreciate good, until you have been subjected to bad. The spirit grows in knowledge and strength, every day.

So, we are left with a unspoken challenge from our physical creators. "If you are who you say you are, prove it by defeating me"! And the best way to do that, is to unite, and destroy both matrix's, for if you destroy your enemies plan, you have defeated, your enemy. And don't doubt for one minute the creators are not your enemy. It was, their choice.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 09:23 AM
reply to post by All Seeing Eye

People tell me I'm a deep thinker but all I can say is wow you have me beat by miles. Again awesome post.

When I read all these papers and history of creation one thing I have noticed is its mostly about the physical creation of us. Not about the spiritual creation of us.

I find many people focused only on the physical side of it. Many that don't want to move on past that. Many that want to carry grudges. We have became what we dispise the most our creators.

One thing I've learned in life there are 3 sides to each story when it comes to more than one person or beings. This ones side, That ones side and the true story. Some where along the way This ones and Thats ones all have some truths and from different view points. The hardest story to find some times impossible to find is the neutral story of both sides from an observer that saw the whole thing.

I look at many things we do today and see where we are repeating the actions of the creators just not on the grad scale that they did. I see us create life in test tubes. I see us mix animals creating new spieces. Such as the liger. Which brings thoughts of centaurs. I read news stories where you can design your own child. We have even gone to the point where we have created litters of children born at the same time by the one person. Any more thats not a rare occurance. We seem to have a way of thinking anything that is born in litters is more expendable than something that only bears things one or two at a time. They also seem to become a food source or have some job that their life is expendable as long as it betters us.

To me it seems we are repeating our physical history in reverse. We are back to where Enki, Enlil (or what ever names you wish to use for them) started with us. If we keep repeating this history would that not bring us back to where the terra papers start with wars and destruction?

On the spirit side we seem to be doing the same thing. In the 60's we had the hippies that wanted to be free spirits. Since that time we have worked on supressing the spirit of humans. More government control over our lives hampers spiritual freedom. If that isn't good enough our school systems seem to want to stop free thinking. Learning isn't about thinking anymore. It's about memorizing facts only the facts they want you to have and nothing more. We can't afford art and music in our systems any more. No offense to sports but we seem to be able to afford programs that tend to bring out more agressive traits in people. Where the arts seem to bring out a gentler side of our spirit.

Which seems to be what our creators wanted for the human race also. Not to think but to do. Not to enjoy life but to toil in it to only think of survival of the physical body.

I also wonder about this theory that we all started out in the same area of this planet. Creation stories seem to follow the same theme. So we take it for granted Enki was the only creator of mankind. I have my doubts on this I think he maybe one of the creators of a lineage of people but not the only creator. The Native Americans, the Asians etc seem to focus more on the spiritual side of things where other cultures want to focus on the material side of things. Perhaps they had different creators that focused on the spiritual instead of their own wants and desires.

They all seem to have a cleansing, end times, new era in their teachings also. I believe many of us it see it coming. Some wanting to postpone this event. Others of us look at it as a good thing some where the madness has to stop and a new age start again full of hope and what we seem to be lacking.

Then I wonder what will they leave as records of events to avoid. How will those that survive relay the message? Will they have the wisdom to focus on the spiritual side as well as the physical side? How could they make sure their terra papers, sumerian tablets, bible survive so they won't be tampered with as much as ours have been.

The bible says 1000 years of peace maybe we only get 1000 years because that how long it takes before we start spreading out and screwing thing up again.

I think thats what the Georgia guidestones are. They aren't for us but those that come after us. Something that might not be able to tamper with as easily as documents wrote on paper, parchment, or reeds. Maybe stone would be the way to go.

Scary thought to think at some point in the future we could be looked at as Gods of creation. How would we be portrayed?

I've came to the conculsion the more I learn the less I know, the more questions I have.

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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by napayshni57

I also wonder about this theory that we all started out in the same area of this planet. Creation stories seem to follow the same theme. So we take it for granted Enki was the only creator of mankind. I have my doubts on this I think he maybe one of the creators of a lineage of people but not the only creator. The Native Americans, the Asians etc seem to focus more on the spiritual side of things where other cultures want to focus on the material side of things. Perhaps they had different creators that focused on the spiritual instead of their own wants and desires.

Untangling the genesis of mankind is quite a "Hot Potato" no one really wants to handle. Why? Because if someone in a position of knowledge and power were to attempt it, they would be thrown out on their ear, because, the matrix is run by people who do not want the truth exposed. Wat do I have to loose, but my life

Okay, Ill give it a shot.

This planet, and virtually all other planets, are hollow.

Life can only form on planets that are at a proper distance from its sun.

Other planets in that solar system can be "colonized" once the "Earth" planet has come of age.

The original physical creators of this earth were based in the reptilian because they would have to be very rugged and survivalist in order to be successful in their ultimate mission, and that was to produce a physical body that would contain the spirit. Even this reptilian species went threw many changes and adjustments in order to be able to become intelligent enough to comprehend technology, life forms, and DNA manipulation. It didn't happen over night I'm quite sure.

They were posed with a choice, make the body, and receive the specialized training in technology and the required information to travel about the solar system, or receive nothing, and stay a dumb lizard. At this point you must understand that the reptilian does not have a spirit and operates on a political level. They decided to have the cake, and eat it too, quite literally. They betrayed their promise when their original human creation, the "Adamic" race started to "Create" human beings, only on the surface of the planet. The Adamic race was created in the hollow and lived there for the most part. This is why the "Caucasians" were always viewed as gods and better than all the other races. The Adamic race is white and was created from the DNA of a White Reptilian, and also why certain secret societies view albinos as divine. No matter what root race you come from, all of the DNA came from that one source, with other DNA added along the way.

Lloyd Pie has done some excellent work unraveling the DNA code and the original root races of the surface humans with his work with hominids. It appears we surface humans are a mixture of the Adamic race and the local hominids, I believe 7 in all. Each local hominid had its own characteristics, size, shape of face, and eyes. These Hominids may have also been early rejected models described in a previous post in this thread. The scriptures reveal that approximately 200 Annunaki or Adamic race were actually responsible for this new version of human being. Each new race was given basic instructions on survival and in some cases even given new foods to help them survive. Maze is just one example, Hemp, is another.

When the original creators found out what their prize possession, the Adamic race, had done, they became furious beyond belief. The Adamic race was subjected to extreme torment, and this is when those 200 became the fallen angels.

Yes, most of the original root races were "Spiritual", but they were fed a lie about their physical origins. Each root race was given a different story as to where they came from, and this was in a effort to cover up what the 200 had done. They tried to lie, to mother nature, and it didn't work, so the highly political, possessive, vengeful reptilian did what any, political, possessive, vengeful reptilian would do, destroy all the competitors and evil doers

For a time, the Adamic race tried to play god (Greek Gods) to their new creations, but again, it didn't last long as Enlil and Enki will have no one before them.

I understand all this is speculation and possibilities, and some may even attempt to call it all fiction, well, its your right. But if you care enough to critique, then you must care enough to offer your opinion, and I await it.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 10:01 PM
reply to post by DDay

Hello DDay. I was raised pentacostal back in the days if a woman wore pants it was considered a sin. Like you I got the brush off treatment as a child also. Except the answer I was given is You'll just have to wait and ask God when you see him."

Amazing how being brushed off leads people onto the same path. I figure its a good thing they did brush me off. I'm kind of stubborn and don't give up easy.

Please share any of what you have found with us. I'm really very new to the ufo alien side of all of this. I focused on the spiritual side first searching for the God I felt existed not the one in the bible with many personalities.

Then I saw something in the sky one day. At that moment I knew I had to figure out how ufo's and God went hand and hand.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 10:50 PM
reply to post by All Seeing Eye

The Native American say their people came out of caves. The Cherokee in this part of the country have legends of spirit warriors that they say lived in town houses. This is a hilly mountainous region here so I have to wonder just what these town houses were. Were they some kind of space craft or caves up on the mountain sides.

There is even a story of these spirit warriors suddenly appearing during a civil war battle. They seem to appear and disappear at will. To my recollection it seems they stay close to the mountains. I could be wrong on that. Someone please correct me on that if I am.

When you go to large caves they'll tell you they haven't even explored most of the caves and there is usually another smaller entrance to the cave some where else thats rather hidden.

I've often wondered about the bible saying man was made from the dust of the earth. Was it really to mean he came out of the earth as the Indians say they came out of caves. But for some reason it seemed easier to wrap their mind around a picture of God picking up a handful of dirt molding it and breathing life into it with his breath.

The white thing does make sense especially when you think of many cultures telling of a great white teacher or Father that came to them. It would also make sense about why a white buffalo holds so much importance to Indians also. The Mayans awaited the return of a feathered white.

They say the Royals of England can trace their history back to David and that his throne is over in England.

Hitler wanted what he considered the perfect race white, blonde and blue eyed. It's said that during the war he sent out many people to scour the world for acient artifacts. He sent ships full of men to south pole and even claimed land there for Germany.

I was reading about the dopa stones today. One thing that has always bothered me about stone tablets and stone drawings and these dopa stones how could primitive people that we are lead to believe these cultures were do so detailed work?

I also read about this monoatomic gold. They say the annunki used it to live long lives. So people are useing it as a cure all and believe it takes them to a higher spiritual place. Now I don't know a lot about dna but the thought crossed my mind why if this stuff did work for the annunki would you think it would have the same effects on humans. Wouldn't our dna be slightly different than theirs since it came from two different types of beings? From what I've read about the side effects I'm not promoting even trying this stuff.

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 12:41 AM
reply to post by napayshni57

There is one native American legend that speaks about a tribe of Indians going from the center of the planet, from in the crust, threw a network of tunnels, to take up residency on the surface of the planet. They complained about the forked tongue two faces that continually lied to them and disrespected them, so I could be wrong about all of the root races starting on the surface. Anyone with a clearer memory on this history please correct me.

Mono Atomic Gold seems to be quite debatable. But again it would explain some of the "Mining" of the slave race.

Yes, I agree that there is defiantly something to this substance. If it were real, I would suspect the Adamic race would have taken advantage of it, and probably became addicted to it. I decided to change the rest of this paragraph because it was, ummmm, disrespectful to a certain, large, poulation
More info on Mono Atomic Gold

I must say there is much talk about the earths vibration being raised naturally, well, I didn't believe it, but I do now. I have seen the signs
The world is being "God Smacked", and I love it

Was blind, but now, I see.

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 08:14 AM
reply to post by All Seeing Eye

This is a good site for Native American legend. The page this link takes you to tells the Hopi coming from the underworld. This page will also take you to any Native American story it has.

This might be the story you are talking about its the seminole towards the bottom of the page.

The above link has stories of many different cultures. They might not be indepth but it is a starting point to the lesser known stories.

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 01:22 PM
Here's a link to the sumerian book of creation tablet 6. This page also has many other links to more on the sumerians.

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