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ATS/BTS withdrawal!

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posted on Apr, 10 2009 @ 08:42 AM
Since about 2004 I would wake up in the morning.. Make my tea, grab a smoke and sit down at my desk and come on ATS/BTS for my daily reading and writing...
I can say I was addicted to this site, and made many great friends on here in my years I spent on this forum. And I never really use to get into web forums before I found ATS.. Which I was a lurker for many years before I ended up joining up with the crew here.

Every day I would come on here, and get my fill of stories, tales and just all around great fun!

Yet about 2 months ago my PC broke down.. I was laided off my job and things started going down hill.. I can not afford to get a PC at the moment, as Im still looking for work.. Things are pretty bad here in my area for work. And to boot they are now doing credit checks for any kind of good job.. And my credit sucks so I have been turned down for work many times just because my credit sucks.. Which is totally unfair..
Kick us while we are down..
I think that should be outlawed to credit check someone just for some every day job a monkey could do.. Not asking for much here.. Anything besides fast food.. Im a trained AV tech, and Im going to have to get back into the kitchen.. sigh.. But work is work at this point..

And now I am going through withdrawals... IM not getting my daily fix of stories and news like I always was use to having access to at any time I needed..

But I can say this.. ATS has changed my life.. And prepared me for what is comming!!! I do not think the same as I once use to think..
I belive I am better prepared to deal with what is being dished out everyday here.. And now that I dont have a computer at my house, I find myself reading alot of books.. Yet I still have all this knowledge in my mind. And its been very helpful!!!

As I look at this world much differently than I did back in 2000.. My eyes have been truely opened up!! And I have ATS. And many of the fine members here to thank for this shift in my mind set..

No longer am I a zombie walking around wondering why the world is such a screwed up place.. I get it now.. And it makes sense..

What would you do if you no longer had a computer???

I find myself wondering what you are all up to and talking about and when I come to my sisters house I get a chance to check back up on everyone here..
And just when things started getting good around here.. I was making vidoes and uploading them.. And Bam.. My PC fried out..

Hehe but here is where my age comes into play.. I grew up without internet.. And we didnt have internet till I was about 17 or so.. So there is plenty to do.. But I didnt realize how much time I use to spend on here reading and learning..

And now Im teaching others in the real world.. Taking all the stuff I gathered from here and take it into the world around me..
Which oddly enough most everyday people still dont have a clue to whats going on..
85% of the people I talk to have not heard of the New world Order..
65% of them have never heard of the illuminati!
35% of them still feel we are alone in this big universe!!

So I can say I was honored to have had the chance to learn what I did from here... Dont take it for granted people..
I know I did..

And now that my computer is broken.. And it wont be like 7-9 months before I can save up to get a new one..

Thus its been awhile since I have made a thread and I just needed to get this off my chest and chat a little bit while IM sitting here at a computer..

If you want to join in, feel free.. But I may not be able to come back and reply for about a week or so.. So please keep that in mind if you post in here and I dont come back for about a week...

I took my PC, and ATS for granted.. And didnt really realize what I had until it was gone!!!

Sure theres plenty of bogus stuff on here.. But there is tons of great knowledge that can really help forge a new mindset..
And prepare you for this life.. And help you understand why things are the way they are!!!

I have so much to say about Obama, and so many other issues!!!
But I will save all that until I have a chance to debate more stuff...

I need to get caught up and do some heavy reading while I have access to this PC..

And to all my friends on here.. Love you all.. Hang in there Zy will be back in action in a couple months..
Dont what you to think Im just ignorning you all.. OR died or anything!! hehe

IM still here... But just finding other things to fill my day..
When at one time.. I was a computer junkie!!!
Now Im just looking for fulltime work doing about anything.. And I will dive into work, put in like 50 hours a week.. And buy myself a really kick Arse PC.. One that will run all my video games like butter!!!

Besides I really needed a new PC anyway.. And all things happen for a good reason..

Its been a great time to reflect and take everything I have learned from here and make it a part of my everyday life..

Yet its still shocking to me how many people are still fast asleep.. And they dont have a clue..
But in all honesty.. who does have a clue? Who really knows whats going on out here... None of us IMO.. But some of us have a better idea than others...

So much to do.. and so little time to do it!!!

Peace out my friends. lurkers, and those just taking the time to read my thread here!!


Edit--Spell check..doh!

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posted on Apr, 10 2009 @ 12:57 PM
Great to see you buddy. You are definitely missed around here.
Spread all the knowledge you like just remember to tell them where you got it from!
And hey..You lose my email or what???

Miss you and take care!

posted on Apr, 10 2009 @ 03:47 PM
Did you loose your cell phone too? I enjoyed our talks and knew it was going to be a while before you got back up and running but man I was really getting to wonder if you were just ignoring me or something!

I can totally relate to the need for ATS once you find out the wellspring of knowledge available here... Like nowhere else huh?

We may be online friends and there is some serious debate and valid from both aspects of that one but I have very real friends here, some I talk with and some I simply admire from the distance, yet the depth and honesty cannot be denied or beat.

Do your best to get a comp and hurry back!

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 10:50 PM

Greetings and hello once again my friends!! After 7 long months I now have a new PC! And Im back up and running here!!

There have been a few changes here since I was last here..

We are no longer showing the points and stuff? Not that those ever mattered much to me.. But I guess I will take a look around and see whats new!

but I thought I would start here and let those who care know I am back online.. Back to work, and getting my fix as it would be on the computer..

So much has happened since I was away.. So many stories.. And so many world events that I must catch up on..

But I can say it was a great break from the online lifestyle I was living..
I did much with my life since last I was here.. I have been to many places and seen many things..

Things i would have not seen if I sat infront of a computer screen all those days. Some veiws have changed, while many of my thoughts remain the same..

Ive thought of all you wonderful people on my travles.. And have always kept a place for BTS/ATS in my heart while on my journy..
I must say the knowledge I gained from this place put me ahead of the curve no matter where I went..

I met others like us who keep an open mind and are not snowed by the machine..
While few and far between, its good to be home.. And good to be back with like minds where I can speak my mind..

In many places I went.. I just sat and listened.. There are many cases when you are out and about its best not to say to much...

People are still in a sleeping state out there... But overall I was impressed by the waking awareness that happens around me..

Mostly thanks to part of the internet.. Things have sertinly changed..

And I look forward getting back into all this with you all!!

See you around the boards again!



posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 10:53 PM

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 11:02 PM
reply to post by AccessDenied

Thanks!!! Spent a better part of my time down south in Miami. South beach! I was doing some work with my sister, and checking out some places to live while I was down there...

But since I have a laptop here now.. Im much more moblie than I was with my home base PC..
Its much easier to travle the states with a laptop presay lugging around a tower LOL>..

Big hugs back!!! I spent some time out in LA.. Up in NYC.. And spent a month up in Iowa... Yeah I know.. not very exciting in Iowa.. Just putting another family member into the ground up there...

So now Im back in the Tampa area.. Getting my stuff together to head back to Miami.. Meet a really cool gyspy woman.. who has seemed to crossed paths on a deeper level.. going to see where that leads me..

I have a new phone number now.. I will contact you via email...

and give you all my new info and stuff....

Hope all has been well chicka!!! But I get the sense you are still going strong.. There is not much in this world that can slow you down.

We will talk soon.. Just wanted to stop by as I just got this all set up and Im good to go! Talk to you this week my friend...


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