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Israel: Iran Talks Only Within Time Limit

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posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 11:04 AM
reply to post by pavil

Why do the Iranians build a Heavy water reactor supposedly for isotope production without having hot cells as part of the design?

Let's go over this once more and put it to bed okay?

Decayed uranium is utterly useless for anyone looking to build nuclear weaponry. You may as well use it as a paper weight.

To reprocess it you split the lighter elements from the heavier ones, in a PUREX hot cell.

Iran is not planning on building any hot cells because they don't need reprocessed uranium.
Reprocessing apart from a handful of other niche applications, is exclusively used for nuclear weaponization.

It's hilarious how you perceive this as a bad thing.

So they won't go about reprocessing the spent plutonium eh? Wouldn't that be a "natural progression" of learning the full nuclear cycle?

The nuclear cycle ends at Fabrication, when the enriched hexaflouride is turned into pellets which are shoved into fuel rods, into the reactor.

That's it. That's all there is to power generation and isotope production.

The fact that Iran is NOT bothering with reprocessing, shows a committed effort to AVOID the path to Nuclear weaponization.
Not move closer towards it.

Iran is proceeding down a very dangerous path, not only for itself but for the entire region.

If by the entire region, you mean one particularly hostile and megalomaniac nation called Israel which is at it's master's bidding (the United States), then I agree.

I don't trust them, and their past and current history of concealment of their Nuclear program still gives me and IAEA reason for concern. What about Iran makes you think they are being 100% forthcoming with the IAEA?

It's a funny thing called long-term memory.

You see we were fed the exact same lies before the US invaded Iraq. How true did they turn out to be?

The United State's assessment of Iraq's nuclear programme was so far off the mark, there was no other way to account for it other than complete fabrication.

Iraq had trinkets of yellowcake and some medical isotopes and we were supposed to believe they could launch WMD attacks on the West "within 45 minutes notice", according Tony friggin' Blair.

Now we're continuing down the same path with Iran, a path instigated by the people who started Iraq.

I suppose everyone has to go at their own pace to learn from past mistakes, which is understandable.
When you finally wake up and smell what the media is shovelling into your mouth, Nuclear winter will have probably set in by then.

posted on Apr, 12 2009 @ 03:10 PM
reply to post by The Godfather of Conspira

You can choose to believe what you like. A heavy water reactor, historically, has been the precursor to countries joining the nuclear club. Israel, India, Pakistan, North Korea and South Africa have all followed that path.

We obviously disagree, you seem to find no reason to worry about Iran's nuclear aspirations, even though they are going down the same path that every other new member of the nuclear club did.

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