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(SXWC) Deadly arivial.

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posted on Apr, 10 2009 @ 06:14 AM
John awoke; his quarters were too hot again. Must be the compressor he thought walking down the darkened corridor on his way to the bridge. With sleep filled eyes he glanced down at his wrist, 2300hrs 12/19/2012, "God I can't wait to get home"! The Nav systems operator hollered as John graced the dimly lit area of monitors and displays. "Ya I agree with ya sonya, this trip's been a long one". The Commanding officer of this particular freighter had so eagerly volunteered John for the mission even though John's command status had been placed on hold, due in part to some illegal trading he'd done in the outer colonies. "Steady ahead commander auto pilot at 100%"

The freighter "Arbor Lee Damascus", was manned by a crew of four there was of course the commander, John, the cargo officer Victor, the Nav operator Sonya, and the security and control officer also known as the weapons tech and engines officer, Brant. John was excited to be nearing the end of this run, a drop to the mining camps of Cydonia Mars.” commander we're receiving a transmission" "wait no now it's gone" Sonya spouted before murmuring " I know run a retrieval segment" their voices intertwined as had been the result of too many missions together."Ok we got a partial coming back" message reads,” alt d bort miss.... "Broken", John whispered "much like everything on this ship" "commander I'm reading unusually high gamma levels" maybe a cause for the transmission problem? John thought. "Let’s keep an eye on that".

"I want a full diagnostic on all sensors, ASAP Sonya " John switched on the HUD and engaged the manual drive slowly bringing the ship out of warp, "engine levels look good commander" Brant voiced over the line, "I do show increased particle acceleration in the core but nothing to get hot over". "second incoming commander this time on the beta freq" "send it John noted switching the display to his HUD, " All vessels of Earth we have received data from the Glast probe and are detecting gamma levels above 100k Gev, hold your positions and await further instruction" "Brant were going to be a little late for our homecoming buddy" John snarled into the comm. piece.

Having nearly completed the journey home the crew was unnerved by the news and with the increased photon readings that were now haunting the displays Sonya was starting to wish she'd taken some leave and taken that trip, oh well no time for that" commander we're picking up troubling levels of photon activity, "origin" the commander asked, the "the sun sir" "and their emanating from all areas" "possible massive flair"? Sonya asked with a dry throat. "Not likely" Victor chimed in after a sip from his coffee mug witch was more likely to contain something stiff. "The star's stable she won’t throw a tantrum"

From their position the crew could see not only the sun but their beloved home, a home that they should be arriving at any day now but with the delay......... "Warning brace for impact"! "bracing" John shouted as the pulse shook the aging freighter to her core damaging the lower holding areas as well as the cargo interlocks sending hundreds of empty shipping containers about, "I need a damage report Sonya" John yelled as he struggled with his harness.

"MR. President Reports are streaming in from all sectors, we need to leave now" The SECDEF was already gathering the ready bags that had been stored for just this occasion. Crowding into the waiting Marine One was better then leaving this journey to chance in the bulky armored presidential limo. Maj Paul Hensley took the bird aloft and stole one last glance down at the white house and with an underscore of humor he said "smoke 'em if ya got 'em"

John had given up smoking or at least in his mind he had, because it had been months since he last partook but now as he positioned the cylinder to his lips he thought, I'm going to need more then this to calm me down. "commander? Sonya noticed the spark of his lighter as she looked up from her display, "I know" John replied, something just didn't seem right she thought. " we have extensive damage throughout the ship, I'm sending the calculations to your H.U.D now" John let out a slight gasp as he saw what she was referring to, it couldn't have been the smoke entering his lungs for the first time since he'd vowed to quit.

"They knew this was going to happen Sonya" "what sir"? She questioned. "Wait I have multiple contacts on the scanner sir, fast mover's and bearing 129 alpha" "several more now" she had lost interest in her last question. "That’s a direct course to Earth sir" "we're only 500 L.Y away from their current position". "Raise shields Sonya" John said as he butted his smoke against the side of his chair.

The complex at Norfolk was massive and although he had never visited he knew it was there, the president and his entourage had loaded onto the elevator and begun the journey down to the launch areas. The silent ride lasted for what seemed like forever before abruptly stopping. "We’re here sir" the X.O of the facility said as he inserted his clearance card into the reader. As the doors opened the cold entered the elevator car and the group stepped out into the vast expanse of the launch chambers. "Sir we knew this day would come" the V.P softly stated, "I know Richard, I know" the president mumbled. "I just didn't realize the reality of it until now, it's just hit me". "Sir all staging areas are prepared and ready to start evacuation procedures" the facility X.O said loudly as his voice seemed to echo off of the concrete that stretched for miles.

"Sir Gamma levels rising again"! "Their spiking, brace for impact"! The second pulse hit the Arbor Lee much harder then the first John was shaken out of his seat as the warning tones sounded he could recall an engineer once telling him that the ship's so tough he'd never hear those tones. "Sir we've lost the aft cargo area I'm engaging interlocks on all remaining decks now"! "Commander I suggest evasive action on remaining engine power" Sonya screamed while her skilled fingers manipulated the touch controls, "I second that John said while readjusting his harness into the seat.” Course change Brant, we're getting the hell out of here"! John yelled into the comm piece and the ship moaned as it powered away.

Sonya's scanner display was now blank, as she tried to figure out where the contacts she'd seen before went. What could they have been? And how did they just disappear? "Sir we're loosing power fast" John heard over his comm link” we can't keep essential systems online at this rate" Brant said as he frantically raced to adjust the equipment in the engine area 9 decks below the control room. "Make due" John screamed while authenticating the distress beacon commands "we need you right now Brant" "I'm trying sir, I'm trying the engines are not ment to take this king of stress"

Now aboard the highly classified escape ship the president felt like a coward, how could he live knowing that billions of lives were extinguished yet he lives along side others chosen to continue the human race, hundreds of thousands now sitting in similar vessels probably thought the same. The sequence had begun as the launch hatches started to open far above, as was the case in several hundred other locations around the world. Leader's, chosen one's and some wealthy and connected enough to buy their survival sat awaiting departure. This was the result, decades of world powers manipulating secret budgets and elections, all the lies, all the deception, culminating in this moment, and in that moment all of the launch tubes worldwide released their precious flights.

"Sir the contacts have re appeared on long range" "and, launches lots of launches from Earth's surface, I don't know what to make of this" "I do" John replied "those cowards are leaving! They knew this was coming all along"
"MR President the visitor's support craft are in position" the SECDEF said in a relieved sort of way, "they will connect with us once we've left Earth's orbit"
"Very well “the president quickly stated” gods bless those we've left behind"

The flash was astounding, it disrupted all equipment momentarily, this was impart caused by the craft encasing the escape vessels in their transport field's, just like interstellar tow trucks, the president thought as the ship was instantly brought to warp only a slight vibration could be felt the president knew they were safe rapidly heading for the new home, situated somewhere among the stars, these "caretakers" had made good on their promise.

The implosion was quick, centering and compressing the sun's energy into a single point, then just as quickly releasing that energy outward in a spectacular display of planet euthanizing power, ripping through Earth and all that surrounded her in complete destruction. Instantaneously all that had once been, and ever would be was snuffed out, reduced to simple elements, particles reuniting with their cosmic birthplace. John and his crew never saw it coming the flash was the last thing they witnessed, then darkness followed by death's embrace in which they too journeyed along with billions of others, into the light.

[edit on 10-4-2009 by alyosha1981]

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 12:12 PM

The implosion was quick, centering and compressing the sun's energy into a single point, then just as quickly releasing that energy outward in a spectacular display of planet euthanizing power, ripping through Earth and all that surrounded her in complete destruction. Instantaneously all that had once been, and ever would be was snuffed out, reduced to simple elements, particles reuniting with their cosmic birthplace.

Great ending: euthanizing power, reuniting with cosmic birthplace, very well said! An excellent story, thanks!

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by Axial Leader

Thank you for the compliment! I appreciate it I tried to stick with the "sun exploding" concept and also weave in some character elements.

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 04:25 PM
Good story my friend.

I hope you do well in the competition.


posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 03:53 PM
reply to post by mrwupy

Thank you!

This is my second attempt at a contest so hopefully my stories will get better over time. I love reading the other great stories as well!

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 12:18 PM
That was a fast paced thriller!

Once again, the elites make good their escape, leaving the rest to perish... damn them.

You've a talent for weaving a story.

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