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Deny Ignoranc Poem (it's consequences as well)

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posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 09:42 PM
As i sit with the lights out
crying my eyes out
why cant the people see?
why cant they believe
what will come to be?
only believing the news on tv
they are all brainwashed
do what the government says
at any cost
others dont know who to follow
they all lost

When the disaster comes
they will all be dead
the ground splattered
with blood that is red
the ignorance we deny
they dont listen
they think its just a lie
cause our info is from Bts or ATs
they say Pfft thats just a website
its all BS

What happens when denying ignorance becomes violent
the government just trying to silence it.
will still be there
will you believe then?
or will u say Im still not buyin it
We might die tryin to spread the truth
but what is it too you?
we try to tell it but you say shoo shoo

For cryin out loud
just look around
notice all the nice things in life
then take them all away
thats what the leaders will do
if they dont get it their way
but hey
i tried to say
Deny Ignorance

My second poem atempt. tell me what you think(nice or not, ill need them both)
Check out my First Poem

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