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new global reserve system

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posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 05:39 PM
I have searched some of the posted threads (as I'm a new member here) for any discussion threads pertaining the NAU, and the currency shift of the "Amero" replacing the US Dollar.
The threads really turned into personal Canadiens and US cock fights.....
which didn't pertain to subject of thread.....
But researching on my own, I have come up empty on solid proof of actual existence of the Amero.

There was the story od 800 billion shipped to China, and brief mentions on networks such as CNN, blah blah....
I actually FIRST heard of the Amero years ago when the Euro was replacing the monetary of (most) European countries, and there were talks about it soon replacing the dollar.
The ideas of both currencies, imo, were thought about at the same time.
Phase 1. Phase 2.
The banking cartels have kept a low profile, and any information released is usually in foerign media. I think with the idea of tackling the global financial crisis, we will sooner than later begin hearing more about the Amero, and how it's going to save our economy, and things will go back to normal and people can go to their shopping malls, and drive-thrus, and Disney vacations...sedation...when in fact it will destroy our nation, its sovereignty as we know it. It will be the final takeover, since the birth of the Federal Reserve, and own us and everything around us.
I believe Obama is the chosen trojan horse for these bankers to introduce this currency....the Amero.

Any opinions on this matter?

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