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You think who you vote for EVER matters? THINK AGAIN!

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posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 04:38 PM
This brilliant short interview with British Journalist Peter Oborne aired on the BBC the other day perfectly sums up why democracy has now developed into an utter lie, perpetuated by the NWO and supported (albeit mostly unwittingly) by the mainstream media. Corporations, greed and money have now truly taken over polotics. Same applies now in the UK, the USA and any state where capitalist private business roams free.

Bear in Mind that this is he is not another typical alternative media reporter, he's a major columnist in the Daily mail, a mainstream media outlet in the UK viewed by millions of people, and has recently been nominated for the Orwell Prize's Journalism shortlist for 2009 due to the corruption he has uncovered in british politics. This is no longer in the underground people, its startinbg to break through into the mainstream media, people are starting to wake up to the soap opera we are fed through our TV screens under the veil of politics.

See it here:

Rate or favorite the video on youtube, its high in the youtube honors list (#8 most rated and favorited today in the UK ) and it needs as much coverage as possible. The more people know, the more action we can take to fight the corruption that permeates our political system. And Star and Flag This thread!

Brief quote from the clip,

"When I first went into political reporting 25 years ago I thought that politicians went into serve the public good. What I soon came to realize is that the core thing that happens in the House of Commons is not opposition, but collusion. The leaders of rival parties have far more in common with each other than they do with the general public. To a large extent they are engared in a conspiracy against the public. I'll give you an exmaple [....]"

He knows how exactly how the system works due to the contacts he has made. And the poloticians are scared of him and what he's revealing about how their political charade works.

Oborne's extensive contacts on the right of British politics mean he is now generally regarded as one of the foremost conservative commentators in the country.

At the end of the interview he directly names some of the businessmen that work for the largest corporations/energy industries on the planet, the type of people that do the dirty work in linking polotics directly with Big Business. The BBC bottles it, and bleeps out the names for "legal reasons"!, or they would have probably had a court case on their hands.

It extremely refreshing to see this sort of material being covered on air, even if they still decide to censor the incriminating evidnece he puts forward.

Kudos to Oborne for having the balls to try to expose some of the corrupt money masters that have put us in this current financial mess
and shame on the BBC for censoring it

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posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 10:31 PM

You think who you vote for EVER matters?

No. I realized a long time ago that whoever TPTB wants in office, is going to be placed there. I still vote but i know that it makes little, if any, difference.


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