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a thought on autism and vaccines

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posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 03:13 PM
I was watching a local station this morning and they had a person from the autism chapter give information.

she said that the austim rate for our area is actually a lot higher, 1:43. That is a little bit of a difference!

I live in one of the richest states in teh US(I don't contribute to that statistic) and what i thought was, why would it be different here?

Would these numbers fluctuate all over?

My first thought was that a lot more people here can afford healt care. So just about everyone would get vaccinated.

But the next was...well better doctors are more likely be able to diagnose austim.

So my question is, that is there any way, to compares states, their vaccinations, and rates of autism, and how to compensate for the descrepency of doctors capability to diagnose.

I hope that makes sense.



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