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Inca Prophecy Willaru Huayta, A Inca Messenger In This New Age Of Mankind

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posted on Apr, 22 2004 @ 07:10 PM

Any thoughts? if you dont read all or dont know anything about it, don't bother posting...

Sorry I don`t think this kind of post is really acceptable. What are your thoughts about it?

[Edited on 23-4-2004 by cassini]

posted on Apr, 22 2004 @ 08:53 PM

Originally posted by Cardu

Any thoughts? if you dont read all or dont know anything about it, don't bother posting...
I didn't read all of the links you placed and I plan to post my opinion regardless of how much I know regarding it.
Most of the links you posted up had the same mumbo jumbo on each page.

Anyhow, I found it all interesting enough but I do have one question...he learned about The Age of Aquarius in the Jungles of the Amazon?

posted on Apr, 22 2004 @ 09:00 PM

The world is in a critical transition time, highlighted by a crisis in spiritual and moral principles. At this time it is necessary to establish the real existence of cosmic ships known as UFO's. Our awareness of beings from other planets is nothing new. Throughout the ages they have visited planet Earth and influenced its development. But modern man, seduced by his pride in the science of three dimensional reality, believes that our Earth is the only planet where life and civilization can exist. The truth is, we have created for ourselves a dark world of confusion and suffering.

What proof is this site providing ? Other than stipulations and under the clever guise of spirituality it simply gives us hope of a positive natural society.

Most leaders of political and social movements claim to have peace, happiness and freedom as their goal. But too often they look for it in war, aggression, and terror, and by creating hatred and jealousy. This simply doesn't work. We only have to look at history to understand this. We are entering a new era. It is time for a new way. We cannot expect society to change until we change ourselves - from within.

I agree there though, change must manifest from within.

Now, in the 20th century, many noble people in South America have conquered infinite space, visited other worlds, and have brought knowledge back to benefit humanity. They journey without the necessity of space ships. Some Indians in the Andes travel to distant planets and learn much about the universe while official science still investigates the superficial level of the material plane.

Once again, based in what facts ? Though the message seems pious enough, it will be discarded as merely cultish, nothing more.


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