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MOONDUST by Andrew Smith

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posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 07:23 AM
Just finished this very good book MOONDUST by Andrew Smith (or actually listened to it in my car whilst on a trip over 15hrs! worth of book). Now I'll state that I believe that we did go to the moon but there we are certainly not being told most if any of the real story but I'm not in the John Lear camp. However, I've had my moments that I believed the 'Neil Armstrong and the other Astronauts didn't go' scenario but having now heard the accounts of all the Moon Lander men now only 9 alive, I'm firmly of the opinion that these amazing guys certainly went and risked their lives in the pursuit.

Its funny but its when you hear these men actual speak and their wives too and learn of their human weaknesses, it makes all the conspiracy debates seem removed from their world that lead them to actually going, landing and then returning again and again!

I recommend this to anyone but more to those that are firmly of the opinion that we didn't go. I think it will add to your search for the truth.

I'm also open to those that have any information that might refute these men’s claims that they did go?

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