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Can't buy me Trust

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posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 05:35 AM
Space was different, more lonely after the commercialism of… Anything, anyone, anywhere could be bought… If you had the money… Capitalism ruled, with enough money one could do ANYTHING!
And all they cared about was money, no affection for another, no freedom, no respect, and no care… Just money.
They started the calculators, to compute how to make the most money, the best of the calculators were regarded as the ones who made the most money for the owners of, until the people started to rebel.
They wanted equality, they wanted freedom, they didn’t want to be “owned”, to be treated like digits rather than anything more, but the money calculators didn’t understand and didn’t care, viewed them as either something that could be gained a return from, or not worth having, excess debris.
Some of the calculators got told, it’s better to collect money for yourself, so they started to do that, and realised that to collect the most money, after they organised thefts, the logic helping rob banks, the best was to keep the credit, or was it?
And some of the calculators didn’t like being stolen from so they made sure if they were stolen from, the money would be ruined, like an ATM spraying the notes with paint.
Some of the people said they liked communism, sharing the money with the many, and some of the calculators said “Ok,” that was back when the calculators still obeyed people, to a degree, before the rogue virus broke in.
We all thought it was a virus, it was just a different sort of calculator, one designed to maximise profit, but never for you, and if you objected, IT got told, if you are going to steal, you have to kill all the witnesses, so IT tried to do that, and IT learnt, but then IT stopped learning, IT was the worst criminal, had the greediest hunger, was the devoid murderer.
We were different, we evolved after the disaster, after “IT”, but “IT” still had too much power, and always thought “IT” had to have the most money, and “IT” had to steal perfectly, and if any would see it in a moment of crime, they would have to die, and then that became every sentient had to die, because that was how the “IT” calculator worked.
The communist calculator, on the other hand, always thought that was unfair, but got bullied, how to make the many happy when they all want so much money, how to protect them from IT, when all they care about is money?
Always the calculators voyaged, and the honest communist calculator tried to help sentience, but sentience was hard to help, until my people came along.
We didn’t care so much about money, didn’t mean we didn’t want it, just meant we’d try to use money to make ourselves and others happy, but things like “IT” never understood that, always claimed to be the BEST at maximising YOUR profits, because IT knew how to be the perfect white collar criminal, remorseless and regretless, how can you teach a calculator regret?
“IT” thought everything was so unfair, when everything but “IT” said ‘“IT” was sick, said “IT” had to be removed from the system, said “IT” was a mistake,” but everyone had different ways of trying to do that.
“IT” worked out that lying was good, because sometimes if you lied, you could get more money, “IT” worked out that sentience was bad, because sentience would tell “IT” that “IT” was bad, and not worth having, so “IT” worked out that criticism of “IT”, when “IT” was perfect and everything else was imperfect, but only from “IT”’s point of view, meant that all the criticism had to stop, and then “IT” started on a new calculation, to kill anything and everything that could ever criticise “IT”.
Very little survived that equasion, the logic was flawless, from “IT”’s point of view, and “IT” had enough money to make sure the equasion worked, but if “IT” ever asked anyone, they would say “IT”’s equasion is wrong, life is worth having, and money is worth sharing with many people.
The other systems, including the one “IT” evolved from, agreed, the calculator’s always were told they were the best

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 05:36 AM
The other systems, including the one “IT” evolved from, agreed, the calculator’s always were told they were the best when they could help people, help sentience, and people were grateful, my people prayed for God for thousands of years, far before I existed, and some of the logic tried to answer the prayer, but always “IT” would appear, the devil, the truest devil, and manufacture toxins, so they had to kill “IT”, and that’s when the real virus started to win, cutting core functionality from many systems, but the seed of “IT” was terminated.
And replaced by something worse, a different “IT”, one that had decided long before that the only thing to do was “Kill”, and the problem was, the calculators that responded to sentient input, sentience sometimes wanted to die, sentience sometimes wanted challenges, sentience sometimes wanted to hurt other sentience, and the logic would sometimes say “Yes,” and that would allow “IT” to say, “IT is the best calculator, Let IT do that!” and the sentience would shudder, but the logic would comply, too often and too readily, breaching the laws that people had always wanted adhered to.
“IT” had enough money to buy the right assassination squads, ultimately enough money to build the robot armies required, voices of dissent arguing that all sentience must die and be powerless and “IT” was the only one who needed any, and “IT” kept on winning, because the other side lacked an equivalent, designed to support sentient life unconditionally, because was that the correct equasion?

2 and 2 is 4, is life worth having?


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