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Crater Clavius Revisited

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posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 03:16 AM
As a man of rationality, I always side on the skeptical until sufficient evidence shows me otherwise. I watched the Clavius Crater video posted last year by zackak on youtube with great interest and skepticism (not to its authenticity but to the mind inferring objects out of shadows).
I note multiple objects (illusions/tricks) which catch my eye.
1) the box at the edge of the crater.
2) the "radar" dish like protuberance apparently overlooking the crater rim, one crater away
3) the apparent white circular/ufo like object slightly further removed, probably an optical illusion produced by light
4) the long flag like object next to Crater Clavius

well, I put myself on skeptical hold, watched other videos of the Crater from 2008 and found no earthshattering visual evidence that would add perspective to these apparent structures.

for example on 1/18/08

It appears there are objects in the crater itself...again I suspend any kind of judgement and attribute this to optical illusion.

But there is a new video on youtube just posted as of last night...

Now minus those annoying buttons all over the video, a few things come to light. The most intriguing part of the "something on the moon" video to me was not necessarily the box, but the flag in the left of the video which apparently comes in front of some craters at an enormous height...(this video reverses perspective, left to right)
Well, take a look for that in the new the first minute one apparently sees about 3 or so objects/installations in the crater itself? ok, i'll dismiss it to optical illusions and shadows...
1:11-1:17, our apparent box on the rim of the crater
At around 1:30 the "flag" I noticed enters the picture on the right hand side (on the opposite side of the Zackak video, since perspectives are reversed). If this were a solid object, could someone do the math for me? It looks as long as the crater itself.
at 2:00 or so we see above Crater Moretus and Gruemberger.
first of all, would anyone like to tell me what I am looking at in Crater Moretus? A white solid line with a large panel on top? Stop the video at 2:02..and if anyone can explain what that is and how it is not a manufactured artifact, I would greatly appreciate it.
I'll even ignore all the "stuff" above Gruemberger as the "radar dish" is not too clear here. Want to see more "flagpoles"? check out 5:03 and pause...a row of those white flagpoles, a Building????(s)????
Any doubts?
check out this video in infrared of the same area

Thoughts anyone? Please explain away....there's a whole array of at least 3-4 flagpoles lined up from Crater Moretus outwards.
Im not saying this an alien base or anything of the sort. But there's too much there for me to dismiss as natural phenomena.
I just wish Gridkeeper would get rid of the annoying music, the mysticism and stick to the facts, and get rid of the annoying displays...
thoughts, and other recent videos I can find even disproving this are encouraged. Note, recent. I think it's foolish to simply assume these structures have been here for 1000's of years or what may counter, here's a picture of Clavius from Clementine that shows nothing...yet, maybe this stuff was all built in the past ten years. my next project is to see if I can find video footage of the site from the Japanese satellite Kaguya and ascertain what can be attributed to a play on the eyes.

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 03:41 AM
I really dont see anything spectacular except for a klingon battlecruiser in one crater (partially cloaked) and what clearly looks like a Defiant class Federation starship in another.

But I suppose that says more about me than the video...

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