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What Really Happened To Adolf Hitler?

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 05:49 PM
I'm not sure if this has been written about before but I find this subject fascinating so here goes.

The commonly accepted story is that on April 30, 1945, with the Soviets practically knocking on his front door, Hitler along with his new wife Eva Braun committed suicide in Berlin.

But is that what really happened? Two book's I've read Hitler's Escape by Ron T. Hansig and Hitler's Fate by H.D. Baumann, cast doubt on that story.

Consider this:

1. There was no forensic evidence proving that the body or bodies recovered by the Soviets were Hitler or Braun.

2. Soviet leader Joseph Stalin was convinced that Hitler had indeed escaped.

3. J. Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI, was also convinced that Hitler had escaped as did Dwight D. Eisenhower.

4. The bodies that were taken out of the fuherbunker were never identified as Hitler or Braun by anyone who would have been in a position to do so.

5. The pathetic, incoherent, shambling Hitler so often portrayed in the media appeared suddenly. On April 23, 1945. The swift change was noticed by almost everyone associated with Hitler in the last days of World War II.

6. In July of 1945, three German U-Boats appeared along the coast of Argentina.

7. At the Soviets insistence, Hitler was tried in absentia at Nuremberg.

Basically the premise of the two books is that Hitler escaped from Berlin at the end of WWII and made his way to Argentina where he lived until 1959. The shambling wreck of a Fuhrer seen after April 23, 1945 was a double kept there by Heinrich Muller, head of the Gestapo. The supposed evidence put forth by the Soviets that Hitler was dead was a hastily cobbled together story, made for political reasons.

I find the idea that Hitler escaped to be very eerie. And these books do bring up some very specific and well though out doubts to the official story of Hitler's death.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 07:27 PM
Hitler was a test, to see how far the NWO could get without some people's resistance. when they were done with him he was disposed of.. how and when i couldn't tell you, but i question suicide

*Edit to add*

plus they needed to start a World War, and they needed someone to go after a "bad" guy, just your basic fear mongering which they have been doing and continue to do

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 07:27 PM
Hitler's deteriorating mind and physical condition were well known to the Soviets and Americans by at least 1942, if you read a lot of the books that have come out in recent years providing his medical records. He already was showing evidence of neurosyphilis in the 1930s and his delusional behavior was a trait of that, his neuropathy, speech and coordination issues were definite symptoms of the terminal stage of the disease. As badly as he screwed things up it is unlikely that his former supporters would have moved him even if he was in better shape, most of them knew how things were shaping up and that they would not win under any scenario, judging by the volume of verified plots against him they wanted rid of him already. Supposedly the Soviets DNA tested his cremains and IDed some teeth and fillings a few years back for him and Eva Braun and I don't doubt for a second he killed himself, he was already dying and would not have been spared prosecution.

According to the book "Goebbels" he was in charge of securing Hitler's suicide as a backup plan and it was verified by Hitler's personal aide before the bunker was set on fire. Goebbel's biography by Ralf Georg Reuth is an excellent read by the way.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 07:32 PM
hi mate intresteing post but i have 2 holes to pick in your arguamet firsty hitlers body wasnt taken out of the bunker "hitlers" body if it was him was found in a pit burned in petrol by the ss guards outside the bunker and second if i was head of a state under attack bu allied and soveit forces less than a mile from my HQ i would be a bit depressed. but i do find your other points interesting, what are the books you have read??


posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 07:44 PM
He grew his hair, learned keyboards and joined a band...But he couldn't stop the nerves and was constantly worried in public that his disguise would fail him...

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 07:52 PM
reply to post by insider15

I'm reading a book right now called "The Lost Years of Eva Braun" that is decent, though not as well written as Goebbel's book (he was a really interesting person in many respects, too bad he went to the dark side.) Many of Himmler's biographies are good but very stressful, I worked for a lying, scheming piece of s--t like him for several years and practically had PTSD by the time I reached the last page on each of them!
Some of the newer books on Joseph Mengele are very good though the "Nazi Doctors" is always a good starting point, it partially influenced my study of psychology. Anything on Goering is frustrating because had military potential before drugs took over, he is another one that would have gone places with the proper direction. Most of the leadership were really interesting, they were far better educated and had more skills than a lot of the American and Soviet counterparts. It's amazing how a combination of financial ruin, propaganda and economic manipulation can produce such tragedy in otherwise normal people.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by secretagent woooman

wow!!! very impressive post!! your obviously very well read, would love to hear your opinion on the thread post. I believe that hitler did make a get away and lived after his supposed death date.. not really based on any facts just that he was head of state so had lots of fanatical followers and the saddam his country was invaded by a much more miltary and technogical advanced invader and the modern press is much more intrussive and he managed to evade the authroties and pres for ages so hiltel back then could have done it easy..your thoughts would be greatly read!!


posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 08:14 PM
reply to post by insider15

Saddam's escape is the one I question. I took a criminal
investigation class once and find it very improbable that DNA testing was completed in one day, when it usually takes weeks to complete. Hmm.
Not to mention, he had how many body doubles who were trained perfectly in how to impersonate him if captured? Con Coughlin's books on him are good. Personally getting rid of him was a good idea but they should have done it in 1991, there was no point in going in 2001 and the country was already in ruins by then, invasion or not.

Uday Hussein seems to be the one the people feared the most, the descriptions of athletes who were tortured by him are very hard to read or listen to, and of women he raped and murdered. I actually read the English language version of his online "Babel" newspaper and was amazed at the some of the stuff they posted, they actually criticized Saddam's administation quite a bit! They also put up a lot of tongue in cheek stuff like mock polls to select the administration's handsomest cabinet minister, it was a lot like reading a US tabloid! Qusay is the one that seemed to have the intellect and relative mental stability to have accomplished something despite coming from a very backward culture and having been brought up by such a degenerate clan, it would have been interesting to see what he could have done without the family's vendettas and interference. Finding anyone who can run the country over there who is not knee-deep in clan warfare seems to be less likely than finding Bigfoot and Jimmy Hoffa!

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 08:18 PM
Supposedly the Soviets found Hitler's burned remains, removed them back to Russia and stored them in Moscow until a few years ago to ensure that they would not be buried by the Germans before his ID was established. Also, they apparently were seen as some sort of trophy by Stalin, which wouldn't surprise me a bit.

Suicide is the quickest way to avoid war crimes prosecution, I doubt he had anything to lose because he was dying. The most interesting point to me is the allegations that an American soldier slipped Goering a cyanide vial and that Hess was strangled to death in prison.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 08:20 PM
reply to post by secretagent woooman

wooooh information overload!!! lol, again your obvoiuly very well read and intelligent to i am gonna have to pick your brains here rather than make random do u believe hitler lived beyound his recognise death date, do u belive sadam did like wise?

very cool responces looking forward to many more

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 08:25 PM
No, i think Hitler committed suicide during the end of the Berlin offensive, it was OVER for him! Hussein I am not so sure of, no credible reports of him being alive but the circumstances of capture are shaky. He seems to have far more supporters now than he did during his regime, that is sure! It's done wonders for the Baath Party membership, they probably have more supports now than ever before. If he popped up tomorrow on CNN I don;t think I would even blink, the whole political scene has gotten so strange!

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 08:28 PM
There was something i posted about this. How Hitler might have escaped to Antarctica. Heres my Thread on it
Omega Files

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 08:35 PM
reply to post by secretagent woooman

ok i am a cnn type of person so i rem him(or someone looking like him being pulled outta that whole) so that kinda puts it to bed for me but i am not beyound being corected with new i am ex forces and know he had many many doubles..when i served we were given very basic intel on him which was if you see him and he has a side arm its him if you see him and he doesnt have a side arm its a double.


posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 09:02 PM
I heard that they wouldn't give the doubles arms so they wouldn't rebel!
Or so some service members have joked.....
I also like the joke about picking out the real Saddam by asking him to raise his left arm (the missing one)......
As phony and orchestrated as the news is now (I work in the industry) I don't believe anything unless I see it myself. The whole case seems too well coordinated for my liking though I am glad that he is gone judging by every description I have ever read about how his regime treated its citizens.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 09:14 PM
reply to post by secretagent woooman

yes i agree to a point, but is it better to have amad phscopath who intsilss fear and keeps a contry together or a pathic govt with no power who cant control their own borders and invites and exports bombers to our shores? totally off topic but hey we are all free thinkers on this lets thinks and go beyond our boydandires,

theres a desert in the middlde east that has glass that could only have been caused by a nuclear explosion and its been dated at at least 5 thousand years old whats up with that???

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 09:20 PM
The dental assistant identified the jaw and bridgework that she worked on when it was given to her by SMERSH after the battle was over.

In the 70's, the Soviets ground up the bones of Hitler and threw them in the river.

Stalin wanted to keep going the rumor that Hitler was alive so that he had something to use against the West. That, and to throw the West off balance in believing that he might still be alive.

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 09:53 PM
Interesting thread and topic. I've wondered about it a few times, and have wanted to read those books but haven't got around to it yet.

When thinking about this I've been wondering about Hitlers mustache of all things
but just hear me out. As far as I know it was a somewhat popular style before him with the likes of Charlie Chaplin etc. I've also heard Hitler was big on symbols and the occult and all, and wonder if that had something to do with it? I've had the thought that he would use popular things and pervert or twist them into part of his image to gain popularity, acceptance etc. The swastika and phoenix come to mind as other examples.

I've also thought that the mustache served two other purposes. One, it made creating body doubles easier since the mustache was the predominant facial feature and what people would focus on most even neglecting other features. Two, it could help Hitler go into hiding easier again it was the predominant facial feature and once shaved off (along with other changes) would make it easier to conceal and alter his identity.

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 09:59 PM

Originally posted by insider15
theres a desert in the middlde east that has glass that could only have been caused by a nuclear explosion and its been dated at at least 5 thousand years old whats up with that???

Do you have a link to your source or anymore information on that? Couldn't the glass have been from the earth itself being formed or if it was an explosion something like an asteroid or meteorite

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 07:33 AM
reply to post by warpboost

Hitler was a master showman. He understood the power of symbols, the swastika and the grey, black and red colors of the Nazi flag for instance. The use of show and pageantry was only added to by men like Goebbels and Speer. Even today one cannot deny the cinematic mastery of the film "Triumph Of The Will".

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 09:14 AM
Without spending a hour of time googling stuff, I'll just give it a go.

Hitler is dead!!

The russians grabbed his burnt remains from the bunker and took it back to Moscow. The body was not completely destroyed, there was enough intact to perform a limited autopsy. How do we know this, because the russians said a long time ago Hiltler had only one testicle and recent news reported a paragraph in a preists journal spoke of how the doctor who saved Hitler's life after being wounded in battle (resulting in the loss of his testie) told during confession if he knew what Hitler would become, he would have let him die.

So if they knew Hitler had only one testicle, and it was proven by the preist journal, the most likely outcome is exactly what the russians have always reported. Hitler commited suicide in the bunker and his corpse was partialy burnt, but not completely and was found by the russians who took it back to Moscow.

I did not check my facts, but am reasonably sure they are correct.

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