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Israel Cries Wolf

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posted on Apr, 10 2009 @ 11:56 PM
reply to post by dooper

Hmmm... I would love to read your book. Can you please post the name or U2U me the info...

Thanks in advance...

--Charles Marcello

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 12:02 AM

Originally posted by ModernAcademia

Israel NEVER asked for peace, not once!
Not only did they not ask for peace they even broke peace treaties.

You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

Another person who is completely outside their mind! How in the hell can you post this absolute nonsense? Do you really think people are this damn ignorant of history? What in the hell!?!

Wow, just freaken wow!

--Charles Marcello

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 12:11 AM

Originally posted by Goathief

Originally posted by The time lord

I think Isreal has asked for peace many times, its only so much one can do.

If you believe that, why did Israel break the cease fire that led to the latest offensive on the strip earlier this year?

HOLY CRAP! Why did Israel break this cease fire? What???? Where are these people getting their news. My god in heaven! REALLY! Wow… have I entered the twilight zone or something... Is there something in the water, air... or are these people truly this uneducated? I say again... HOLY CRAP!

BTW... there is no I think Israel asked for peace anything... Israel most certainly has tried to seek peace several, hundreds of times for three decades and longer. I mean the whole Camp David thingy, and all the talks with Nixon/Ford/Carter, (Peace treaty with Egypt),/Reagan/Bush Sr./Clinton (land for Peace with those so called Palestinians... which lead to the longest sustained terrorist attacks in human history)/Bush Jr.... so there aint no I think anything... These anti-Israel/Jew haters are flatass LIARS!

--Charles Marcello

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 12:21 AM

This article speaks volumes! The bold words above speaks volumes! Even though this NYTimes article proves beyond any doubt why that paper is going bankrupt, they used only 11 words to describe what Hamas, (those so called Palestinians), did for almost a full year... 11 freaken words, and then followed those words with the word, but! The word, but, is used when you are dismissing the stuff you said just before it... Word psychology 101.

I can't wait until that worthless, laughable, supposed newspaper ceases to exist... What a crock of crap! That article is a freaken joke… 11 words to condemn those so called Palestinians and the rest is used to try and blame those 3000 plus rockets and Israel’s response on Israel… What a joke the NYTimes has been for a very long time… But the good news is, in very short order… If they aint to big to fail, we can all sing… Nah, nah, nah, nah… nah, nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, hey, GOOOOOD BYE!

--Charles Marcello

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 12:25 AM

Wow Dooper... When I got to this point right here I felt like standing up and Saluting these words... Wow!

The rest of your post was right on point as well... Another Great Post!

--Charles Marcello

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 12:36 AM

Originally posted by ModernAcademia

Originally posted by The time lord
If not mistaken I think Israel was going after terrorists at the time, since the world has become awake of all terror threats that is spreading globally.

95% of casualties were civilians

they bombed homes of women and children, hospitals, schools etc...

they were not going after terroists, they were going for civilian population

Where the hell are you people getting your news? Do you people just make this crap up as you go along? Because those so called Palestinians terrorist cowards put rockets in front of women and children, hospitals, schools etc... then they were legal targets...period! If those terrorist cowards, those so called Palestinians, hid behind women, children, in hospitals, schools etc... then they, those so called Palestinian terrorist cowards are the only ones to blame for the death that followed. Let alone the fact those so called Palestinian terrorist cowards fired over 3000 rockets before Israel supposedly bombed one hospital, one school or killed one women or child...

Wow, when you look at it the way it actually was instead of the lies you people continue to post because the truth is your real enemy... Hell Israelis are the victim, to the point that those so called Palestinian terrorist cowards forced Israel to bomb women, children, hospitals, schools, etc... Poor Israel... Give them Hell Israel... I feel sad for Israel and you should too... I mean no one should be forced to blow up women, children, hospitals, schools, etc... because those so called Palestinian terrorist cowards hid behind women, children, in hospitals and schools. Shame on those so called Palestinian terrorist cowards for forcing Israel to respond… Shame, shame!

--Charles Marcello

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 12:38 AM

Originally posted by ModernAcademia
reply to post by dooper

have you even read the article of this thread?

Israel just keeps lying and has a history making up excuses to attack muslim nations. First fearmongering, then unjust attacks making you think it's for your own good. This is called terroism, to get what you want out of terror/fear.

you aren't fooling anyone my friend, only perhaps yourself.

Wow, talk about the Pot calling the kettle black! Wow, just wow!

--Charles Marcello

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 12:40 AM

Finally another person besides dooper posting some truth... Great Post IAF101!

--Charles Marcello

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 12:49 AM

Originally posted by Solomons
reply to post by IAF101

unprovoked? lol..somebody needs to learn history.You do have the internet at your fingertips,my advice? use it.

The statement above is by far the most tired tactic used by these Israeli haters.

They don't really want people to use the Internet to find out the truth, because if people actually studied and learned the truth then everyone would know just how crazy these anti-Israel/Jew Hater people truly are. What they are hoping is you will trust their lies simply because they said to search for some information they know they are lying about. This is a tactic that always makes me laugh.

I had a teacher in college who used to use a tactic like this... As a matter a fact I embarrassed the crap out of him one day and he ended class twenty minutes early. I would tell the story but it aint like it will stop these people from retrying this tactic again in the future. Just letting people know this is a tired tactic in reverse psychology is enough for now.

--Charles Marcello

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 12:54 AM

Originally posted by dooper
reply to post by masonwatcher

Mason, get a grip.

The Persians invaded. This was not some stupid trade disagreement as you suggest.

It was an invasion.

And they got slaughtered. Like it or not, they can't fight. Never could.

They do fine fighting other piddly neighbors.

They just can't hold up when it comes to Western powers.

I know, I know. Your Islamic ties just can't let this ride.

Just too bad. Things are as they are.

Wow Dooper, all the post above this one was some fun, entertaining as hell, reading! I have read over a hundred history books in my time, yet I don't think even I could have pulled that much info from memory! Great Posts!

Also... The post quoted above is pretty funny!


Wow! I think I have finally caught up with this thread. I don't think I have ever in the history of my life, have I ever, read such blatant lies and hyperbole as I have seen posted within this thread by these anti-Israel/Jew Haters. What a joke these people are!

Dooper you did a great job against that onslaught of nonsense! (taking off my role hat...)

Dooper can you see how some honest people could think Israel may have, from time to time, over done their reactions to those so called Palestinians and their terrorists acts? I know I can admit it.

You seem like an honest person who aint afraid to tell it the way it actually is, and you seem like the only person here, (well you and possibly one or two others), that is worth having an honest discussion with. The rest of the Israel haters... Wow, really… that's all I can honestly say about some of the stuff I have read here today... just wow!

--Charles Marcello

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posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 01:04 AM
reply to post by Terapin

Fair enough. I'll try to answer you with all sincerity.

First question - is it fair if oppressed to fight your oppressors? Absolutely! Just one little consideration. Manner. Random murder and slaughter of innocents tends to piss off the other side, and makes them real uncooperative. Goodwill tends to get closed down. Like a communication constipation.

Just because you can do something doesn't always mean you should. And to tell you the truth, fairness is a concept that in this arena, I think we're way past.

In a struggle, especially one to the death, there is no "fair." "Fair" implies restraint or implies rules of behavior. The first rulebreaker, and the "rules" are out the window. It doesn't matter who broke the "rules" first, in a mortal fight, there is no "injured party." There's the victor and the dead.

Keep in mind, I'm not speaking philosophy. I speak with a military background, where the brutal practicalities of survival always outweigh the nebulous concepts of brotherhood. Rules and fairness go right out the window after the first death.

So to ask is it fair, I'd say it's kind of like a non-question. I do understand your question, but fairness is long gone in this arena.

OK. You mention orange groves, crops, and earlier, referred to farm houses all being destroyed. Since the first armies faced one another, they would clear out an an area in front of their positions to enable a ready observance of any enemy activity, to eliminate any hiding places for attackers, to eliminate any source of concealment from which to operate from, and to provide a more open killing ground when attacked.

In the First World War, they nicknamed the front "No Man's Land." In Viet Nam they called this open area their "field of fire." It serves a strictly military purpose, and regardless of what is there, you clear it. No exception, no exclusions.

The claims of the firing on rescue and medical transports is quite simply - difficult to believe, and let me tell you why. Hamas, as well as Hizballah, have a very nasty habit of hiding in schools, hospitals, civilian apartment buildings, and yes, even using marked emergency vehicles for transport.

The problem with those tactics is that on occasion, they may be fired on when believed to being misused.

It's not a willful, intentional, cold-blooded act of commission, but a natural response to the nasty tactics the Israelis have been exposed to in the past.

The use of any weapon against military targets, which would include any armed belligerents, is allowed. Some with an agenda, would misinterpret the civilian area thing, but it is assumed that most normal people would not willfully place civilians at risk by mingling with them. You'll note the exception in the quote you provided. Like it or not, civilians are fair game when in the presence of armed belligerents.

As for the WP, it's in the inventory of all major militaries for a number of reasons. Its use is allowed against vehicles or personnel, as one can have several definitions of what constitutes adequate "separation" and legitimate targets.

Legitimate targets can include personnel, storage facilities, equipment, vehicles, communication center, rally points, and even individual armed soldiers or belligerents. So who's to say that a particular civilian was "unfairly" hurt in an attack of any kind? Since civilians get hurt and killed when in the proximity of the aforementioned legitimate targets, it's one of those "TOO BAD's."

You'll note that the WP was not slamming into structures, nor burning at near or on ground level to generate maximum effect. The WP was bursting high in the air, where most of it had burned out before any trails of the tendrils could reach the ground. This use of WP was clearly not used to generate casualties, so much as it was to create a diversion by being so visible high in the air.

Had the Israelis really wanted to create civilian casualties, they could have dropped cluster bombs. A hundred-fold more effective than WP airbursts.

I have no comment on the way you feel about the Israeli government. That's your opinion, and good enough for me.

Israel may have a long history of violating human rights as you suggest, but it has a long history of being attacked by multiple coalitions, and their civilian populations being slaughtered by suicide bombers, bombs, snipers, and gunmen.

So to me it cuts both ways. It's a wash.

Palestinians have every right to fight whoever they want. And Israel has every right to fight back, with everything in their arsenal. Someone wants a fight, you give it to them.

But when you start a scrap and not only get your ass kicked and innocents killed in the process, it just somehow doesn't seem right to go crying about it.

Hamas and Hizballah are cowards. They hide behind their women and children, getting them killed. They know they can't win against Israel, they know their efforts will get innocents killed, but they just don't give a damn.

Iran has a right to nuclear power generation as you suggest, just as did Iraq. Iran has the right to pursue nuclear weapons also. But since they threatened the existence of Israel, Israel likewise has a right to self-defense, and the right to conduct a preemptive strike to stop that nuclear technology.

That's the problem with one group threatening the existence of another group. Some folks take such things real serious.

Deadly serious.

(sorry for the edits. Three typos so far. Must be getting tired!)

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posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 01:15 AM
reply to post by dooper


AMEN Dooper!

To those who might be confused... What dooper wrote above is called a rational and fair response/answer. That doesn't mean you have to like what is written, but at least it was honest and fair! While what I did with my role hat on to this question was in fact not. There truly is a difference and if you can't tell by the way Dooper is responding, and my responses... Well then you are the reason I am posting the way I am!

--Charles Marcello

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 01:45 AM
reply to post by dooper

I think the real problem here is none of these people have a military background and does not understand urban warfare. If you are in urban combat there is collateral damage civilians buildings and people die. If the people doesnt want this to occur they need to remove hamas,Unfortunately i dont think this will happen without intervention because they tend to kill anyone who doesnt agree with them. Hamas isnt peace loving if they were we wouldnt even be having this conversation they would sign treaties and start getting massive international aid. But this is not what they want they are puppets of syria and iran both need isreal to stay distracted in the region.

Ill tell you something in iraq we had to clear insurgents civilians died. You have to make split second decisions are they hostile and trying to kill me or is this someone in the wrong place at the wrong time, until you know what its like you have no basis to judge. War kills people right or wrong there is death and i would love to see Isreal and Hamas work this out without death and destruction! Reality is until Hamas is utterly and totally destroyed there will be no peace in gaza.

There only goal is to drive Isreal out of the middle east and i really dont think thats going to happen. In the mean time stop buying into hamas propaganda they feed these stories to the press. Did you know they were caught dragging around a dead baby to bombing sites just to show isreal was killing babies. There using the press and personally i find that just disrespectful of human life. Oh and even in the last raid they let out press releases that isreal bombed a hospital that turned out to be false also.

The supposed burn victims from WP it burns at 5000 degrees you wouldnt have people complaining of 3rd degree burns they would have a stump where there are or leg used to be. I had to laugh they had a guy in the hospital claiming his entire back was burned by WP, If he was hit with it he would have died. Reality is the burn victims were from fires started most likely from missiles since they truly didnt bomb targets.

Dont be fooled all ways look to the source of the information.

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posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 06:50 AM
littlebunny please stop posting from now on
you aren't giving anything to the thread except praises and empty insults with no facts whatsoever

congrats, you are succeeding in ruining this thread

everyone offers proof and sources
all you offer is either slang or sarcasm

neither debates nor comedy is your thing
quit it man

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 06:53 AM
Okay I really don't know where to start so I guess Ill go by people.

First off, dooper, I thought I recognised your Greek-Persian stuff somewhere, sounds like a white supremist book I happened to stumble across, pretty much word for word. The whole neo-nazi movements all over anything that shows white supremacy. How do I prove my point? Well why dont you replace the word "western" in your earlier posts with "white" and youll understand my point. Especially since you call Russia and Israel 'western' nations, really now? Both are in the east, Russia is as FAR east as it gets! So Im just going to assume you meant white nations.

Then you mention reliance on western weapons, it is my understanding that most of the middle east other than Pakistan, UAE and Israel have a heavy reliance on RUSSIAN weapons, but then again you think Russia is in the west. I could also start listing home-bred weapons from various ME countries but I dont have the time. And even if they have somewhat of a reliance, so what? Do you think most European countries build all their own weapons? Most of us get them from GERMANY. Why do you THINK so many countries buy guns from western countries? Companies like HK of Deutschland make the finest weapons in their craft. Nothing wrong with wanting the best.

The abilities of the West to wage war are unparalleled in history, and that ability is a combination of characteristics that the Persian and Arab Muslims will never, ever have.

Heres where I dont get you. Here you racially profile all Persians and Arab Muslims (leaving out Arab Christians, I presume) as not being as prolific with warfare as westerners but elsewhere you say that they are warmongering savages.

Left to their own devices, these people would still be living in tents and mud houses, scratching their asses left-handed while chewing on mutton, and washing it down with a sheep-skin canteen while betting on goat races.

A more restrictive, miserable, backward group of contentious people have never existed.

I've never seen such a racist quote in my life... I dont know how you got away with this one. Why dont you research into how they actually lived in ancient civilisations, do some research into things like Middle Eastern early science advances and Egyptian chemistry, etc etc. And maybe try a racial sensitivity course while you're at it.
And then I read this:

I'm a blonde-haired, blue-eyes Gentile with no connection to Israel in any manner.

and Im pretty sure my assertions were correct about you being a white supremist. Christian by the sounds of it. Well Im glad you would love me, Im Scandinavian and probably whiter than you, a soldat by profession and raised Catholic. Too bad you would hate a lot of the people I know.

I'm just a man that despises hatred of a people, just because they are of a certain ethnic group.

Just had to throw that in because the irony is choking me. You show such obvious contempt for Persians (a race) and Arabs (also a race).

I'm surprised at the denial of what's really going on by many who just hate Israel, when deep down they hate Jews.

As has been cited oh so many times before on this site, I'm as suprised as you are at how much those True Torah Jews say they hate Israel, when deep down they really just hate Jews.

For the use of WP, there are pictures of it being used on the ground, against civilians. You could argue its for distraction but I call bull# on that. Yes it is not banned by Geneva but certain uses of it are, as has been cited previous use in densely occupied civilian territory. If it was used in the United States as a 'distractant' EVERYONE would be crying foul there. Despite 'legality'. And just because WP is not classified as a chemical weapon, when you use a chemical as a weapon, it is a chemical weapon. A fork isnt a weapon either until it comes up as evidence in court.

You do the best you can, you kill as many of the enemy as you can, in the greatest number, as quickly as you can, as efficiently as you can, in the greatest concentrations.

Glad to see yet another soldat lose his empathy/humanity. Taking a life is not like taking mints at a hotel. You seem to view it as a mundane task.

It's not nice, it's not pretty, and it's not pleasant.

It's war.

Agreed. It's disgusting and unnecessary.

The purpose is to stop the killing. It's going to continue until one side or the other is either unable to kill further, or unwilling to die further.

How ironic. The only way to stop the killing is to increase the killing.

There is a number that when reached, is when the fighting stops. No one knows that number.

I do!! It's 100%.

About Israel itself,

Israel has no possible reason to attack those around them, as they have been attacked in '48, '56, '67 (I know, but Israel jumped before the Egyptians got all their forces on line - too bad), '73, and on and on, and on with guerilla tactics.

very true, but that does not mean they did not instigate violence. I refer you to Irgun and armed settlers, taking land when prior Jews and Arabs lived in (at very least, far greater) peace worshipping in their holy lands.

Random murder and slaughter of innocents tends to piss off the other side, and makes them real uncooperative.

Try using this and switch Israel/Palestine in your mind, and you will see both sides of the coin. I also dont see how you justify in your mind needlessly destroying farmlands and such, you make up some tactical excuse when really you just hate Muslims. See how it sounds turned against you? With your brand of military logic,firing rockets at Israeli civilians is okay because they are all conscripts.

Hamas and Hizballah are cowards. They hide behind their women and children, getting them killed. They know they can't win against Israel, they know their efforts will get innocents killed, but they just don't give a damn.

Since WHEN is fighting a losing battle cowardly??! Israel also hides behind its civilians

I speak with a military background, where the brutal practicalities of survival always outweigh the nebulous concepts of brotherhood.

Not quite. Look up the term 'comrade'. One in my position. Respect

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 07:31 AM

Originally posted by littlebunny
How freaken ridiculous! Foxnews and Murdock, (He’s English btw!)

Just because hes English doesnt mean he cant be Jewish too. I dont believe he is just saying its not impossible.

Nothing Israel did during their last response to what those terrorists did was even remotely war crimes.

No, so many people are calling for war crimes tribunal for no reason at all...

Israel attacked those who deserved to die.

Agreed, if you are referring to HAMAS. But since you always typecast all Palestinians as terrorists Im going to have to completely disagree with you.

Israel killed civilians because they were not smart enough to kick those cowards out of their house/apartment/buildings.

Or, 1. They couldnt kick out an armed person
2. They didnt want to kick out their only means of defence against Israeli soldiers!! Think through things next time. The Palestinian civilians are screwed no matter what they do, thats why so many of us are upset about their situation.

with the complete backing, support, equipment, and permission to kill all the civilian Jews they can from Iran and Syria.

Wow, you must mean Israeli civilian Jews because there is no way Iran would okay killing of the Iranian Jews. Its not a matter of race as you seem to think. Its a matter of country/politics.

Of course Israel blocked all exists points, they were going after terrorists, and that is not against any damn law! Where do you people get this crap?

Get it from accepted international law. Here 's an example of it cited elsewhere.
Civilians have a right to leave warzones.

And Israel most certainly did not bomb or shoot everything in sight.

In certain areas they did. Its the same thing that happened in Fallujah,, you can search it and find many different sources if you like. In the intensity many soldiers fired at civilians fleeing.

Originally posted by IAF101Any sane person would clearly see that it is these Muslim "nations" that have repeatedly attacked Israel unprovoked. First it was in 1948, when they decided to wipe out the recently arrived Jews

Unprovoked, are you saying a sudden influx into your land and then stealing your possessions is not provoking? Not to mention armed settlers harassing people? I think that if, for example, Mexican immigrants came en masse to America with guns and forced you to move, then you were cordoned the smaller portion of land with the larger population, you'd feel pretty provoked.

the Muslims and Arab nations are barbaric and vicious war mongers
they are not like ordinary human beings
force must be applied efficiently and brutally without reservation because these muslim nations understand nothing else and that is their nature

WOW yet again one escapes the mods and seriously... you cant call someone racist and then say the most racist thing ever. I mean hypocrite, really.

Originally posted by The time lord
Israel was the best save haven for them and everyone why would'nt people let them in?

Indeed, the Allies were just as prejudiced as the Axis, they just werent violent about it.

maybe going back to their historical routes was for their best and the stability to the world after WW2 because for the first time in many years they can call somewhere home.

Ha stability the middle east is far more unstable with Israel there. And they DID have homes thats why you adopt your country, people in America call themselves AMERICANS! Next thing youll tell me we need a Christian homeland.

But you know how Islam works,

Not being Muslim no, I dont, and neither do you. Just because some Muslims dont want peace, by far doesnt mean they all want war and death to infidels. I have met plenty of Christians who have toted that we should kill all the Muslims/Arabs/Jews/Hindus, it goes on and on, but I dont go "well thats how Christianity works".

Originally posted by The time lordI think Isreal has asked for peace many times, its only so much one can do.

Yes, whoever said Israel never asked for peace is dead wrong, but understand the difference between asking and following through. They set things up on THEIR terms (who wouldnt?) not to mention that Israel has broken some cease fires and with their occupation Palestinians are not wanting to co-operate with the ones doing them harm. Same with Israel. And the Palestinians reject because they dont want MORE Israeli presence (to monitor the new agreements) and they cant just forget atrocities...
Revenge is not the right answer but it is the simplest one.

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 08:06 AM

Here you can see IDF soldiers shooting at unarmed farmers. There are many other videos that show this as well as video of IDF shooting fishermen.

You can also read the reports of IDF shooting at Red Cross rescue workers who had been given permission to pass. These were not isolated incidents and trying to deny this by making the claim that they were terrorists hiding in ambulances does not hold water. The IDF knew full well who they were targeting as they were the ones who allowed the rescue workers to cross the border into the area. They inspected the vehicles before allowing them to pass.

Despite the claims of some individuals, it is indeed illegals to use White Phosphorus in civilian areas and although I pointed out the specific regulations, some choose to ignore that fact. If Israel claims that it's use was not illegal, why did the Israelis initially deny that any WP had been used? The rules for it's use are quite clear.

Anyone who has studied the History of Israel knows full well that when the Zionists entered the area they initiated a campaign of terrorist activities that included the bombing of civilians in markets and busses. This is something that the Palestinians Learned from their oppressors. Israeli apologists need to learn their history.

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 08:22 AM
reply to post by Ridhya

What can I say Ridhya; you have just given some schooling in rational discourse. The problem you will have is that your forensic disassembly of Dooper's argument you have made will escape him.

You see in a politically correct American where debate is regulated by vested interests like the ADL and associate subsidiaries and allies, the only ethnicities permitted to be demonised, insulted and publicly barracked are Arabs and Persians. Angles of attack are multifarious and dependent upon the interest of the attacker.

For the racist, there is the racial hatred which is reflexive and an expedient outlet for what ever dysfunction there is operating under the subconscious. For religious fanatics, the fear of Islam and its spread is a rallying point for militant Born Agains and End Timers who are blind to the decadence and inhumanity within their own country and embark on projecting their agendas along the routes of their country's foreign policy.

The convergence of these two camps has produced the Frankenstein Christian zionists movement some of whom attached themselves to American foreign policy agencies, mercenary organisations like Blackwater and intelligence communities.

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 08:35 AM
reply to post by dooper

I believe you to be Christian or Catholic from reading some of your posts. Could you comment on the problems with the common practice of Israelis Spitting on Christians in Israel? Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to Stop Spitting on them Here you can read from the Israeli news, how this problem is so common that when jewish students spit upon Christian clergymen, their teachers did nothing to prevent or admonish them. Spitting on the cross and spitting in front of Churches is also common in Israel. Does this represent a moral ideology and a land of religious tolerance?

Racism in Israel is also quite rampant. In Israel your fate is determined by Genetics. Ethiopian Jews living in Israel are discriminated against. Israeli law requires all Rabbis of the same level to get the same pay, yet Ethiopian Rabbis get paid less despite their equal standing. Ethiopian Jews participate in blood drives, yet their blood was thrown out simply because Israelis did not want "black blood." It was proven that there was no contamination of the blood and that everyone had the proper health screening. This has also been reported in Israeli newspapers which you can read for yourself. These same Ethiopian Jews also fight in the Israeli army yet they get treated with racism.

There are many who believe that All muslims are evil. There are many Jews living peacefully in Muslim nations, and many Jews who do not condone Israeli actions and human rights violations. When racism enters the leadership of a nation, it infects every aspect of society and invalidates any actions they take.

How do you feel about racism, and religious intolerance against Christians in Israel?

[edit on 11/4/09 by Terapin]

posted on Apr, 11 2009 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by Terapin

Terapin, yours will be easiest to answer, so I'll answer you first.

Funny you should ask me about the spitting thing. I was in uniform, passing through the San Francisco International, just out of combat, and going home.

I got a kick out of the Hare Krishnas, because they were just happy, goofy folks.

While watching a few glide around, I found a young man and young lady altering their course to meet mine. I would drift away, and they would alter their direction to intersect mine.

The girl was pretty, blondish hair, and the guy was plagued by acne and wore glasses.

She spit right in my face, and without thinking - a purely instinctive reaction, I popped my fist down right on top of her head, which caused her eyes to cross and her legs to fold.

I snatched the guy up and invited him to not hide behind a girl and spit on me for himself. For whatever reason, he just couldn't be persuaded. Two cops saw it, and let it go, drifting the other direction like they didn't see it.

Anyone spits in my face or on me, Jew, Gentile, Muslim, Hari Krishna, especially a man, will be doing his spitting though a pie hole without teeth.

I know all about racism. It's stupid, it's ugly, and it's arrogant.

And you find it everywhere you look.

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