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spinning atom vision

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 05:25 AM
One morning I awoke to a spinning cluster of pastel colored light rods visible in the periphery of my sight. I had been asleep in the soft morning light and as I opened my eyes this thing was plainly visible. I wondered about it for as long as I watched it, about 5 mins.

Is this a ufo? Some miniature spaceship? It seemed to just hang in the air and spin, break apart, spin, almost as if it were reassembling itself over and over again. In the car next to me some Polish guy was hooking up with a whore he'd met at the bar next to the parking lot on Pulaski near Diversey, where 30 or so guys stare at the female bar tender each night as a reward for their toils. I reasoned that the hookup was likely some trap that was supposed to get me to watch, and the spinning wheel was more interesting from what I could see. Was this wheel part of the surveillance? I started reading about molecular structures (Buckmisnter Fuller) and did not find anything relevant. I would appreciate input on this. Breaking apart, spinning, shattering on to pieces, and coming back again into long tubes that continued until I focused earnestly on the dry humping going on in the car next to me in the otherwise empty lot....

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 06:04 AM
Additional information: This was the Summer I had discovered nano needles in my fingertips, specifically that day was August 5 1997, which I call 'juju awareness day'. All along I had believed this was the by product of my metal working career, filings and such. But on that fateful day I was asked to don my work gloves, which I never ever used, and help lift some sheets that had been delivered. As soon as I applied pressure to the underside of the first sheet I was nearly blinded by a sharp pain. I shook out the gloves and out came some tiny rods about 1/100" long and about 3 tenths of a thousandths long. Basically, invisible. As I had been plagued with these for a few years, so much so that the local rag issued an article on how mentally ill persons, or anyone who has smoked weed, would 'self-mutilate' in order to stay inside their bodies (I just found my copy of this from the Tribune), ~as I was saying-as I had suffered from this for years, I was prepared with sharp surgical tweezers and various lenses by which to extract the 6 inch long threads that would emerge from the entry wounds. Because they were covered with clinging blood droplets, one could actually see the wires. Finer than anything I'd ever seen. I assume a Mossad trick to eliminate me, or perhaps for surveillance purposes. So the month this spinning atom appeared (in both my eyes, and as long as I softly focused on the ugly vinyl seat in front of me) would have been July 1997. Later that Summer the Princess was killed when a vast conspiracy to eliminate her culminated. But nothing has been uncovered on the matter of the jujus. Nothing except that there are an awful lot of mentally ill persons out there.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 06:12 AM
Valparaiso Chile. 4.6. 10:22:54 UTC USGS (5:22:54 Chicago time)

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 06:15 AM
even though you've hardly posted your name seems very familiar.

what happened next?

[edit on 8/4/09 by pieman]

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 06:36 AM
Four supermodels and three decades later, I am capable only of retaining things that point to God, or to do battle against NWO figures that are bold enough to attempt to eliminate the internet so that only they that are in secret can openly persecute those that attempt to confuse them. When I attempt to reveal what is relevant to my experience, others will claim that I am brain damaged. The internet has worked out badly for the evil forces, so they are attempting to make it into a TV set that tells you only what they want to telecast.

The jujus ceased at the time of the princess's death. I had been talking to anyone I met about it, including slipping hand made flyers in to the Mayo Health newsletters that at the time were advertising for aidshoax. Now, when I rage, I am usually met with a sign that only I, and sometimes the Pope, can cipher. God knows what has been done to us, and God is with us. But life is not much 'fun'. I make music to the sky. I live alone. I do not go out because I have no compound attendant to safeguard the food etc. Those needles really sucked. And I do believe that space tech has the capability to use a magnetic res tool to pinpoint a brain, and eviscerate it. And God knows THAT as well. Those who are in charge are poor at reading the data, mainly because God is out of the formula. None of my wives understand me.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 06:50 AM
11:12:59 UTC 5.3 New Zealand (6:12 Chicago time)

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 06:59 AM
An example of my style may be found on the slimy overthrow tool known as 'craigslist'.

Hit up rants and raves, Rome, and see if you can find my posting. I wasn't joking. And I am not now.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 07:42 AM
It's hard to understand what it is you're trying to say, but as to if it was a miniature spaceship, possibly. In the universe we should not assume that size has meaning, so there may be creatures of high intellect and power that are very small compared to us humans.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 07:44 AM
The internet will either liberate us, or enslave us. If it shall cease to be free, then we will fall under totalitarian world government rule. All this rebellion will be labeled as treasonous cahtter. THERE IS NO OTHER POSSIBLE INTERPRETATION.

Sorry I drifted off topic...

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 07:57 AM
Words that were written will be collected as evidence if the revolution fails. It is that simple. Either the internet is butterfly wings, or it is a specimen jar. Under the guise of 'hatespeech', Rockefeller, new world order magnate, is presently attempting to make it unfree. The media will help out with the suicide stories of little Allison who played online while mom and dad rubbed his n her jelly on their privates, then hung herself because greylock fooled her.

I agree with you-size is of no importance. It may be smaller than an atom...the mechanism that God can give for consciousness. One thing I can say about atheism~they are absolutely right: THERE IS NO GOD. Because God gives only to those who treasure and keep God's smallest treasure.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 02:35 PM
Mother of all serendipitous motherlodes...I saw the spinning wheel this afternoon and it may be a dream factory. Let me say there was a train involved before I forget, as 'dreams' are wont to do.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 07:43 PM
If I lived in a country with 'stan' at the end of it's name, then a cia drone would blow me to kingdom come. Because I a wise to some of their finest weaponry. God bless Amerika.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 09:01 PM
Central Italy 5.3 00:53:00 UTC (7:53 Chicago time)

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 09:31 PM
Pakistan Indian border 5.2 1:46:58 (8:46 Chicago)

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 09:35 PM
That's David MANN...two N's!!!

Evil men make you kill me. Evil men make me kill you too.
Evil men make you kill me.

Even though we're only families apart.

Same way you shoot me down, you'll be going just the same. 3 times the pain. And your own self to blame.


Machine Gun medley in D flat

posted on Apr, 9 2009 @ 05:07 AM
dream factory, or wasp's nest?

Since the majority of them are monstrous in intention, I'd say both. I am not trying to say anything really, but somebody is.

4 of them have involved trains, and fascists. Many more were aimed at unfathomable humiliation that upon wakening, so much so that many minutes were required to shake the embedded gloom. Others offer false hope of unrequited love. Some include caresses and her certain hand. It is only by being awake and understanding that God will show the signs in front of the world, that I am comforted, as I have learned to live independently of 'dreams'.

One day I found myself alongside a canal, at the mouth of the Sea, equipped with woodworking tools and the problem of assembling many dovetail joints at the junction of large timbers that fastened the hull of an enormous ship. Soon the water reacted oddly, suddenly running backwards, with waves that would have done bluebeam proud...cartoon like, with stage prop waves that ran against the current, and headed INland. The first animal to emerge from the water was that of a white Bengal Tiger with the face of a man, who was clearly Indian in descent.

I am proud to be a part of this number.

I was laying in a field of green grass, naked, amidst thousand of lions. And I was petting them, and offering them food.

This one came at the height of the media craze which nearly killed me with it's bankrolled signature sound, circa 1995. I will take that one, and the one above, and the one about a large parakeet perched near the refrigerator that holds frozen meat, named Omega, will do nicely as well, Thank you.

But those from the candy colored clown...well. My interpretation is that unless we go viral with this~outright revolution throughout the world to establish constitutional republics from within each state, then we are doomed to the insidious lie of 'democracy', which is bad, way bad. Because democracy is what our TV and media have twisted our core into being. Allow Oprah a few moments of fornication with Bono and the bastard saying 'show me your hands' is performing his tricks for the collection plate. Change we can all believe in.

WW3, 4, and 5 are preferable to this world government being seeded throughout your living rooms, because the Emanuels, the Roger Ailes, the mere millionaires seeking to become billionaires, are insatiable, and would not know a sign from God if it smashed them upside the head. Witness this the coldest Winter in decades, and yet our politicians are boldly trying to wrap up this 'global warming' nonsense as a yet undebatable fact.

Evan Bayh: "we need to solve this global warming thing" THEY CAN'T EVEN FILL POTHOLES PROPERLY (well, little mayor/ KING RICHARD CAN), nor can they build a road that lasts. And they want to pen some bull# fake evil World Constitution. Makes me laugh. Obama~ "and of course, global warming has to be on the agenda"

Sorry God disagreed with ya, big boys. To me you are little men cloistered in money, craving power, and utterly and completely bankrupt!

There's life under ground....and we the people must take back what the elite have used media blitzkreigs, for to steal and enslave us, with our own hypnotized hands! Because that life, all life, belongs to God.

We have our Constitution, and aim to keep it. Allowing any new form of this to be written, is like being alive when concrete was just discovered, and the house designs are HIDEOUS. Just hideous.

posted on May, 19 2009 @ 02:12 AM
I guess after years of wondering why I won't magically sprout new teeth, I have my answer. I can only conclude that things will be brought to an end, sort of like an etch a sketch, and you know, I am glad. I have enough teeth to deal with the remainder of time. I believe I am through with needing 'glory', or 'fame'. I never was good at telling lies, so I won't pen a novel or write any love songs. To me, the Beatles were great songwriters because they were good liars, and everytime I started writing stories, I felt corrupted. Corrupted by the mere assimilation of creating characters.

I have been consistent with my messages, even where the message was hatred of those who enslave us for more of our time. With their non stop hoaxes. Funny how every little thing we do, say, or search, is on permanent record. But all these pols, celebs, talking heads on telescreen get away with trying to pull one hoax after another. And the band plays on. They are never guilty, because the machine NEEDS their services.

Now I am able to understand the dreams wherein walls of chaos overtake the Earth. God has used my ass because I have nothing better to do. And because of the exposure I was given for not understanding the world. That's fine. I can think of no higher privilege. Thank you, God.

Grey area? I assure you: nothing could be less grey than the things I have revealed here. Years ago I stood on the lawn in front of my house and spoke to a HS friend that it feels like a pole shift is coming. Well what do you is. Lots of my compasses have broke, and my mind feels as though it is being 'reset', as I sleep. I cannot tell if the maker is evil man and technology, or God hisself. I don't care. If you knew how God responded to those who openly castigated me, you may perhaps feel as though you had been endowed with some power or what have you.

Well~all power belongs to God. My things will not be lost. I only mourn that I had a few more nice things to stand in way of accomplishments, other than having changed the names of a few whores so they could become supermodels because they held the hand of the wrong 'John'.

F you bono. F you and all who listen to you. Goodbye.

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 07:16 PM
Yes-a regular treasure trove of undocumented scientific experimentation. How's this:

I once lived in an apartment near Lake Michigan facing a large building with countless apartments. One morning I was jolted awake by what seemed to be a capacitor's releasing itself into my head. As I awoke, an odd thing was fresh in my eyes. It was as though you were seeing through a microscope slide (same proportions) which was etched with electrorheological lines (look it up/it exists). For years after this I would be prone to doodling these patterns. Or picture a musical staff~as there were about five lines~connected by flowing lines which dipped in to the next. These seemed quite analog as they were smoothly flowing.

BUT in the center was a lens split horizontally in half, just like your old Nikon, with the sparkling diamonds, very clearly revealed, in the lower half. After this, everything was in digital. The room fell out of smooth rack focus. I could see the grate on my windows facing the apartment complex across the street. I saw the fine mesh screen come to view. The glass in my windows. I saw the avocado plant inside my living room, and then the focus sped up. It was as if I could see the very air. You do understand 'rack focus? Next, came the stunning shock, I MEAN A KILLER FORCE JOLT, that went 90 degrees before entering my head. It occurred to me that this was intended to kill. Also, from my bed, none of the things that came in focus just prior were visible. It was like the Knight moves in chess.

No I don't trip. Never have.

Then there were 2 dimensional men in silicon grey cloaks following me up digital stairways. When they turned, they became invisible. These things came to me as I reeled to regain consciousness after the shock, like a remembered dream. And then, as the lens was focusing on the aforementioned plant, two men were being chased by these cloaked figures, through cornfields up north, where the city turns rural. I thought it was Sheridan road. They exited a 67 cadillac and crashed the car trying to flee. As the lens was on the plant, I felt as if I was one with the leaves on my plant, and felt them being parted. That's when it sped up and the jolt came. The plant, always well cared for, died within the week. It was a couple of years old, and about 4 feet in height.

I sat up and remarked that I could not see the windows, physically, from where I sat on my bed, yet I saw them through this lens. What could one do? I assumed that someone across the street had taken out a lease for the purpose of this 'hit', yet, being sane, could not pursue any recourse. One cannot go on searching for a digital hit man that disappears when it turns sideways.

Not trying to scare anyone, but this was a weapon used against me. I have always been aggressive in identifying media hoaxes geared toward one world control. I don't care if they turned me in to a cog in their machine: I am against them.

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 07:26 PM
For you scorekeepers, it happened in the Spring of '93 I believe. 1993 for record's keeping sake. The place was Dempster at Hinman. I had caught my 'landlord' more than once emerging from quite near my place with a strange light in his eyes, almost a smirk. Neither here nor there. What landlord doesn't check up on his apartments when the lease holder is not in. But I wondered if my car had been tagged, GPS style, or maybe something more intimate, such as, such as...such as my eyes?

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 01:55 AM
Boy, it's really great that we have balloon boy and a whole weekend to relive the good old days still glossing over that JFK was killed for attempting to take away the XXX';s piggy bank-the federal reserve. Maybe in about 100 years popular science will apologize for costing us our sovereignty on their bought and paid for 911 ruse.

I guess I learned that all this stuff is simply mkultra stuff. That figures.

I believe I said somewhere "God damn your geosynchronous weaponry'"? Well, you can never say that too many times.

God damn your geosynchronous weaponry! This is in caps, OK?

I posted about my wonderful hospital experience, a few days ago, for those of you lucky enough to have seen it before pulled by the CIA/mossad consortium, and it lasted about 5 minutes. I was 4, and witnessed horrendous experimentation at a hospital. Maybe they gave up on me, but with new tech, it is not going to stop. BTW the admins here completely ignored my request for why it was pulled.

I remember the guy's face, and his name. I am reluctant to speak anymore because, guess what? They have the power to do what I said, and can do this from the anonymity of outer space. Family members take turns calling me schizo and insane. I struggle to remain alone so I can talk to God. Then the Christians waltz in and bludgeon me with hostile 'read the Bible' and it will stop lectures.

Yes...Jacob begat Esau,

Prayers sometimes do hide the saddest view.

God is God. I need a family powerful enough to get me what I need. I cannot climb in my mouth and fix my teeth. If I could, I'd build a bedspace surrounded with lead and perforated steel. I am screaming that this weaponry must not be allowed to exist. Thank you.

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