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Information Leaders avoiding questions Ron Paul,David Icke,Alex Jones

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 04:42 AM
Let me first say how much i appreciate these guys Ron Paul,David Icke,Alex Jones.So I really hope someone can provide some answers here. I have noticed they all have someone accusing them of being misinformers to bring the ones not so easy manipulated half way and lead them astray.This is natural everyone gets attacked by some one. But they all avoid approaching the situation which makes me uncomfortable.Ron Paul (true American hero to me) has pictures on the internet of him showing fremason hand gestures and hand shakes .Coincidence possibly but he must know what this will make people of knowledge of these things think.Alex Jones heavily accused of being a Jesuit ,hard proof of this none,but why want he approach it.David Icke (my favorite)is being accused by Ivan Fraser of taking unrealiable information and turning into fact,also blocking him from his forums.Once again he has to know of this why does he turn a blind eye to it.All have been on The alex jones show,so if one is a poser does that make them all one.I would hate more than anything for this to be true but still want to know if it is .I would like to hear others outlook on this subject.

posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 05:22 AM
Ron Paul - a++

Alex Jones - All good, at times he does get a bit over-bored(scares away new people
) but at the same time i can feel that he really is scared and has a passion for what he does, we must take action now!, he actually tells it as it is...
people will try and tell you Alex is a fear monger patriot... they are sheep or people who like to take sides...

"I LYKE DAVID MORE... NO I LIKE ALEX MORE" - Reminds me of primary school :\ "I LYK DAT ONE MOARRRRRR"

get real..... they're both fighting the same power, the quicker you understand this the quicker the power will go down.

David Icke.... - Personally i don't feel a connection with this guy for some reason, he has a few good ideas out there, but he's quite spiritual in a way. You get to that point where you're questioning yourself on your own religious beliefs.., he creates a false sense of knowledge, I've seen so much debunking of this guy it's not funny, he has attacked Alex Jones before on his forums, pretty much trying to get people on his site.

The quicker people realise that we're all fighting the same power, the quicker we'll be able to communicate, but at this very moment we're being pushed inside our own playing field because there are a few uneducated or should i say "newbie" people out there who decide to side with someone...

That's where you get people bashing on forums, by manipulating new people by forcing stars onto obvious dis-info agent posts(the newbies think because it has lots of stars that it's correct)...

They're all doing a great job, but the forces we're up against are so easy to take down, we must co-op :| to take the man head on!

Star and flag ;>!

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