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This Highway.......

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posted on Apr, 8 2009 @ 12:53 AM
TransTexasCorridor........Or the NAFTA SuperHighway.....yes.

I'm curious in the recent developments of this project???
I recently read the article of Obama putting an end to the "cross-border trucking program" which was implemented by Bush. Article was written roughly a month ago. -->

It's about the most positive thing I've seen (an American) president do in years.....However, it's what makes me even more skeptical about Obama and his ways. What is he up 2? I find myslef asking that often.
It's like he's trying to do too much good, publicly. It makes me trust him less for that matter. But, this is a pretty big blow to some profit junkies of NAFTA.
Aside the fact that the tolls alone will generate an insane profit, allowing American Unions doesn't seem like it was part of their total plan.
I would think an American blu collar, is not part of their "big picture."
American truckers in NAFTA?? >

Why would the elite allow something like this to happen??
Why allow Obama to end something they had Bush start in the first place?
How will they profit in the end????


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