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Templar Key

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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 09:41 PM
The Templar's were disbanded by papal order in 1307, their fleet disappeared from its base at La Rochelle, but the Templar's new that they where not safe they needed another way to get away such as switching to ships that could cross the Atlantic and not the ships they had. they knew that sailing under the french flag meant they would be hunted down by french ships and attacked by English ships that where at odds with the french, so what to do.

What if there was proof. where the Templar's went and the direction they took and all the clues they left to show where the fleet was ditched.

Take in to consideration that a trip of 3000 NM is not an easy trip but it might not be 3000NM but 1200NM intervals would be allot safer and let the ships replenish water, other supplies and they left clues along there trip including a map.

But the big secret is the KEY, a KEY that has been in many paintings and is the layout of the Vatican and the KEY that is on the map also the map has an 8 pointed star.

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