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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 09:28 PM
Over the years some have seen, some have faked, some believed and some rebuked.As time goes by, we are likely to see more non believers than believers.If there was an UFO sighting in 4000B.C. it would be more credible than if we report a sighting today.!

One of the important psychological changes we are all subconsciously undergoing is acceptability.Back in 4000B.C it must ve been a novelty sight or something people could not even fathom,there was no precedence to a particular paranormal the belief that there is something out there..might have faced less resistance for acceptance than what it is today.

As we continue to make technological advancements, and newer discoveries, the A-Ha effect will not be there as when the paranormal becomes normal ! Assuming that as we rapidly develop,the alien technologies would have also made similar rapid progress.However, whatever real or fake evidences that we have seen of late arent much different from what we have been hearing or seeing since ages.

I have come across any "new" in say the UFO sightings, only the CGI gets better with every posting.:-) I mean there s been nothing which establishes something totally unprecedented.unheard of..something which is beyond the imagination of the most creative !

Does that mean they haven't progressed? Or does it mean, they have stopped sending their latest developments to Earth ? Or are we a lost cause that some of them only visit as an afterthought while exploring their interesting destinations to visit list.?

If we were never of any interest to them, then this jigsaw falls in place somewhat - you see that s the reason they don't want to show up and clear all doubts once and for all.We might keep on screaming from the top of the building but nothing s ever gonna land there ! They just lost interest maybe.

This thought bothers me because if aliens were assumed to be so powerful so futuristic and armed with advanced technology, they really dont have to show up in the middle of a night on some distant mountain you know. They should land bang in the middle of Times Square on prime time.! I mean what s stopping them? who's to decide whats the right time? They could practically choose to show anytime anywhere whether we like it or not.But guess what - they dont? We keep reporting sporadic sighting here n there every now and then..which really is of no consequence.

So then the other inference is that they're plain BORED. Not interested.Could be isnt it? It could be highly probable that they do not find us of any "observational" value. they've learn t what they needed to now they have better things to do, read: better planets to visit and explore !
This is of course based on the thought that they do exist.Now what if they don't exist? Or what if were mere experiments of artificial intelligence gone wrong ? Can that be a more believable theory.,..something like what they tried to show in the movie Matrix! Maybe our respective Gods were sysadmins or superusers or webmasters....we re a micro representation of a similar macro environment.Who knows.? These folks could be just playing around with us...and here we are posting blog after blog , incessant articles, debates, forums and what not,and losing sleep over what is the ultimate truth?

So I guess it boils down to the fact what is tangible and what is not.Tangible is we have not universally seen UFO's or anything paranormal.Note the word universally.universally = remove all doubt once and for all.Doomsday predictions till now have never even been close to reality. Some pockets of reality do not constitute the whole truth.
Lets accept this truth.Yet be open to believing that once we get a unanimous view - we should learn to take it in our stride without conflict without resistance or violence.

Sleep well and go about working in your immediate reality, until the paranormal reality really wakes you up. !

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