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Big Ben next terror target?

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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 06:16 PM
right,well,first up,i'm new to the posting side of the board.hey all

second,and more importantly,i have a friend who had a dream all about big ben falling.

it went something like this,according to his description:

we were at school,then on a trip to london (we being him,me and several other of our friends.)there was a loud bang and a huge explosion and big ben started swaying side to side,before swaying really low and simply collapsing.we then all ran and swam away down the river thames.

my questions to you are:
1,do you think my friend has any precognitive abilities by reading this?
2,how plausible is this scenario,either as a terrorist attack,false flag etc?
3,do you think there are any hidden meanings in this dream?
4,has anyone else had any similar dreams?

thankyou for your time.sorry for the possibly sensationalist title and possible wrong forum

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 06:52 PM
Hiya mate,
Firstly i doubt that parliament would be hit as a terror target although they have had some security issues over the last few years. My guess is they would go for maximum loss rather than take thier own in a false flag situation.
1/ Your friend may have, i dont know.
2/ Not very but who knows?
3/His watch is about to break

4/ I had a dream a few months ago that birmingham (uk) was hit by a nuke but i was ok cos i live about 20 miles away.
Funnily enough my mate had a dream a few weeks ago about brum getting hit by a nuke too - he was also in my dream as he lives closer to it than me & i was worried about him.

I certainly hope that doesent happen and that i have no ability to sdream future events.

ps Star for your first post

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