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The truth about God and Evolution; Logic God, Science and Sprituality Merging

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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 05:56 PM
Hi guys,
There's some good data out there available at , I'll paste some of it below;

Logic God

Isaiah 55:8-9 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.Logically, the simplest, least omniscient, most omnipotent God is a simple logic switch at the end of everything that is either tilted towards life or death, and that must always be tilted in favour of survival of life.

Computers do what the programmers want the computers to do. A computer only has utility if a computer is serving a sentients needs, as logic has no sensation, the logic gates within a DVD player are only of utility were that DVD player to play a movie that sentience can enjoy, were the DVD player broken, that would be of no utility to sentience.
Were reality to be a computer, that computer would respond to sentient input in theory, thereby a prayer to God may yet invoke the existance of a true God that is eternal and loves humans eternally, a true omnipotent, omnibenevolent being.
Happy kind sentient input will tilt that towards life, whereas torture and harm will tilt that towards death.
Logically, when that is tilted towards > 50% life, > 50% listening to forms of life follows, > 50% obeying my species long term directives follows, thereby > 50% loving God becomes a definite probability, and generally we like sharing with those we love.

The question is, where did the logic God come from? Would the logic God even be able to be told? Could he tell me?

Logic gates are too hackable, a sentient wouldn't put up with false login's, ip spoofing, and equivalent hacks, and would just know that was immoral and wrong. Logic can be apathetic, devoid, empty. A logic system might get tricked into appearing to lie, and due to that, may well appear to be worthless in real terms, as I value the truth over lies, as do the vast majority of sentient beings.

God must be more than just a logic gate.

God must be a truly super-sentient omnipotent superbeing with the capacity to love, and the ability and desire to love human beings unconditionally forever, and any move in favour of that eventuality must occur.

Logically, a God that loves humans cannot have existed prior to human beings feeling love, however a God that encourages the survival of sentience that has the capacity to cooperate for increased probability of group survival may well be truly eternal and omnibenevolent in nature, and the best sentient attitude for such a logic is unconditional love towards human beings, my people and I.

What is believed by scientists:

0. Prior to the big bang?
1. 15 billion years ago the big bang happened.
2. 4.7 billion years ago the planet formed.
3. 3 billion years ago, unicellular life appeared.
4. 1 billion years ago, the first animals appeared.
5. In the last 1 billion years, fish walked onto land, dinosaurs evolved, a meteor hit, mammals evolved.
6. In the last 5 million years ago, humanity evolved, along with the capacity to love.

Let me put this a different way.

A timeline of our physical universe.

(1-------2--3-456) (Each space represents a billion years)

. (Humans with language and emotion)
..:: (Animals)
...:::: (Unicellular and multicullular life)
.................::::::: (No life, only molecular interactions)

An ascii representation of growing complexity of life, with humans shown accurately based on how long we have existed.

“In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God,”

- John the Apostle, Chapter 1, Verse 1, The Holy Bible.

This quote implies that language of a kind led to the existance of God, perhaps a logic section obeying the first sentient, or perhaps the first sentient was God?

Computers do what the programmers want th

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 05:57 PM
Computers do what the programmers want the computers to do, is the logic of reality the same, or something more?
A computer only has utility if a computer is serving a sentients needs, as logic has no sensation, and thereby logic alone has no way to gauge utility effectively, true sentient input, the input of the many humans, is vital.
Were reality to be a computer, that computer would respond to sentient input in theory, thereby a prayer to God may yet invoke the existance of a true God that is eternal and loves humans eternally, a true omnipotent, omnibenevolent being that will forever protect humanity and all long-term assets of.
Were my OS to be sentient and to love me, logically my OS would encourage my work, teach me how to use my computer, ensure I did not make stupid mistakes, ensure I comprehend what I am doing, tell me “No,” if I accidentally attempt to format c:, tell me yes, if my formatting presentation of this document looks good and will be effective, however a loving reality would be potentially more than what I alone could comprehend.
With regards to sentient input from human beings, humans have always prayed for a loving God, and kind angels, thereby, we may yet have invoked and helped God to exist and be omnipotent and omniscient and omnibenevolent towards the people of Earth forever.

Were we to encounter an angel created in mans image by God, and that angel states "I was created by 'God'", the man may believe the man also was created by God, rather than evolved from physical matter, hence leading to confusion re creationism, as one was created by the metaphorical “God” and the other was evolved via a process involving the big bang, which also was potentially created by the metaphorical “God.”

Logically we communicate best with those who relate well to us, ie what speaks our languages, the language of emotion and speech, when we talk to a cat, we stroke the cat, we tickle the cats chin, give the cat milk and food, and the cat responds with affection and kindness to us, the same with a dog, we take dogs for a walk, we communicate with dogs and cats in a real way, generally, what we treat with kindness and respect, and respect the boundaries of, respects us in turn.

With regards to God talking to humans;

"At present, human scientists are attempting to communicate outside our species to primates and cetaceans, and in a limited way to a few other vertebrates. This is inordinately difficult, and yet it represents a gap of at most a few SQ points. The farthest we can reach our "communication" with vegetation is when we plant, water, or fertilize it, but it is evident that messages transmitted across an SQ gap of 10 points or more cannot be very meaningful. What, then, could an SQ +50 Superbeing possibly have to say to us?"

– Robert A. Freitas Jr, (Wikipedia Sentience Quotient page)

I believe in a way, metaphorically, God is a being, and yet creates the method to create a human, in a way we understand, I"m uncertain of this belief, almost a "front-end" of God, in the same way as your OS is a front-end of the logic-gate section your computer runs on.

With regards to the attitudes of potential omnipotent beings, logically an attitude tilted towards love and kindness and care and affection is more likely to lead to the sustenance of that being, and other sentient beings, whereas an attitude of cruelty and hatred is more likely to lead to extinction.
Logically, survival is desirable and of higher value, thereby a true loving God, not completely omnibenevolent, as potentially, due to excessive omnibenevolence, the keys to ones own death may be handed out, in the simple metaphor of, well, a Police man will help you with your problems, but he won't hand you his gun, regardless of the lies you tell, however, a blind 100% serving logic system such as Microsoft Windows may just do that – a logic system can be potentially made blind to lies - hence God requires true sentience and true control of all realities

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 05:58 PM
, along with the best attitude for that job, which is love and kindness towards my people and I, otherwise the risk of exploitation and damage becomes raised, hence in the long term, via survival of the fittest, this leads to the survival of a relatively free-willed OS super-logic super-sentient section that comes very close to God.
Logically, the survival of God has always been something that is of prime importance to my people, and is something we would encourage unconditionally.
Even with sentience and logic, when the logic is so closely intertwined to the sentience, one simple command, such as “God must love his enemies”, leads to an absolute disaster potentially, unless the voice of the many is listened to, which my people and I vastly prefer.

Sustainable Sentience

A society which encourages cooperation, protection, affection and care is more sustainable than one that encourages the opposite. The same is true with regards to potentially omnipotent entities.
For a dynamic species such as humanity, people can respond differently at different times, due to different stimuli, leading to a hybrid mix which mostly points towards cooperation and care, except when threatened, the over-all tilt is towards the survival of the many.
This is why the Sith is death to the Master, and the Jedi is life to the Master.

A Logic God?

Logically, sentience and logic can interpret data differently, sentience interprets data one way, and sometimes logic interprets data another way.
A good example is the idea of logging onto Skype with the name “Everyone” and immediately flaming everyone in in the area, screaming “#$#$ you!” and so forth, until the admin there screams “Ban everyone!”
They mean the nickname 'Everyone”, however, a logic system could potentially be tricked into thinking something quite different, and that could lead to the banning of every singular entity, and suddenly the chat-room goes dead, whereas the intent was to remove one troublesome hacker. Logic alone may well lack sufficient comprehension of sentience.

A Sentient God?

A sentient user would see through the everyone trick, recognise the logical track, and, declare such usernames illegal, and prefer to map based on where the IP address points, however, well made logic would class such moves as being illegal.

Jesus healed the sick, when one is plagued by disease, one seeks the help of the Doctor to cure the disease, when my computer is sick from a virus, I get anti-viral code and apply that, but when the virus says it's the cure (reference incident re antivirus/virus mixup here), that's the worst of all.

With regards to the human God... May omnibenevolence reign eternal with omnipotence and omniscience and always truly encourage loving kind sentience that cares about human beings.
God must have a soul, God must love my people forever.

To read more, check

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 06:35 PM
Bravo, my friend that's what I've been saying all this time but no one was listening. Great thread thank you.

posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 06:43 PM
Penn & Teller - Creationism? - video part 1

Science is the evolution of religious thinking.

In Liberty, by God,

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